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Wednesday, March 01, 2006
The One with Ethical vs UnEthical 

Aaaa yes.. I shall be joining a new company this coming mid March.

I was sooo tired a few week's back that I really felt like just taking off a day or two. But however, since I was about to resign, there was no way I could take a leave. But I mentioned to Zen that I just felt like I wanted to just leave. Zen being Zen pushed me back to my senses, saying that it was unethical to do such thing. As much as it is very unprofessional. And it was something I wouldnt want to do also.

What do you do when you resign? What are the ethics on when you start your job and when you stop it?

In my opinion, or rather it is stated in any working contract, that whatever you do while in a company (during office hours), belongs to the company.

When I resigned from my previous company, I took along with stuffs that I did, nonetheless they were only used for my reference sake. As in, I would only be referring it, while doin other task (similar to it) from scratch.

But I have heard of cases e.g. when an employee leaves, he takes away with everything that he did there (could be just a small piece of paper, or even a whole project) and then sell it off elsewhere. I think that's unethical. Very unprofessional. The previous company lost a lot. Some even close shop. The employers must have been so pissed that eventually what you made at the end of the day is worthless. Tak berkat. Coz what goes around comes around.

I hope this never happens to me.

And I hope I can be as professional as I can be. Of course, when you work together, employer and employee there is a certain barter relationship. You give, I take. I give, you take. Everyone has their own agenda. That's life. Nonetheless, it is best to not piss people and try to be as honest as you can.

Of course, there are crooks all around. Especially in business. However, let's be professional. Some things are allowed. And some arent.

Which is which?!!!

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