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Wednesday, March 24, 2004
The One with The Kesilapan Teknikal 

It is said the Ketua Wanita UMNO Johor would like to go to court, with the saying that they want to fight for the N24 - Senggarang seat, for the people's voice could/has not been heard.

I do think that to do so is unfair. It is already stated that for such technical mistakes, the candidate cannot contest for the seat.

In the case where the people is concern, well...a candidate was chosen by the people. Thus, it is ONLY the candidate's fault that he/she has FAILED to actually be the people's representative. There's no issue here. No issue in saying that the BN is the preferred party. BN itself has acknowledge its members. Thus, this is the BN candidate.

And indeed, it is just stupid mistake, could have happen to anyone. Yet, by looking at it in a different context, if you were to in a party, a party would mean many members. Being a candidate of a party, assigned by the people and party to run for a certain seat, would mean that you are representing the party too. Which then leads to the question, how come the other members of the party are not aware of the stupid mistake. I am definitely sure that they know and is familiar with the rules & regulation...

which leads to...there's no full cooperation from the party...
or perhaps the candidate is acting solely which means that he/she shd be banned from the party...
because i m definitely sure that being in a party means that you shd never act solely...rather with the party for the party...

so who should we blame? The law for having such rule? The country for having such law? The people for choosing the party? The party for placing the member at the area? The member/candidate itself?

Or merely...the pen who made the signature possible to be read? Or the paper who has the signature that made the 'KESILAPAN TEKNIKAL'?

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