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Friday, November 25, 2005
The One With Transparent 

Have you ever encounter a situation when suddenly your mood swings hit it bad...and everyone seems to know..?
Are you that transparent?

Have you ever encountered a situation when you wanted to say something...something bad...but you just dont say it...yet everyone knows about it?
Are you that transparent?

Have you ever encountered a situation when you think you are being transparent...yet you dont get the response that you wanted?
In fact it seems as though there is no response at all.
Were you that transparent? Or perhaps you ARE transparent.
You are not being seen at all.


Thursday, November 24, 2005
The One With Silence 

Have you ever had the difficulty of just keeping yourself quiet?
I have. and am having it.

To an extend, I think it shouldnt be problem that much. But if you see that person...everyday...almost every second in your life...
And you just wanna share the day...when you lead another life without the person..
Yet..you have to be silent...


Very challenging...

But I am trying...

Coz if silence it is...

The One With ... the New Logging 

Cool! What am I talking about...VLOGGING!

From here,Video Blogging or vlogging as it has come to be known is simply the creation of RSS feeds containing video enclosures.
Vlogging has become increasingly popular, especially as tools (such asNewzAlert Composer) have become readily available and capable of supporting video and other rich media by way of enclosures within RSS.
As an example of the explosion of popularity, we need only look at the devastating Tsunami that hit Asia on 26 December 2004. In the wake of this natural disaster which killed thousands and made millions more homeless, video blogs sprang up with amateur video footage showing the enormous power of the waves.
With an enclosure aware RSS reader (aggregator) capable of downloading enclosures, vlogging allows the easy and widespread delivery of video via RSS.

We have blogging...we have..photoblogging...and now videoblogging...

Cool is for the technology that we have now...

Check this out...for the first vlogging in Malaysia!

Good job to Asiastream TV...I do think that this is a brilliant idea!

Wednesday, November 23, 2005
The One With YOU 

Feeling/being down on this rainy morning...
After a session with the Boss...

Something to cheer You (Me, Myself & I) up...

You are so beautiful to me
You are so beautiful to me
Can't you see
Your everything I hoped for
Your everything I need
You are so beautiful to me
Such joy and happiness you bring
Such joy and happiness you bring
Like a dream
A guiding light that shines in the night
Heavens gift to me
You are so beautiful to me

Sunday, November 20, 2005
The One With the Cash Quadrant 

A few years back, there was a great on the market; Rich Dad Poor Dad. I bought the book and loved it. And last week, I had the opportunity to read Cash Flow Quadrant. Very interesting.

There are actually four types of people (identified by the Cash Quadrant):
Employed (E)
Self-employed (S)
Business (B)
Investor (I)

E and S sit on the left side of the quadrant, where else the B and I sit on the right side of the quadrant.

I used to think that when I retire, it would mean that I was going to work on my own. However, after reading the book, now it seems that when I retire, the idea is to be an investor.

Investing is high risk job. Or it might not be. But the idea is to have your money work for you; with minimal supervision, or none at all. I wasnt really looking at the investing side. What I was looking for was...how to reach my 'retirement'.

Come to think of it, Zen and I, we are quite-not-bad-at-all in our job. I would say, for IT graduates, we are doing pretty well, although we dont make huge money, but we are. And we are livinng and surviving KL City life. So, I would say we're pretty good. However, it just seemed that its still not enough. We still dont have the luxury to have a vacation. And it seemed like it would be so...for next 5 years or so...if we dont do somethingn about it. I questioned it, and the answer would be, "We simply have too many debts" or rather our cashflow is just making ends meet. There's no extras. So what's next? I definitely do not want to remain where I am.

According to Cash Quadrant, the first thing we should start is to be debt free. How to do it? Simply dump the outstandings of the many cards, to at least 2 cards. Then pick one of it, and try to clear it up as soon as possible, while paying the remaining ones at the minimum value. Once one is cleared, start on the other one. Soon, all of your cards would be cleared. Next, is try to push yourself towards the right side of the quadrant. If you wish to start investing, be sure to do some studies.