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Thursday, January 05, 2006
The One with Kiss Arse 

This is a very controversial thing. But I have to say this still...

On the very first day of work in 2006, it suddenly dawned to me that I am being too Malay. I work in a too Malay environment.

Last Friday, Zen and I went to Zen's team/office mates dinner. Pot luck actually. And I enjoyed myself there. Just listening to them talking. Bla bla bla... I always thought myself as being someone in their group. Talk goofy. Talk abt fashionable clothes. What to wear. Who's who. Most of all, just goof around. In English. There were Chinese, Malay, Thai, American there. It was fun. I hope I get to go again. And this time around, I would get more courage to join their conversations.

When I went to school in an elite boarding, i went out of it. For various reasons. Then I went to a co-ed public school, a very famous elite one in Klang Valley. And I had fun there. I had my groups of friends. Chinese, Indian...and even Malay.

I have always like the idea of being multiracial, being Malaysians. Being a non-traditional Melayu.

When I went for training, I was in a company where the majority are Malays. Although my department was totally not very the Melayu, I still felt the too Malay air around. It was difficult to see myself there. Then next company was very Westernised. My ex-boss was fabulous. I have to thank her a lot. She totally installed some great values and skills in me. Yet, I couldn't grow too much there. So I applied for another, which I am currently in. In which, there's 50-50 Chinese Malay ratio. I thought..hey this is a good one. Everyone's young and energetic. I can probably grow more here. I can probably have more acquintances here. Probably have some friends. Probably have people of the same wavelength. Probably be able to even use some knowledge and skillset even more.

Nonetheless, sad to say, not many verse in English. Not many have the non-Malay mentality.

And this worsen it all.

If I have known the art of kiss arse, I think I could do even better than where I am now. But I am merely creating an opportunity for myself, proactive-ly grooming myself, proactive-ly climbing up the ladder. And I am very fortunate that I have a boss who has the same wavelength as I am. But heck, me an arse kisser??? I think you dont know me too well, friend!

Stop those stupid Malay thinking. Try to be a better Malay is what I want to be, for I am proud to say I am a Malay and I am a Malaysian. (just need to buck up my English and my confidence more)

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