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Friday, June 25, 2004
The One With the Abruptio Placenta 

Last week, Wednesday to be precise, I had some bleeding. It could be considered as a slight one though, however it was still BLOOD. All the doc could say was it was a threatened miscarriage kinda thing. Only a few days back did I come to know that it is actually what you call abruptio placenta.

Some info on abruptio placenta...

Abruptio Placenta
Abruptio placenta is described as the premature separation of the placenta from the wall of the uterus.

Symptoms - Symptoms may include moderate to heavy bleeding (depending on the degree of separation) usually in or near the last trimester of pregnancy (the bleeding may be concealed resulting in a pooling of blood behind the placenta). The mother will usually experience lower abdominal or back pain, increased fetal movement, and rhythmic contractions similar to labor. The mother may also develop Anemia if the bleeding is heavy.

Cause - The cause of abruptio placenta is not well understood. It is believed that a leakage of blood occurs between the placenta and the uterine wall.

Diagnosis - Observation of the aforementioned symptoms requires immediate evaluation by a physician. The evaluation may include a physical examination, blood tests, or an ultrasound studies of the abdomen..

Treatment - This can be a life threatening condition for both the mother and fetus if bleeding is severe and proper medical attention is delayed. With prompt and proper medical care, both mother and fetus can survive and recover completely. Hospitalization is almost always necessary and an obstetrician may recommend immediate delivery (possibly by cesarean section). If bleeding is excessive, intravenous fluids or blood transfusions will be necessary and the mother and fetus will be monitored closely for signs of shock and fetal distress.

Aspirin should be avoided as it may increase the bleeding.

So, I guess since mine was in the early trimester, it was threatening the pregnancy. But since the blood was fresh and slight, plus I was quick enough to notice it and when straight to the Doc, alhamdullillah it is okay now. Doc said there are 10-15% pregnancy which involve bleeding in any time of the whole pregnancy. But all should be taken seriously. Which means that any spotting, bleeding, staining, fresh or not, if it is BLOOD, then it is time to make a call to the Doc. And then, follow the instructions extensively. It could be CRIB or RIB. Completely-Rest-In-Bed or Rest-In-Bed. I had to RIB. Which I could still walk and what-not, BUT no climbing stairs, no carrying heavy stuff or any if possible, no driving, no shopping, and definitely no 'intimate relationship' with hubby. And even though it was just RIB, the whole week was so boring, can't wait to start working (surprisingly!). You can't do much! But of course, I had moral support from my family and my ever-loving husband was always beside me doing his 'thing'. Hey, it said no 'intimate relationship', it didn't say something else. Right dear?!!!

Well anyway, thinking of my our unborn child and how much I am we are loving it already, I would anything for our baby.

There's a possiblity it might happen again, if it does, I'll do the same exercise and whether it is CRIB or RIB, I will do it again. Even if I have to take unpaid leave, anything for my dearies.

I love you, my baby.
And I love you too, Papa baby.

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