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Tuesday, September 06, 2005
The One With the Big TWO 

Ah yes... thank you everyone for the well wishes.

It is our 2nd Anniversary!

It was today, TWO years ago that we made a vow to each other in a sacred matrimony, akad ... nikah...
In wealth and health, through sick and poor...I do!

These two years...
we have been through a lot I would say...
the trying to get pregnant period...
the pregnant period..
the birth of our beloved Faeq...
the upbringing of our beloved...
and so much more...

i think we have been through quite a bit
aaa...to the newlyweds...it is not as smooth or pretty as you think...
but hey...tht makes it beautiful!
for those who knew us...you might think tht we had quite a love story...
and you might think that hey...we wouldnt fight..or we wouldnt disagree...or grow mad at each other..
quite the contrary...
this past year...i think...the real we is surfacing...
and we are growing up...and changing...
and we are just normal couple...
trying to understand...
trying to get keep things alive...trying to grow and change...
but still as TWO

especially these past few months...
things have been tough...

and as a friend said...
it takes great initiative to stay together married...
and try not to prove brad pitt right with his statement that two in love people need not be together always...
coz we believe in our love and in our marriage

or so I do!

as for my beloved husband
thank you very much for these two lovely years
thank you very much for being the great husband, father of my child and lover

i hope you still have the passion for us
and the desire for us to be together always for eternity

and yes, I still am trying to adapt to everything, including your principles...
and I still want more of you...
and I still have unsaid things...

but one thing for sure, I would like to say this "I LOVE YOU!"

p/s: please try not to be too clumsy!!! and please bring the trash out! thanks...

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