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Wednesday, July 13, 2005
The One With the Token 

How would you feel to get a token of love every year?
I think it's marvelous...
It makes you feel appreciated etc

Today on Mix.FM, the subject was more of getting the token of love in the form of sparkling stones; jewellery. A guy called up and said that he buys his wife gold every year, although she doesnt really like it. I think that's because he thinks of it as an investment, or an assurance...for his wife...in case something happens one of these days.

Shazmin said that some got it after getting a child. A friend of mine once said that she was thankful that her father did just that to her mother, coz when she passed away, and her father remarried, they were each left of the specific jewellery set then. And that's about it. Which is pretty a lot to them, as they now live independently.

For someone who doesnt really wear much jewellery, getting a jewellery would definitely impress me. Although snatch theft occurs a lot etc, it is the thought that counts. It is not that I would want it every year, but what my friend said about giving after birth means a lot to me. Come on...we dont know if when we die. And what happens after we do so. The first scenario, when the guy gave his wife every year, he was preparing her for it. On the second scenario, he was preparing his children for it. In case anything happens. Whatever it is, whatever you give will go back to the children..which is your own kin. Which should mean something. That's my rational.

And a gift is a gift. No one would be able to get from you. I remembered yesterday, they were discussing it in the radio. About will and stuff. A gift would be something that is yours. And wouldnt be under your assets, which means that no one would be able to get it from you.

Oh well...something to ponder.

At the same time, we should always try to make or give something every year. And always the thought that counts.

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