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Tuesday, May 17, 2005
The One With the 3 Stooges 

Or shall I say 3 princess???


In my kindy days @ Jingle Bells in Sungai Petani, I was closed to 2 gals...fazira@sara and ramona...

I was always moving around, so I was only in Sg Petani for 2 and half years. I moved to Kuching when I was 7. And lost touch with both of my friend.

After Kuching was PJ. After PJ...was Johor Bahru.

On my first day in SRK IJ Convent Johor Bahru at the age of 11, I passed by a prefect. Couldnt remember if I read her name or not. All I could remember was...her face looked so familiar. Being me, I always forget people..and their names. Constantly shifting doesnt help one bit. I could never really keep up with my friends. It's like everyone moved on....and no contacting after that. Nonetheless, thank God, she approached me...and asked 'Shariza ye?' Shariza Hamzah...hahhahaaa...yes, Ramona, it is I. We were in the same school for 2 years. And again, I moved.

During my after-school years, I met Fazira in PPP. Or rather, I think we contacted earlier, by mail. But, we never really contacted la. Really. Even when we were studying at the same place. I never knew why so. Maybe it is me. Hahahaha...

Anyway, ever since friendster and blogging....somehow me and fazira clicked again...sort of...i think at one point i am not sure what to call her...fazira? sara?

Today, she msged me; had this crazy idea of doing some sort of jejak kasih...we were looking for ramona...for about 30mins...i was searching in the Net for Ramona...and i found her in kawanaku.com...but i couldnt get her details....i simply couldnt register there...

thanks to my hubby..who has an account in kawanaku.com...I talked to Ramona on the phone awhile ago for..merely 30mins...and we'll be seeing each other (hopefully with queserasera) this Thursday!

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