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Friday, June 04, 2004
The One with Peace 

Having to go to work late these days (meeting and workshop), I had the opportunity to watch Oprah for a couple of minutes. This week, of the 2 shows I watched, they were about Peace and War in Iraq. One of the host was from Patriots for Peace.

It intrigued me on how much the US citizens hated the War in Iraq, nonetheless it seems that the US government still has not brought back their troops home. And yet, this is where citizens can do so much demostration, free talk etc. But then it has proven that the control still lies in the hands of the President or Prime Minister, regardless of what the citizens might have said. It will probably be implemented only after so many debate sessions and probably till there's nothing left in Iraq except for these troops. Or maybe none at all.

The thing is, the effort of an individual that seems to emerge in between thousands of people. The huge impact of the Net. The coverage. And of course, Oprah too.

You can easily these individuals walking down streets posting posters, talking to people, distributing leaflets. Such effort. Such optimism. A rare view of our Malaysians.

Our Malaysians for Peace seems to be very quiet lately. Perhaps we should start being vocal too, even for world issues. It does not mean that since it is not happening to us, or it does not involves us, we should just shut an eye for it.

We should work for Peace on Earth. Or Live-long Earth. Green Earth. Go beyond the country. Have a voice. Take small steps. You might never believe it, but you might be heard someday.

So dear Earthlings, let's be patriots of the Earth.

Peace on Earth! Peace to you!

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