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Monday, October 04, 2004
The One With the Media 

So okay...

We have got the newspapers, the radio, the TV..wat else? The Web...aka blogs, forums, wat-not.

We know that newspapers, radios, TVs are under all commercial companies. Specifically for Malaysian newspapers, radios, TVs, most of them are governed by the government. It doesnt really matter whether it is a private company or a government body. MOST of them are governed by the government, or so to say the powerful people of Malaysia ie politicians and wat-not.

So tell me, what is actually the role of a media presentor? To tell the truth behind everything? Let's focus on the News bit. Would you say that you get a totally truthful news? I dont think so. I am pretty sure that most are filtered. Of course, one might say that filtering is important. To filter out the bad omens that one news could bring. Well, there's the advantages and disadvantages.

Nonetheless, it is always important to get the REAL thing. No filters. No lies. And where else if not the Net? Would you consider blogging shd be governed by some 'people' too? I dont think so. Of course, if the blogger did it (being rude/unethically) purposely, he should be blamed. Even so, what can we do as the blogreader? Stop reading the blog la. Or be a commentor and write some crude comments back. But what if a commentor does it? I know our blog's comment application cant filter tht.

Oh well, the thing is...get REAL la people. If we want to kutuk anyone in our blog, so what?!!! When can we have our free speech anyway?!!!

With response to what Jeff Ooi is experiencing in his blog.

p/s: what's this about Jeff Ooi to charged under ISA?!!! It wasnt him who did it. It was the commentor 'Anwar'. I think everything is getting haywire. Get the real juice la.

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