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Friday, September 03, 2004
The One With The Toll Gate Girl 

Have you ever watched the Toll Gate Girl? A Malay Cerekarama shown on TV, on Hari Raya I think. Rashid Salleh (a rich and frequent user of this A toll) fell in love with Amy Mastura (the Toll Gate girl).

I have been quite a frequent user of Sg Besi toll, Kerinchi Link and D'sara Sprint Toll. And believe it or not, I have met quite a bit of characters.

There was this one pakcik who always wear sunglasses. He would always wave at me, and there would be times when he would just come over to the car to say Hi. Scary!!!! Even scarier, when he stopped my car one day, just because he had not seen me for awhile. In this case, there are times when I thought I should just ignore him, but then, it would have meant that I was sombong and that might intrigue him even more. So, I tried not being too friendly and at the same time, answer him briskly.

Then there was this one time, we were at Kerinchi Link and my hubby asked for the toll receipt. But the girl just replied, "Kalo tanak kasi bley tak?!!!" I was like...duh!!! did she not see me sitting beside my hubby?!!! Sempat lagi menggatal tuh! But it was a laughing joke. She was probably trying to cheer herself up.

Then only recently, one of the toll girls asked me when was i due and etc. So, they're not bad actually. Well, they're just like us..doing their job. But some would greet with a smirk, some with a smile. Some you would like to smile to them, just to make their day. And some just was not worth while doing so.

Nonetheless, I am sure, there are many who dreams of being the Toll Gate girl who get hitched by a rich guy driving a BMW.

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