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Friday, October 08, 2004
The One With the Entertainment Today 

Saw this last week...

An episode from Boston Public

Winslow students Jason Dunphy and Mark Clayton are videotaping a "bum fight" - a bare-knuckle brawl organized by the teens between two homeless men for money. Unfortunately, one of the men takes a few too many punches and dies. The teens are arrested and charged with murder, much to Ronnie's dismay. She enlists one of her former colleagues Sheila Penn to represent the boys at trial and Sheila wrangles Ronnie as co-counsel for the teens' probable cause hearing.

Both boys take a very cavalier attitude toward their involvement in the man's death. The ruling appears destined to hold the teens over for trial, but an impassioned appeal from Ronnie opens the judge's eyes. The murder charges are dismissed. Invigorated by her return to the courtroom and disappointed by her perceived lack of impact as a teacher, Ronnie is sorely tempted when Sheila offers her a job at her firm. But despite the intriguing offer, Ronnie decides teaching is her real true calling.

Jeri Ryan as Ronnie Cooke
How did Ronnie win the hearing then? She said something like...everytime she changed channels, it kept showing the same shows. Shows of different scenes but brings to the same conclusion. It is based on people's misery and depression. And that is what we, the audience like. Entertainment is watching other people suffer. Be it physically or emotionally. For example, 'Joe Millionaire'. It might be for the money in the first place. But what if in between the lines, people do eventually feel something towards each other? WHat if Joe really is looking for his love? And found? Yet, to his dismay, he is cheated too in the end.

For example, when we watch cartoon, we like it when Jerry managed to ridicule Tom, in which Tom will be shot or banged etc. Violence. There's no sense of empathy. Rather, it's promoting that we should seriously laugh at that.

Would it be because we like seeing people get hurt? For instance in the case of the bum fight or Fight Club, would it be because we cant do it coz it's illegal, yet it gives us the feeling of power when watching it? The power to hit people, and cause pain to them?

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