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Friday, July 02, 2004
The One with Noritta & Hanif's Love Escapade 

As of yesterday, High Court Justice Abdull Hamid Embong ruled out that Shah Alam City Council engineer Hanif Basree Abdul Rahman was free to go.

Hanif, 37 was charged for the murder of Noritta Shamsuddin, a marketing executive of a private company and a part-time GRO of Damansara Intan's Crystal KTV. Noritta was found dead in her apartment, Puncak Prima Galleria Condominium, Sri Hartamas, Kuala Lumpur. She was found dead naked on her matress, with her hands, legs and neck tied, and her mouth gagged. She was found dead at 4am, 5 December 2003 by her housemates, Nor Azora and Kenneth Yap. (Catch the chronology at Harian Metro)

By 22 December 2003, the police concluded their investigation and Hanif Basree was charged of murdering Noritta on the very same day. High Court Justice Abdul Hamid Embong ruled out that the prosecution had not made a prima facie case against Hanif. (Catch the whole article in theStar).

Thus, Hanif Basree is a free-man. For now! Nonetheless, as there would not be a Double Jeopardy kinda thing, it will be the Mahkamah Syariah next up.

With regards to Mahkamah Syariah, I am sure they will convict a number of people that is involved in this Noritta case. Aside from Hanif Basree, I am sure her housemate, Nor Azora is bound to find herself facing some charges and not forgetting the Muslim suspects that were involved with the deceased. This case, intentionally or unintentionally, brings out the worse in many people, it's like...buka pekung di dada...but inside of ownself, it is throwing everyone's secret right smack in the face of the public.

Talking about the public, it is one hell of a sensational case. It got the spotlight ever since 03:59:59 5 December 2003. Noritta's picture was published on the frontpage, her secrets out in the open in 5 months. Perhaps we can say that now know who is Noritta, yet the dead could not defend oneself.

And still, we dont really know what happened that day.

With the unreliable witnesses on the stand to the unthoroughly gathering of evidence, we are witnessing the flimsy work of our Law & Order. No doubt that our police department is shorthanded, nonethless, they should not have jeopardised the case. Not all items in the crime scene was taken into account. Again, no doubt our forensic team sits in the Chemistry Lab, but least or almost none are not the job at the crime scene level, in which they are not policeman (first to arrive at the crime scene), rather they are lab scientists who wait for the evidence to come to them. Given this to Gil grissom of CSI: Vegas, he could easily tore the crime scene layer by layer, uncovering every despictable aspect even to the smallest and tiniest thing. Of course, there wouldnt be anymore mystery to the case. No mystery smelling man. No mystery semen.

Talking about semen, how can you actually count how much sperms belong to a man? And how much isnt? Or how old is the sperm? If you have followed Noritta's trial (Catch the whole trial at theStar.), you would notice a flimsy act done by our forensic team (about a month ago). He concluded tht 60-70% of the sprem count in the deceased private part was Hanif's and Hanif was the last person that ejaculated into the deceased's private part. I dont know much about biology and forensic. But it still intrigues me on how such a conclusion can be made. Perhaps someone out there knows?!!!

Talking about biology and sperm. I think this is one hell of a case, as now the public is aware that we Malaysians can be pretty creative in bed, as there is a suspect that the deceased might have been dead because of sexual asphyxial. Talk about irony. Malaysians are so known to be traditional-like and wat-not. I am sure the older generation must have a shock of their lives listening to these sex talks in public. Well, we know for sure we Malaysians mostly have sex in our bedroom, but the methods might be different from the golden days. *wink

Talking about our Law & Order Department, I was glad to know that Hanif was freed, not that I was a supporter of Hanif, but rather because if the High Court decides otherwise, it would have lost my confidence towards our Governing Law and Jurisdiction Department. In my opinion, it was the police mistake right from the start. If only the Police have more specialised forensic team, if only they are reliable (no evidence lost in their hands), if only they work for the people instead for the government, if only they were given an appropriate pay (they dont have to find 'income' elsewhere). If and only if...

The bottomline is, something has to be done to the our Law & Order department. Make sure you (the Police) gather ALL the evidence, no matter how unimportant it might be. Make sure you (forensic team) analyse the evidence thoroughly. Make sure you (the Prosecutor) get all the facts right before charging an 'innocent' man.

And I am sure a lot can be learnt from this case:
1. Hanif shouldnt have dare fool around again. If it happens again, a different result will definitely catch you.
2. Dont fool around.
3. Be creative, but play safe.
4. God has a way to teach the people He loves. He is just showing us what is actually happening, and that we should learn from it.

And finally, the truth is out there. As Noritta's grandmother puts it, whoever committed the crime may escape judgement on earth but there would be no escape from God.

An act of desire and passion that went the wrong way!

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