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Friday, March 04, 2005
The One With Being White 

What is it about white?

I remembered talking to yanz a few week's back. She commented on our new background color; about how 'suci' (pure) it looked...the innocence... and I laughed..thinking about how our blogtitle (original meaning) didnt really coincide with it. But that's a different story...

The thing is...what is it really about white?

Is it about having a clean slate? Even in life...you only get a clean slate when you were born...or probably till the time you were no longer a baby (after you moved on from Baby Genius). *If you are familiar with the movie, a baby is born genius until the age of two or so when they move to a transition...learning to talk and speak the same language with the adults.

Every day, you are given a new sheet, it would probably be white, but it wouldnt be pure white. It would probably have some spots of red or orange, a few lines of blue, drops of green, and you would probably add on more colours to that sheet. It couldnt be pure white, because yesterday has some meaning for today and tomorrow. And no matter how we try to repaint things, yesterday makes who we are today. All the spots and lines; quirks of life...makes who we are today and tomorrow. We grew stronger from yesterday's fall. We are a different person today than yesterday, without realising it.

But the thing is, you must always remember that you cant get a new clean white slate. You cant change yesterday. You cant take back your words. You cant undo your actions. You cant erase that memory of yesterday. You cant erase that hurt. That sorrow. That laughter. That tear. That smile. That sunshine. It has happened. You cant regret it.

But you can add a different paint on it. Give it more vibe. Give it more air.

Live your life to the fullest.

*I still love white, mainly becoz it's meaning.
*We changed our blog theme to faeq's colour.

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