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Tuesday, January 11, 2005
The One With the Grans' Magnet 

So okay, I am actually blogging now, at 1.35am while Zen is playing his PS2.

Why? Lil' Faeq was crying endlessly since 9something, and it's been like 1/2 hour ago he had finally settled down sleeping. Which of course, after my mother, his grandmother held him. Shiesh!!! Both Zen and I were lost of ideas on why he is crying or how to comfort him. He was clean. He was fed. He has burped. Lastly, my mother woke up from sleep (assuming also tht my father, who was awake, woke her to get her to see wat's the prob) and took Faeq and held him. He was quiet in seconds. And after less than 5mins, he dozed off. Hmph!!!

Faeq's next feeding time is at 2am. So Zen and I decided to just stay awake. Or rather we are just too awake to sleep.

So, yes, my little boy is his grannies magnet, spoiled brat, both grandfather and grandmother. My father just cant hear him cry and Faeq can already responds to my father. Funny thihng also is that my father refused to hold us (his daughters) when we were babies. Nonetheless, he will hold Faeq and rock him. My mother? Aaahh..grandmother's magnet. Faeq seems to be doing a lot to my mom. He peed on her. He passed motion on her. He grabbed and pulled her hair. He magically dozed off after making huge fuss etc. Get the drift?!!!

Yes yes...my Lil' Faeq is my parents' 'son'. Their jewel. As my mother said "Cucu lain dari anak". You discipline your child, but you will always or should always be the 'good' guy to your grandchild, in any circumstances, in addition to the tremendous pampering etc.

In one of the parenting books tht I am currently reading, it said that babies below 6 months cant be spoiled. Well..I am not so sure about tht. Even so, I can actually predict how my parents are with lil' Faeq...so if he is not spoilt now..he will later..DEFINITELY!

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