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Monday, May 31, 2004
The One With the 4 Pointers 

Reading back the TOWTDDW article about the 4 pointers being refused by Medical Schools, it totally bedazzled me. I am confused, I thought our country is in need of doctors. Why the refusal?

Then again, to think about it, how come it is so easy for students nowadays to get Straight A's, let alone 4.0 CPGAs??? Are the Malaysian children getting smarter? Or our government is trying to show that our education system is getting better?

What happens when these Straight A's students go into the real world where there is definitely failure? The road aint always straight. And you dont normally walk straight on the road. Certain times, you fall. Certain times, you sprain your ankle. You can also get crippled along the way. How would you think these kids would fair if they only know SUCCESS and As?

Does that also mean that getting a B is a failure? Should I hurt myself for getting a B? Should I kill myself for getting an F?

We are having a lot of teenagers' social problems. And yet, we still have DAMN bright students? Something is wrong somewhere...

Our education system is so exam-oriented (talking thru experience, I HATE exams!). Nonetheless, not everything is about exams and getting As. You have to be smart in IQ and EQ. Talking about IQ, if most of our children is getting Above Than Average IQs (again, this test should be internationally conducted, and not by our ministry)..then I would say that our kids are smarter these days (said without envy). And EQ? Does our education system stress on EQs?

Having a baby in me now, keeps me wondering about my child's future. Other than being confident that it will get its parents' genius genes, I still worry about its surrounding (school environment, exams, tuitions, unhealthy competitions) later on.

InsyaAllah, everything will be just fine. I hope so.

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