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Monday, July 19, 2004
The One With The Super-Rich Boss 

I've got a boss. I might have spoken about him in my earlier blogs. But somehow today, it triggers my emotions again.

Well..I have a boss, who is damn-rich, owns a Porsche, and what-not. Bought his step-daughter, who has just finished her SPM a 3-series BMW. The other daughter drives a volkswagen. Cool, eh? Well...couldn't care much about what he does with his money. But...

The office air-conditioner sucks like hell. If it's hot outside, it's hot inside too. If it's rainig outside, it will be cold inside too.

Then the internet bandwidth. The company still dials out (personal dialup, not corporate --> to save money), shared between 5 people average. For instance, this morning, there's only TWO of us in the office. Still, the internet was slow. Particularly because JARING is pretty congested in the mornings etc. We are connecting 45.2 kpbs. Sucks like hell! I cant download a page simultaneously. And while waiting, I normally play some games (Freecel etc) think of how much time wasted there?

The company is trying to lower done its budget, basically because it has not been making 'money' for awhile. We have projects though, and they are still on-going. It is just that the profits are not in yet.

I know..i know...i should try to be patient and wait..just for a little while...perhaps being pregnant makes me pretty emotional and a little uncomfortable from time-to-time. Perhaps my hormones are talking.

And yes, i know that if I am so dissatisfied, I should just get another job, right?!!! Well not in this condition, I will definitely fail my medical checkup.

Well anyway, the thing is with this super-rich boss, although he is not the 'biggest' boss, he is just the director, and he is not funding this company, he is the highest in the management scale. And boy, he can be a super-duper manager! He is worried about the Ops-tulen, and wants all the software in HIS laptop to be original. But, not the company's. He doesnt care about the other machines. Also, he had just let go of a brilliant ex-colleague, because the guy wanted more pay, he is qualified and should be given so. If he just gave it to the ex-colleague, he could save a few thousands every month. My ex-colleague is a DBA with no certification but with some training and experience (skills). A DBA normally costs around 6K - 8K. My ex-colleague was given only 2K++. Now, the company is without a DBA and we couldnt afford one. Cool eh?!!!

Being super-rich is one thing. But being able to work and manage is another. For someone who doesnt seem to care much for money as he has ample (pay is always late, no necessity to have it early of the month), he does not seem to feel the compassion for his employees. We are all working hard to makes sure we have something at the end of the month. But he is looking at something else, end of the year (??? I didnt get a bonus last year anyway). And in between that, he will keep losing employees that he should not.

So it does not mean that you are RICH, thus you can be a BOSS. You maybe bossy, but there's more to it. Not everyone can manage a company. And I hope my boss realises it before it's too late.

There's once he said that he need not work, because he doesnt need the money. He just comes to work for the challenge (by the way, he only comes in around 11am - 3pm). Looks like he is not winning. He does not even attempt the challenge at all.

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