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Thursday, April 01, 2004
The One with the Market Domineering 

In the papers a few weeks back, I was shocked to know that Microsoft were to be sued a few millions for domineering the market in Switzerland. I cannot seem to get the article, but if I am not mistaken, there is a law in EU that states that a company cannot dominate the entire (or a max percentage) of the market in a country. I am not so sure about this. Perhaps someone could back me up here

Anyway, it should be governed in all countries. And should be governed for all sectors. Not just business. But also, work opportunities for example.

Particularly, being in the IT world, I have come to realise that there is a certain group of people who is domineering the job market. Some says it is because they are cheap. And there's a lot of them. Some says because they are good. They are the BEST!

Nonetheless, how do you define best? How do you define cheap? What I can see is that the locals are paid considerably low. They say that once the locals are a little bit smarter than the day they first joined, they would start job hopping. Perhaps they should consider this too, could it be that they are dissatisfied with something? If they are satisfied with your package, I am sure they would not be going anywhere. If they get a better offer, give them a reason to stay. (Still job-hopping sounds fun)

How do you define best? Is working 24/7/365 cheap and good? What matters more, QUALITY or QUANTITY? What happens to a cow if you keep on milking it all day long, all week long, all year long?

Now that we know there's that group thats domineering the job market, how do we tackle the situation? How do we counter back? Should we drop everything else and start working 24/7/365? Or stop having a life, and study and work and study and work ...

Can someone please stop taking everything? Share it with everyone. It is not yours alone anyway. Whether you are good, or the best as they say, or even if you deserve to have all the angels around you, share it.

Be aware: You might be good in one section, but not in another.

And for those who is always out-of-luck, please be reminded that God is always loving towards his subjects, no one is exceptional. I am sure our day will come. And when it comes, seize it well. And dont forget to share it too.

Nonetheless, for all those employers out there, give some credit to the locals. Give some credit to everyone. Give that small opportunity to everyone. I am sure they will appreciate it.

Waiting to seize MY day

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