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Wednesday, October 20, 2004
The One With the Circumcision 

On our next appointment to the gynae, we wish to inform the Doc that the baby will be circumcised the next day (after birth). Of course, that would be if the baby is healthy and all (InsyaAllah). Baby Karl had his a day after he was born, and the ordeal was short and safe, according to his dad that is.

So, I have been browsing the Net for circumcision.

What is Circumcision?
Cutting off the fold skin that normally covers the glans of the penis (for male) OR partial/complete removal ofany part of female genitalia.

One thing that I came across is:
If the circumcision of women is to be done, it involves cutting only the outer portion of the clitoris and not as is done in some Muslim countries as cutting off all the entire clitoris. 'Female circumcision' of the type practised by some people in Somalia, Egypt and some other African countries is a mutilation forbidden in Islam.

As a Muslim, this is a normal ordeal. Traditionally, boys would be circumcised before they are baligh. Where else, girls around the age of 2 or so. I remembered my guy friend had his when he was around 10, and my sister had hers when she was nearly 2. I was informed that nowadays, the circumcision ordeal is very safe and quick. They now use lasers, and with less pain. I, however, after looking and reading some facts on the Net pity my baby for having to go thru the ordeal, although I know it is a MUST. Thus the reason of getting it done as soon as possible. Babies heal faster. So, it would be best for my baby.

Baby, I am entrusting your father to by your side when you are circumcised nanti.

Read Pok Ku's Parting of Foreskins for traditional circumcision.

National Organization of Circumcision Information Resource Centers
What Happens During the Circumcision? (for male)
Circumcision (male) by FamilyDoctor
Female Circumcision
Traditional Circumcision Moslem Rites

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