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Monday, May 17, 2004
The One with the Education Expenditure 

Russian medical options

WHEN it comes to studying medicine, Russia is probably not the first destination that comes to mind. Most students would cite the United Kingdom or even Australia as their top choice.

But before you dismiss Russia on grounds that you simply couldn't possibly master the Russian language or withstand those absolutely freezing temperatures, think again! Studying medicine in Russia might just turn out to be the best option for you if your financial resources are limited.

More and more Malaysians today are looking at Russia for a medical degree. Abdullah Mohd Salleh will tell you that studying medicine in Russia is not without its advantages His daughter, a fourth year medical student in Moscow Medical Academy, is not only under the tutelage of some of the finest doctors in the world but has also picked up the Russian language and is actively involved in student life.

''My daughter Nor Azimimah or Azie as I call her, has always wanted to be a doctor. I checked out a few countries such as India and the United Kingdom but the costs were prohibitive. Then I discovered that studying medicine in Russia over a period of six years only costs about US$25,000 (RM95,000), including accommodation. The fees could also be paid in affordable instalments, so I decided to send her there,'' shares the proud father.

Abdullah says Azie was among the pioneer batch of eight Malaysian students who went to Russia in 2000.

''I have no regrets sending her there as she picked up the Russian language and is now very fluent. When my wife and I visited her last December, she impressed us with her command of the language when she took us around.

''She is also the president of the Moscow Malaysian Students' Association and rents an apartment near the metro (Moscow subway system) with two friends,” he adds.
Marik Singh, whose daughter Jaspal Kaur is a third year medical student in Moscow Medical Academy, also has no hesitation in recommending Russia as a study destination to anyone.

''Jaspal was doing her 'A' levels in one of the private colleges here in Kuala Lumpur when we found out about Russia. We were impressed by what we were told. The fees were also very affordable. I think we are fortunate that Russia accepts Malaysian students to study medicine there.

''She adapted very well and is very happy,'' he says, adding that he and his wife are planning to visit her soon.

Marik says his daughter needs about RM300 for rental, food, travel and other personal expenses per month.

''Jaspal has learnt to be a good cook and we are very proud of her,'' he adds.


This article was published in The Star last Sunday. What got me intrigued was the part that the father only needed RM300 per month for other necessity (rental, food, travel, personal expenses), excluding tuition fees.

RM300 per month? Totally incredible! Definitely affordable!

And I wish I could say the same living in KL now. Well, remembering the days when I was studying, I remembered that the lowest rental for a hostel room (room of 3) was around RM150 per month. Food was around RM3 per meal, (3 * 3 * 30) around RM300 per month. Plus personal expense....travel to the nearest pharmacy or grocery shop (around RM3-5)..??? Definitely around RM500 per month..plus minus..

Talking about tuition fees, it is getting higher by day, especially in Malaysia. How can we afford to send our children in 18 years time dear?

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