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Thursday, September 15, 2005
The One With Are We Good 

Last night, I asked my husband, "Are we good parents?"
He said, "We're the 'bestest'!"

Hahhahahaa...very assuring...if only it came out from Faeq

Of course, all parents would try their very best to be the 'bestest'. But are we really???

As young execs, we both reach my parents' place everyday around, least (min) would be around 8. Latest could be up to 10, that is if we have meetings. And we normally reach home around 10 something tht is. Just hang loose for a few minutes, until Faeq would eventually asks for me as he is sleepy. But normally by 11, he'll be asleep. And he wakes up around 7.30, he'll be at his grandmother's by 8.15.

So little time with his own parents. Except on weekends tht is. Lucky that we work 5 days a week.

But still....

We try to stop by the playground in the morning, on the our way to the carpark. Let him swing for 2-3 mins. Let him slide for 2 mins. Be on see-saw for a couple mins.

At nite, we try to snuggle together, tickle each other, and squeeze Faeq, until he'll scream and laugh.

Aaaahhh....my son is getting taller and bigger. He loves to climb. He loves to sit at the driver's seat and drive. He loves to see the lights. And no, he doent really sit still. Always trying to grab things, and taste them. Always trying to reach something. Always trying to have it his way.

And he loves food. But mind you, he is not a baby no more. So bring in the chocolates and the ice creams. Tofu is fine. So is rice. Fish. Spinach. Chicken n beef. But please, make it edible for a baby with 4 teeth, but dont make it soluble...'hey i got teeth already ok!' something he would 'say' out. Loves drinking from straws. Or have wat everyone else (mummy/daddy) is having.

Faeq, I miss u so!!!

*Wait up for his pic (that we took last nite) eating mini cornetto!!!

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