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Wednesday, June 02, 2004
The One with The Letter to the Boss 

Dear Boss,

Of the 2 years working at this small company, I think I have enjoyed myself quite a bit. I've learned a bunch of things. And experienced more.

Having an optimistic workaholic direct boss, I learnt to view things differently, especially when it comes to learning the programming and analysing skills.

However...now it seems like a hundred years here.

The major problem would be because you give in so much to the contractors. Your local staff? Hmmm..

When you asked me to make drinks, I made them and served them well. When you asked me for help for typing, I typed them as fast as I could. When you asked me to configure your machine, I tried to configure it the best I could. When there's a problem, I tried my best to work things out.

So when the new year comes, I think all your employees look forward for something. A smallbonus? A small increment? Or even a simple family day (all paid for that is)? We are not looking for something huge, but just some appreciation. Unfortunately, being a rich man yourself, it does not seem to matter to you.

So when you say, "We are very satisfied with your performance here with the company. But sorry there's no increment for you."
I say, "Oh ya ya. No problems with that!"
My mind says "I've got to get a new boss!"

So when you say, "Well, we have decided to give an increment. But we forgot to put it in in this month's budget. So can we push it forward to next month?"
I say, "Oh ya ya. No problems with that!"
My mind says "I've got to get a new boss!"

So when you say, "The cheques are banked in today", after the 1st of the month. The max was the 7th of the month.
I say, "Oh thank you."
My mind says "I've got to get a new boss!"

So tell me boss, how should I deal with this? For now, I think I keep on blogging til I feel my work is not done. And keep on looking for a new job. Or some other options.

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