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Friday, April 02, 2004
The One With the Endless Wooing and Courting 

As I watched the 50 First Dates, I was intrigued on how Henry tried to woo and tackle Lucy everyday (please refer to the previous blog "The One with the 50 First Dates"). Henry had 1001 million tricks or rather pick up lines, just to get Lucy's attention. It was not always "Hi. Have I seen you somewhere?" (I dont remember Henry using that though) or "Hi Beautiful. What's your name?" and stuff like that.

I am sure you guys out there would probably have some dictionary hidden somewhere with all of these famous pickup lines. Yet, as Lucy was a special girl, it was pretty difficult to woo her. Which means that Henry had to plan some genius acts to get to her. And he had to plan it out everyday, as she cant remember him (Goldfield Syndrome).
It just amazed me on how creative Henry was. And the effort. The love. The love to create 'that' spark almost everyday.

I heard Mix.fm session with Dr Rosie King the other day. Dr Rosie King is a sex-therapist from Australia. There was a caller who asked a question, "Why is it that young couples tend to be separated after a short time of marriage?" Dr Rosie answered her (as what I understood) was that youg couples nowadays are mostly working couple, both would be stressed out at the end of the day, too tired from their busy working life. Once they are home, they just went to bed. No intimacy. Too tired to do so. Nothing physically. Nothing mentally. Not even a communication. And, if it happens everyday, and each day, these couples tend to lead their own lives, they would definitely separate themselves automatically. It is fine to be tired. It is fine not to have a sexual intimacy everyday. But to lead different lives altogether, well it would not work. Somehow there must be some convergence.

So I got into thinking. What if I was Lucy? How would the communication be like? Will Henry be ever tired to give the endless first kiss? Or to say "I love you" everyday? How do they converge?

Dr Rosie King also mention about trying to create that spark once in awhile to get back together. To converge again. To remember why we were together in the first place. And it should not be in a form of sexual intimacy. Something like when the courting times. The wooing times. The flowers. The music. The words, that seems to be poetry. The chocoloates. The shyness. The boldness. The chasing.

Looking at Henry, it seems as though he is never tired of doing it. Then again, let's get back to the reality. When should you stop wooing (if you are a single)? When should you start wooing your spouse again (if you are married)?

Would there be a time when you are too comfortable in your comfort zone that you forget the lighten up the spark?

You might say, true love does not die. Soulmates are meant to be together.

True, but marriage still needs to work. Sparks of true love may probably be endless, but still there's a time when you wanna put that extra umph! to it. Soulmates? Well, we are not sure of our soulmates. So let's try to imagine that your spouse is your soulmate, and you would not want to lose him/her right?

I guess if you got everything working fine, then on your dying bed, you would think back the days of your lives, and thought that you definitely held on your soulmate.

Approaching my 7-months anniversary, I have started working on our marriage even before we got married. And I hope will never be tired of the endless working, wooing and courting for my marriage, my soulmate, my husband.

To my dearest husband, it is a pleasure sayang...

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