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Thursday, January 13, 2005
The One With the Bibik 

A maid is needed for my parents house, thus it needs to be registered under our name, for the very first time. Have some issues about it.

1. It is quite a wonder on why one household is allowed to have ONLY one maid. If someone can afford to have more, why not?!!! Perhaps the government is trying to curb the unnecessary workforce or the forever increasing number of immigrants. Not sure if this is working or not. I think many would have illegal ones.
2. With every application, there must be a reason which MUST be either to take care of children (under 15) OR sick parents/spouse/child OR old parents. If you have a 16 year old, you are not entitled, even if the child will come home to an empty house as both parents are at work. If you have 5 storeys house, in which you are particularly rich, if you have no child and no sick parents, you arre doomed to be a slave to your house coz there aint no help around, you are simply not entitled to. But what if...you have to take care of your grandchildren....???? And at the same time, your children need their own maid themselves???
3. There are many forms to be filled. One unnecessary thing is to have you forge your maid-to-be's signature. Yup, there is a form or agreement for the maid, "Saya tidak akan tuntut sebarang tuntutan terhadap kerajaan Malaysia..." What crap is this?!!! Teaching us how to be dishonest. This is one form tht any immigrant shd fill up whenever they come in to our country for the very first time. They should also fill up their employer's name and address too. All this information to be given at the immigration at the exits of our country. And we as employers, should just fill up one form that binds us to be humanitarian to our employees and another form tht acknowledges so-and-so is under our 'care' (make it an annual affair). If your maid runs away, you have to go thru this ordeal all over again. Or if you havent been taking any maid for the last few years. The imigration dept shd just have an 'employer' file and updates it from time to time.

Oh well...the imigration will now have a file for us and Si Anu.

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