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Sunday, December 26, 2004
The One With the Labor Experience 

It's been awhile right?!!! And I think I sort of 'lost touch' in my last post. Seems to be no 'flow' of words etc. Oh well...trying to make the best out of the limited time. *wink

So, have I mentioned that I am kind of terrified of hosp, doctors and wat-not?!!! Not terrified TERRIFIED, just a little uneasy. Who wouldnt be if one were to be pricked by a GIGANTIC sharp pointy syringe or having to eat horrible huge pills etc. Oh well, it's a wonder why being a doctor was never in my to-be list. Plus, I HATE BLOOD!

Well anyway, I didnt go thru much of the labor contraction pains. From the count of 0 to 10, I probably went thru till the 2nd level only, which was bareable. And because there was no opening yet, and my waterbag's color was greenish (baby has already passed motion), and baby was a little too big for me, I went thru caesar.

I started to shiver when I was wheeled to the OT. Fear? Cold? All in ONE! What went thru my mind then?!!! Definitely EVERYTHING!

Anyway, after they have prepared me for the ordeal, someone who wore the operation mask asked me whether I was okay or not. Hahahhaaa...for a few minutes, I couldnt recognised my beloved husband, not until he ended the ques with a 'Sayang'. (I dont think some above-average good looking male nurse or doc would sesaje call some pregnant lady who is on the verge of labor 'Sayang!') *wink

My husband held my hand then, and after like 2 minutes or so, the Doc came in. And in a split second, I heard a baby cry. Thought it was the next OT's baby. Didnt even cross my mind tht it was Faeq's. Reality hits me when the nurse came and let us see our baby.

So okay, one good advise now is that if you can go for normal delivery, definitely go for tht. Why?!!! One good reason is that it is always better to go thru the 'right' passage. Another, once you are 'opened', you basically changed the originality (God's magnificent creation), in which your organs have been disturbed by man. Financial cost is another. And risk.
Pain?!!! If you are going for normal delivery, you can opt for epidural (spinal anaesthetic) for pain killer, an option for caesarean too (fully awake in the op). If it's normal delivery, this should be a no-no choice for you. If it's caesarean, it would be nice to be able to hear your baby's first cry. If you go for GA, you would be totally knocked out the whole day and miss all the hoo-haa excitement. Caesarean ordeal is nothing much actually. Close to 0% pain. Nonetheless, the after effects of epidural is overwhelming. Backaches. Leg numbness etc. Most said tht it would stay forever.

Oh well..everyone's experience is different. This is one thing you have to try to know it. And one thing you can be proud of, coz guys definitely cant beat us at this section.

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