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Monday, July 12, 2004
The One With the Consequences & Implications of Fantasies 

Have you got the CREATIVITY?

When it comes to fantasies, there are too many to be listed. Impersonation?? Control & Power?? *Some?? Genderism??

What about the one when doing to a non-human? Say pie for instance. Or even animals.

And list goes on...nothing's impossible.

It all comes back to the creativity of your mind. Mind you, these fantasies can be unrealistic at times, and still people would go for it. But for what? Satisfaction?

Some may be beneficial for you. Like a wife who is helplessly seeking her husband's attention, impersonates the 'Catwoman' and do the cat dance. It could probably work and get her husband's mind off from the 'other' woman. And vice versa.

And some would lead to vigorous acts that could cause harm and death to either party.

So is fantasizing right or wrong? You be the judge of that.

How should you categorise it? Legally fantasies? Rightfully by virtue and morale? Rightfully by religion? Custom and tradition?

What would you say about the desire in fantasing doing it in front of everyone else and doing it along side them --> gang-raped? How about pushing your power towards a harmless child? Or even any male or female in that matter? Animal? How would the other 'soul' feel when you share that special act with 2 or 3 other people? Or having the have rivals in man and woman?

Would it be surprising to you, to find out that most married men go out seeking solace behind the alleys for male and female companionships? What about the single ones? Would it be surprising to you to find out that it happens to professional individuals too?

Can you actually say that because you are somewhat professional and educated, all these should not be happening?

Fantasies happen to everyone, regardless of religion or even education. Yet, how do you differ yourself here? How should you be categorised?

Some may say that do it as long as you are not caught. Or some may want to implement more 'education' (religion n morale) to be implanted deep in one's soul. Some may have different views.

So what are actually the consequences of fantasies? Death? Immoral acts? Respect? Awe?

And what are the implications of fantasies? Highly-creative mind? Low of morale?

Everything has got its pros and cons. In your mind-ful and soul-ful judgement, think wisely and act smartly.



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