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Friday, July 09, 2004
The One With Being Superficial 

An Egyptian man is sueing his wife when he found out on their first night together that she is bald. She lost her hair due to a childhood illness and has been wearing a wig since then.

How superficial can a man be?

No doubt that man always look at the appearance first. I was once informed by a guy friend that he has problems looking for the 'right' girl. All the ones he found then was simply someone's wife, or someone's fiance or someone's girlfriend. "Where has all the beautiful girls gone to?"

It is true at a certain extend, that those pretty ones get hooked first. And that's because guys look at the appearance first.

But in the end, it all goes back to the matter of the heart. Well..hello....everyone grows old. Hey, even if there's plastic surgery, botox and wat-not, we are ALL going to old. So, appearance is the first thing. But it aint something permanent.

Also, take a look at the phrase "Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder". Some would say that "she's not beautiful", some would say otherwise. So, it takes more than just the appearance. And everyone has their very own taste of what's beautiful and what's not.

Yes, yes. As man can be SO superficial-listic, as woman can be vain too. As a caller of Mix.fm said, if they (men) do not appreciate the looks, all the asset (money) will go to waste. Look at the amount of money and energy girls try to look their best. Talk about time-consuming too. Do you think it is easy lining ur eyelids in the morning? Or how painful it would be waxing your legs? Or even doing a Brazilian wax? That's waxing your ENTIRE body!!! And why would we (girls) even try to do that?

It aint easy to be a girl!

Nonetheless, that should not be the reason why a husband should divorce/sue the wife. I guess he felt cheated. Still...

If hair is that important, why not get married to the hair? Also, being in this holy matrimony, I am sure all conflicts or defects can be fixed. Always there's the technology. Always there's the understanding. Always there's hope and miracle.

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