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Thursday, June 30, 2005
The One With Perhentian 

Ah yes...after so long...I actually went away for the weekend...to Perhentian Island...to be exact..Pulau Perhentian Kecil

How was it? Absolutely marvelous!

I spent RM61.80 (return) for the bus from Hentian Putra (KL) to Kuala Besut (KT), another RM 60 (return) for the boat ride, and another RM50 for lodging and food (I bunked in a room which is RM55 per nite with 2 other friends). And went on 1 refresher dive for RM20 and 1 fun dive for RM55, without equipment that is as I have my own, if not, 1 fundive is RM85. All and all, around RM250. Pretty impressive aye?!!!

The only problem was...I was missing Faeq! So I cut my trip short. Went on the 2130 bus (Friday), and reached Kuala Besut around 0530. Took the first boat out to the island at 0800. Reached the island at 0900. Took the first boat back to Kuala Besut at 0800 (Sunday). Took the first bus out of Kuala Besut at 0900. And reached KL at 1730. I meant to come back on 2130 bus on Sunday, and have another dive..but....oh well...till next year then...

Why you should go to Perhentian Kechil?
1. it's like nowhere in Malaysia. More foreigners than locals. The locals even speak English. Even the food is Western. A lot are Europeans. My dive master is a Swiss. (These Europeans would stay on the island for months, work there etc)
2. it's pretty reasonable. The prices are not bad. For accomodation, you can get RM55 for a non-a/c room...to RM200 for an a/c room. Of course, there is a low-cost a/c room for RM150++. Why is it on the high side for a/c? There's not much electricity on the island. If I am not mistaken, there is probably a generator somewhere. A huge one that is.
3. it's a diving paradise. I got to see a turtle the other day. Stingrays, barracudas, angelfishes...and more
4. it's so out of the world. Only Celcom can get connected there.
5. all the babes in the world are there. Sun bathing. In bikinis. Hunks playing beach volleyball.
6. Party party party. Perhentian Kechil is known to be a place to chill out. Rejuvenate kind of thing. Simply hang out. At nite, you just hang loose and party. And if you feel lke it, that's where you get to meet people. An American, whom I met at dinner there, said that only Americans from California travel to Asia. And only Europeans take that 1 year off to travel. Americans are not famous for this traveling bit.

Well come on come on....

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