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Friday, September 10, 2004
The One With Bibik 

My parents were away last week, thus we had to babysit their house and maid. Well...I think it was more of the maid actually.

In my previous posting: Outsourcing, a discussion about maids started. So I thought I should bring this up.

My parents' maid, an Indonesian, of late 20s, worked for the family for more than 3 years. She started off with my late grandmother, and then later my mother took her in. Since my mother has been selling foodstuff aka frozen food, kueh lopis (cooked) and for the petrol station (nasi lemak, mihun grg, mee grg, s/wich), it was the maid who got trained and is probably doing most the work nowadays. After all, my parents' do not have any small kids and my mother loves to clean the house herself. So, the maid's task wasnt much. My parents' hardly eats much too. So anyway, while my parents' were away, we had some problems with her. She brought her friends home. She talks back at everything you asked her to do. And when she does something, she expects you to hurry, ie eat the dinner she cooked fast etc. Which was a lot for me to handle. My mom's business was okay, but not too good (according to her). And I just couldnt control her. Maybe thts her nature, or maybe I am not the boss. But I definitely couldnt handle her well.

I've also got a cousin who has 2 kids, one aged 10, the other aged 3. He has been changing his maids for around 5x in 3 yrs. Two ran away. We are not sure if it is because his wife is too strict, or probably the hyperactive toddler was too much to handle.

I am sure many has problems with the maids. As for me, I dont think I want a stranger to be in MY house. And as Melor and Modar mentioned in the comments, I dont want my kid to be closer to some stranger and speak their native language. I dont want my baby to even smell of them. And so on. But I think the main thing is that I know it would be difficult to handle these Bibiks. They may come handy sometimes, but they can also be very 'make my blood go upstairs'. I've known people who get so stressed out when it comes to these maids, and that it was so much better without them. And tht's the irony bit. You pay them and have them in your home to help you out. But it is them who made it even tougher for you.

So, are you having a Bibik?

Good luck to all.

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