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Monday, October 18, 2004
The One With The Value of a Paper 

Practically most of us are degree holders. And as the numbers are increasing, it seems that even having degrees meant nothing. So, the next level would be to have Masters. And of course, it will only be a mtter of time, when we will have every Tom, Dick and Harry as Dr Tom, Dr Dick and Dr Harry.

This is one of the things my father kept on insisting that we pursue; getting ourselves Masters. We are holding it back for various reasons, one of it being the financing etc. But now, we got to know tht it is easier than that. Kacang putih. Read more here...

So what is paper qualification anyway? What is the value? I have always thought that to obtain certain things is to be able to understand it...or work for it. In other words, you have to earn it to get it. But, I guess, nowadays, because of pressure by everyone, having this paper is just so important that we simply have to have it by hook or by crook.

Oh come on... can you actually judge a person by counting the numbers of papers he has? Even now, people has started going for double degrees and wat-not. Tell me...what are we trying to prove here? That we are the smartest generation. Oh no, the Egyptians build the pyramids long time ago. The civilisation of men has been achieved centuries ago. So what now? Are we trying to be smarter or are we condoning ourselves to prove tht we are smarter yet we are actually growing stupider...

Then again the main question is what is the value of the paper? Can we actually say because he has more papers he is better than the other with lesser? How can we survive all these pressure? What do we want to be? Robots? Or plain insensitive overworked heartless soulless inhumane human? And we consider ourselves SMART.

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