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Wednesday, March 23, 2005
The One With MBA 

married but available....

do u know people who has MBA...
in most cases...guys la.

it is funny to know that being married is no longer a sacred union of two souls. To some that is.

A friend of mine...who has a friend...is in love with his wife, yet he still seeks out for other companionship outside the house. Newly married...just over a year or so. Has a baby. No problems with his wife. Wife is working. What else? I just cant, for the life of me, understand this guy. If a friendship is what he is looking for, tht I understand. But companionship, I am so sorry to say that I just dont get it. Being a wife myself, I wouldnt want other girls to be lovey dovey with my husband. Or to switch off his handphone whenever I call.

I remembered a phrase from this song..but couldnt remember the title of the song...
"Mother why didnt you tell me? That it hurts so.."

My mother has always reminded me to be alert that...air surut tak semestinya tiada buaya...

but marriage cant work without trust. Would checking the call register everyday be sufficient in you knowing your other self? Or being too strict and not trusting trigger the urge to prove that "Hey I can do it!"...

Well...hey...if you can do it....I could too...

That's what everyone should think of. That no one is out of the exception. Be it male or female.

But...come on...have faith in love. Have faith with each other. Dont do stupid stuffs that you might regret. Have faith in Him. Marriage too has its cycles. Just dont make it 1 cycle for your entire life. Make it a few cycles....everyday..everymonth..every year. Dont take things for granted. Do that spontaneous gesture. Make him/her laugh. And most of all...love each other.

If you know of someone who fits the description, please discourage them. You might save someone's relationship/family.

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