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Friday, August 27, 2004
The One With In the Mood for Merdeka 

Keranamu Malaysia...

I dont think I have been blogging much these few days, although there's much to be said. For example, the Nurulhuda case. Would it be because I am just too tired and sick reading the papers? Not that I have stopped reading them...just tired of questioning why this is so and why this is not. For instance, why is the MRR2 scheduled to be opened in a few months time, when it is not safe? To ease the trafiic?!!! BULL!!! Why a 2 yr-old project could succumb to the enormous weight of the heavy traffic? The killing of a concern elder brother? The snatching of baby...hey you got the goods already why take the child..

And so on...

What are all these crap?!!! Tell me something...should we just look at all the good side of it and let the bad side be bygone?!!! The Twin Towers. The increasing economic growth. What else?!!!

What is Merdeka to you anyway?!!! The freedom to build your empire and do whatever you want to when there're obstacles (couldnt care less about others). To kill anyone 'unintentionally'.To snatch anything. To hurt the helpless and harmless. To blame others for something you did, be it the Unknown Man or just the guy next door.

47 years. We have been freed. Freed from what? The British?!!! Are you sure that we are free...

47 years we have come to be Malaysians. But are we Malaysians?!!!

47 years...are we moving ahead and forward...or plainly backward day-after-day. Oh dont be blinded by the technologies. Open your eyes and look closely around you. Is this Malaysia to you? Is this what you want Malaysia to be?

Are we united as Malaysians? A group of Britain's Parliament members wants to bring THEIR Prime Minister t court. These members come from the Labour & Conservative Party. (Check out the article). So, can our government be united for the best interest of the rakyat?!!! Both the opposotion team and BN of course. Can we?

Our rukunnegara:
1. kepercayaan kepada tuhan (Belief in God)
2. kesetiaan kepada raja dan negara (Loyalty to King and Country)
3. keluhuran perlembagaaan (Supremacy of the Constitution)
4. kedaulatan undang undang (The Rule of Law)
5. kesopanan dan kesusilaan (Mutual respect and good social behaviour)

Tell me...tell me...do you remember this verse? Do you remember Negaraku? Do you understand them and hold them in your heart???

My o my...I cant wait for the Merdeka holiday!!!

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