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Tuesday, July 06, 2004
The One With Nokia's Starlight Cinema 

We went to watch Shrek2 and Secret Window at Nokia's Starlight Cinema. It was held at the Bukit Kiara Equestrian and Country Resort.

A brief info on Nokia' Starlight Cinema...

It is Asia's Largest OutdoorCinema Festival, held from 4th June to 10th July 2004. Tickets are at RM10 per pax (for Tuesdays to Thursdays - 1 movie), RM15 per pax (for Fridays and Saturdays - 2 movies). Children under 12 are free of charge.
We went last Friday for free (Citibank Clear cardholders are free of charge every Fridays and 20% on other days).

At first, we did not expect to see the crowd. It was difficult to get a carpark (especially when we were there only 15 minutes before the show starts), so we had to park the car by the roadside. Still, it was quite a walk to the open-compound itself. Bukit Kiara specifically had an open compound dedicated to the Nokia Starlight Cinema. I think it was one of those riding ring. Still, the ring was packed. (Please bring your own tikar or something to sit on, and probably cushions and umbrella. They have food stalls there.)

Well anyway, we brought our dinner along and had it there. It was fun, watching the big screen and holding each other. And of course, I was constantly hungry, so my husband had to get some food for me. Well, not hungry actually, rather it was seeing people eating this and that...popcorns, nachos, ice creams...etc. Nyum nyum.

Once Shrek2 was finished (a great movie, should not miss this!!!), you can see kids running and enjoying themselves. It is not like the cinema where you have to literally get the kids to keep quiet or sit still or stop wanting to go to the toilet. Talking about toilet, probably the open air is not that cold. It was pretty hot that night, perhaps because it was going to rain. Which it did after Secret Window started for 20 minutes or so. Although we brought the umbrella and wat-not, we still decided to head home once it started raining. The irony bit was that, the rain stopped once we reached our car.

Well, there goes Secret Window. But for something free, it was okay that night. If we were to go again, we definitely would have come earlier. Get a nicer spot. Bring more knick knacks. And a lot of cushions.

Somehow it brought back the romantic feeling being with your man under the stars, with tiny drops of rain falling, watching a movie.

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