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Monday, November 08, 2004
The One With All Just The Same 

Oh was Friday evening for you? It was a disaster for me. I had to spend nearly 2 hours on the road from work to my mom's place.

It started raining earlier in the afternoon around 1 something here at my workplace, which is in Serdang area. Then, it stopped. At that point of time, I was relieved, thinking that the traffic wouldnt be too bad today (Traffic is a little bit heavier on Fridays even on normal days, everyone's rushing for the weekend I guess). Then...just about the time I wanted to go home, which was around 5 something, it started raining...heavily!!!

And the traffic jam, started from Serdang toll, all the way to Taman Danau Desa. Can you imagine that?!!!

The one thing that pissed me off was when I was about to get out of the Sg Besi toll. At the toll, cars would be out of 20 odds counters/lanes...going into a 3 lane main rd. With so many cars and slow moving traffic, you imagine how difficult to get into the specific lane. There would probably around 10+ line-ups trying to get into just 3. So, once you are out the counter, you would just be tailing the car in front of you. And at one point, there is no line for you, so you have to switch to the line next to you, until you reach the main line that makes up for the 3 main lanes. Well anyway, driving a kancil, I got squished in the middle, when there was no longer a line upfront. I wanted to go into the right lane next to me. But this black perdana wouldnt give me the chance to do so. In fact, he honked at me. It was a black tinted V6 perdana with the plat no WKY 8668, with the emblem and wordings tht said 'HAKIM'.

I just looked over at the tinted passenger window, and showed my disappointed face. Hey, everyone is equal here. Everyone wants to be out of the traffic. Everyone wants to be home. Everyone wants to berbuke. There's no point of you not giving way anyway. Being a somebody wouldnt make a difference here. There will always be only 3 lanes. After all, it's too packed. You cant asked people to move their cars even if you have riders with you. Just like if you are using a police car or an ambulance. At that very point, there's nothing you can do but to give way, and move on. At that very point, every Tom Dick and Harry are equals. How big/what type your car, or who you are wouldnt matter...we are all just the same...wanting to move on and head home...

*The rainy season is here. Drive carefully and try to patient.
**My whole body was aching the whole night after the 2hrs ordeal. I dont think I like the idea of going thru it again, esp if I am in labor.

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