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Wednesday, October 06, 2004
The One With the Comfort Measures 


It's getting closer than ever...and i am having qualms...
Yup! So please bear with me...I'll probably post a lot of entries on being in labor these few weeks...

Was thinking about labor pain and how to control it...before the time to really push happens...
Found this article -->

"The knowledge and skills that will help you stay strong and work with your body as you give birth"

Take charge of your own labor by choosing the comfort measures that will work best for you.

  • Your Environment
    As you look at the rooms in the place where you'll give birth, think about how you can create an environment that will help you feel comfortable and confident.

  • Emotional Support
    Think carefully about whom you'll invite to share in your labor, must be supportive of your beliefs and plans for labor and must be able to convey to you a calm, competent, reassuring presence.

  • Temperature
    Heat and cold are effective pain relievers.

  • Bath and Showers
    Laboring women often find a warm bath to be very relaxing. The buoyancy of the water helps relieve some of the pain of the contractions, and the warmth of the water relieves tension. The relaxation and warmth may also help labor to progress.

  • Progressive Relaxation
    Focuses on specific muscle groups in order to differentiate between relaxation and tension. Begin in a well-supported position and tense each large muscle group in your body, noticing how it feels when it's tense. Breathe out and release the tension, noticing how the muscle group feels when it's relaxed.

  • Touch
    Touch tends to be more soothing when it's done with the whole hand and not just with the fingers

  • Imagery
    With imagery, you form a mental picture -- such as a favorite setting -- that helps create feelings of relaxation, calmness and security.

  • Meditation
    Many women relax by focusing on an object, picture, sound or activity. Some use total silence; others prefer music.

  • Attention Focusing
    Focusing on a task, such as relaxing and breathing through a contraction, may help reduce your perception of pain.

  • Breathing
    Your breathing pace and style are closely linked to your sense of calm and your ability to relax and cope. If you find that you're caught up in pain and tension, the quickest and most effective way to break that cycle is by taking one or two cleansing breaths (a deep breath in and out).

  • Use of a Birth Ball
    Leaning or sitting on the ball can decrease the discomfort of contractions, relieve the pain of back labor and aid in the descent of your baby into the birth canal.

Hubby, need your help in this (in the labor room) nanti!

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