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Thursday, July 22, 2004
The One With Being Arrogant 

Yesterday, my colleagues (bosses etc) & I had a talk on Darren Kang's murder.

Foodstall workers accused of killing Darren Kang
Five Thai foodstall workers were charged in a magistrate's court in Kuala Lumpur Wednesday with the murder of law student Darren Kang Tien Hua outside Warung Uncle Don in Desa Sri Hartamas earlier this month.

That's todays clippings. As of yesterday, based on another source, supplied by my manager's friend, said that Darren was actually having a fight with his girlfriend. The bystanders (probably workers and wat-not) told him to have it elsewhere, 'kalo nak gaduh, balik rumah la'. Something like that. Darren was so pissed off that he threw a chair onto a car. Unfortunately, the car belongs to a nearby pub's bouncer. So, that's when everything started to get messy.

So my manager was saying that perhaps Darren was too arrogant and foolish at that point of time. Being an overseas graduate himself, my manager admitted that there was a time in his first few years after coming back from US for holidays, that he felt he was already 'something' and that everything in Malaysia is basically nothing to him. Low-standard some might say. So, he said that almost all overseas graduate at one point or another would feel arrogant just as he did ...like "Hey, I am an overseas student. Who the hell are you?"

I know that overseas graduates have some 'confidence' in them, which is lacking in the Malaysian students. Perhaps the initiator of this confidence is being arrogant. But as my manager said, it should outsmart you at some time and bring you back down to Earth. Being arrogant was one thing. But being foolish is another.

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