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Tuesday, August 10, 2004
The One With the Plastic Money 

Is there a limit to having credit cards? What's too many? Or what's too little? Or...dont have one.

I have been advising a colleague in getting a credit card. He wants to buy a camera. With so many shops implementing the 0% interest paying scheme, it would be an advantage to have one. Especially when there's no difference if you were to pay it by cash. At least, paying a small sum of money over the year/years, you could at least budget yourself that sum of money every month.

Then again, most people are worried about the debts and having to rely to these plastic money. Overspending. Near/exceed credit limit. I have these worries myself. But I guess, it all depends on your self-discipline. Self-control of temptation. The desire.

Again, there's no limit of having credit cards. If we were to look at the Americans, they seem to rely more to these plastic money than paper money. Having debts are normal. So is having 10 credit cards. So, one credit card for the petrol. One for the Insurance bill. One for the Astro bill. One for the grocery. And so on. Hahahhaaa..before you know it, you have a huge pile of debt to be paid each month, plus the interest charge and wat-not.

But the promotions are good. Free for life. Free handphones. Many cash deposits machine. Open 24-hours. And bla bla bla.

So, should we or shouldnt we have a credit card? Should we rely on plastic money?

Having a small amount of money every month, I definitely need to have at least one to get thru my monthly expenses. As long as I dont get overboard that is. *wink

p/s: Do you know that ...
1. if you want 200K credit limit, you have to have the VIP status, and pay an amount colaterally. (What would you do if you have that amount of credit limit now?!!! Weehooo...Shopping time!)
2. most ministers have VIP status and that they have UNLIMITED credit limit. Some may even not pay for months. And normally the bank will only call these non-payees after they are out of the 'office', and then declare them bankrupt.
3. easiest and most expensive way to transfer huge amount of money overseas is to put in under the credit card. You can cash them out abroad later.

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