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Thursday, August 12, 2004
The One With The Activities for Below 40 

I was reading yanz's blog when I noticed the list she had of the things to before she dies. I have noticed it earlier...but..didnt do much of it. Since my boss is out for meeting 5mins ago, and i am stuck with my work..thought i'll blog about it today.

One of my dream (things to do) which is the same as yanz is bungy jumping. I have always wanted to do that, and dont really know why. Perhaps it's because of the adrenaline rush. I forgot to mention that I am totally IN LOVE with roller coasters. To me, when I in one of the horrifying rides, I lose myself...like lost somewhere. I have no control of the things around me, no control of myself. Ahh..no I am not one of the people who shouts whenever they are on a roller coasters. Some say it's better to shout..it's like letting your fears go. To me, it's about letting myself go.

With rides that turn 360 degrees, I always love the scenery. This is a totally different way to look at the world. To look at life. Everything is not as it seems, and vice versa. So when it comes to bungy jumping, I would be thinking that...I have no control of the speed, or the gravity pull...and that the scenery (upside-down) would be totally out of the mind. Of course, it's like risking your life. It's dangerous. To think of it, everything in life is risky.

And the adrenaline. I am not a very active person. But I always feel good having that short moment of adrenaline rush. I went to Knotsberry Farm, in Anaheim USA when I was fifteen. Went up for a ride. It's like...one corkscrew thingy, but there's a point when you could see the first guy right in front of you, if you are sitting at the last seat that is. It goes up nearly 90 degrees, and drops and turns 360 degrees and goes up again for 90 degrees stop..and before you know it...you drop again. I can still remember this ride because I could feel as if I left myself when it dropped down. Some might say that you left your heart or something.

But that's the best part. In life, the scenario is the same. There will be a point when you queue for something, and when you finally get it, you could probably lose yourself for a second.. or the ride could even last for a couple of minutes. Yet, what differs is the person you are when you get off the ride. You faced the long queue (challenge), you meet with various people along the way, you lose yourself for a second..and you come back to reality next. You faced your fears, like if I could leave my heart just for that one second, I could overcome so much more. So, you build a new you in the end, in a way that is.

Oh well...I am still looking forward for my next roller coaster ride.

1. Must always ride either in the first row or last row when riding a roller coaster.
2. Should do these activities below age 40 (advisable). Your body wouldnt be able to withstand the adrenaline rush.
3. havent been to Six Flags Magic Mountain (anyone's been there?)
4. Any recommendation for the best rides (out of Malaysia -> been to Genting and Times Square)?
5. Honey, shall we go to NZ for the bungy jumping?

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