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Wednesday, July 28, 2004
The One With The Constitutional Law 

Do you guys remember the year when Dr M was still in-charge and he commenced a Constitutional Law that basically stripped a part of the Kings' power? Well in certain aspects that is. That was the year when the so-called truth was brought out upfront. About Kings misusing the power. How rich they were (how rich they still is?). The companies they own, and bla bla bla. I cant remember the details though.

According to my colleagues, it all started because the Johor Sultan was next up for the Agong throne. As many might have known, the Sultan of Johor was pretty much feared by most, even Dr M. He has this certain aristocratic-bossy atiitude that was gruesome. He was someone not to be messed with. And I dont intend to do so now. One thing for sure was that he was the king. And to a certain level, he should be respected so. Well, it seems then that our head of the government feared of him, thus triggered the Constitutional Law. Which was some ways gave the rakyat some advantages and disadvantages. Some might have been too blind to see the truth behind the red carpet.

However, once the Constitutional Law was commenced, almost all the Kings were pretty screwed up (Not that they were any less richer), just a small of degree of respect was lost for the Kings. And there was so much awe for the government, who succeeded in succumbing the Great Kings. And as years passed, we could see some habits die fast and some still lingers. The royalties will remain as royalties, as the Kings are. No doubt about that. But what about the so-called government? It was getting easier to get the Datukship. It was easier to surpass the Kings' power. And all the big guns now tend to catch fast of the bad habits. The misusing of power and wat-not. For instance, in Darren Kang's case, someone's son got a different treatment than the others. Although he is just a normal suspect, what's with the special treatment?

So now, should we have a Constitutional Law for the government too? For all the tychoons?

I think whatever it is, power, money has a total control in almost everything. And it happens to every country on Earth. It also depicts how US gets to have their ways on Iraq and wat-not.

So should we do something about this?

*I wonder if there's such a King Arthur who feels for his rakyat here in Malaysia? Or a royalty who would have a rakyat heart and be powerful enough to counter the government (if such action is needed that is)
*The now feared by most is the Sultan of Terengganu. (Can you guess why?)

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