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Wednesday, April 21, 2004
The One with the 5-Hour Business Dinner 

This morning's MIX.fm topic of the day was "How do you know when your partner ...".

Very interesting topic. A guy called and his story goes like this ...

His business dinner with a lady sometime last week lasted more than 5 hours. It was pure business, the intention was, as he told his wife earlier. But he had 5 hours of chit-chatting ( business and all ), but the lady was trying to push her luck. And to make things worst, his wife called him 8 times (if i m not mistaken), which he didnt answer all 7 calls. The last one was a sms, "You have been gone for 5 hours for dinner. Can you please tell me what is happening?" - something like that. The lady then said something like "Dont worry la about your wife. I am sure she is understanding bla bla..." The guy thought that that was a bit too much. How would the lady know of him and his wife? So finally, he told the lady off. He had talked everything about business so it is time for her to go her way, and him his way.

When he got home, his wife was furious. He couldnt look into her eyes, as he knew it was blazing mad. All his wife said that, "nih la org lelaki, kalo jumpa pompuan gatal jek, dok layan sampai berjam2. Wait la if I have a business dinner, and it lasted more than 5 hours, you'll feel what I feel."

I was laughing on my way to work listening to this dude telling his story. Well, I was just thinking. Men are men, and I know they cant resist temptations (ladies, dont you agree?). But of course, there's limitation. And being men, maybe it is just better that you just look at others and not feel a thing for them. (So idealistic, right?) But for a girl, a lady...to actually try to push her luck with some married men?!!! I think that is a bit too much dont you think so? How could even think of jeopardising a marriage? Even if the man is allowed to have more than one legally, that shouldn't be something legal to simple logic thinking or to the heart affairs. To girls who think that the best man is a married man, if you can do that to another married woman, well..it can happen to you too when you are married.

I just hope and pray everyday that my man would be that extra-special man who will always be the man he is today, loving me absolutely, unconditionally. And that no such obstacle will come by our way. InsyaAllah. Amin.

I love you dear, and I cant wait for our next visit to the gynae. We're having a baby!!!

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