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Tuesday, August 10, 2004
The One With The One-Third 

Last Saturday, we went to Bentong, for Farha (Mike) and Imran Harris (Gary) 's wedding (Check out our fotopages for pics). Aini (Luke) and Angah came along with us, while Ede, Zuraina (Inet) and Dira were behind us in another car. The ride was not that far, around 45 minutes or so.

Nonetheless, it got us into talking about stuffs. One interesting fact was that (informed by Luke) one-third of our batch is now married. The total students in my SSP batch was 86, plus minus the new Form 4's and the ones that got out would probably make it to a total of 90. So it seems that 30 of them are married. Probably half of that total with kids. And out of that, probably has their second child on the way. Cool eh?!!! Perhaps Dybb (SSP's Web Administrator) would want to update the statistics in the SSP 9296 website with this information.

According to Luke again, most of the I members are married. (Brief information: SSP has three classes per batch; Ilmu (I), Usaha (U) and Jaya (J). If I am not mistaken, I is Pure Science, U is General Science and J is Social Science.) Luke mentioned that she thought most of the I members would not marry early, and that they would be career woman.

In a way, I would like to think that having a family would not interfere with one's career. Well...it goes to a certain extend that is. Most would have set family to be their priority, and career next..and wat not. But according to my boss (she's from TKC), during her last reunion with her schoolmates, she noticed that all the brainy ones seem to have 5 to 8 kids. And some are even doctors mind you. While the middle range ones, would have lesser kids (Not that they are less successful). So that's the irony part.

It can really be surprising in the end. The person you thought would excel tremendously in her career, would probably end up being a homemaker. And vice versa. So anything can change within the years. Who would have thought of me marrying at the age of 24?!!! If you ask Mike or Luke or Umi, they would constantly said that my teen-wish was that I would be married at the age of 29 or 30. Hahahahaaa..by that time, I would probably have my second child (insyaAllah).

- Waiting for the 20 year reunion!!!

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