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Wednesday, June 30, 2004
The One With The New Boss 

Quoting a forwarded message :

New Boss

A company, feeling it was time for a shakeup, hires a new CEO. This new boss is determined to rid the company of all slackers. On a tour of the
facilities, the CEO notices a guy leaning on a wall. The room is full of workers and he wants to let them know he means business! The CEO walks
up to the guy and asks, "And how much money do you make a week?"

A little surprised, the young fellow looks at him and replies, "I make $300.00 a week. Why?"
The CEO then hands the guy $1,200 in cash and screams, "Here's four weeks' pay, now GET OUT and don't come back!"

Feeling pretty good about his first firing, the CEO looks around the room and asks, "Does anyone want to tell me what that goof-off did here?"

With a sheepish grin, one of the other workers mutters," a Pizza delivery guy from Domino's....."

Moral : Know your staff.. :p

Tuesday, June 29, 2004
The One With The Family Night 

We watched Still Standing last night.. Linda is dating a guy with kids.. Linda claims Judy's family not spending their quality time together.. Judy tries to prove her wrong by gathering all of them for Family Night.. No TV.. Just them...

Heheh.. will we gonna have family night, dear?? hmmm.. still a long way to go.. hehe..

The One With the Greatest Asset 

Shaz & Richard of Mix.fm talked about men's greatest asset. Let's talk about both men and women greatest asset.

Let's list them out (ignore the numberings):

1. Good Looks
2. Size <-- how do we measure this? Some says by the nose, toes, hands...Anything anyone?
3. The motion, or basically performance of you-know-what

1. Bra size
2. Long legs
3. Nice butt

Seriously, think about it. What are men and women's greatest asset? Of course, it always goes back to the eye of the beholder. Still, there must be some statistics or some preferences somewhere.

What would you like to be your greatest asset?
What would you look first of the opposite sex?

Monday, June 28, 2004
The One With The Competition 

Quoting from Utusan Mingguan yesterday..

Ketua Puteri Johor tetap tanding Ketua Wanita Batu Pahat
Oleh Habibah Omar

KUALA LUMPUR 26 Jun - Ketua Puteri UMNO Johor, Haliza Abdullah tetap akan bertanding jawatan Ketua Wanita UMNO Batu Pahat biarpun Ketua Pergerakan itu, Datuk Seri Rafidah Aziz menasihatkan bekas ahli Puteri supaya tidak bercita-cita tinggi dan `duduk diam-diam'.

Sambil menyifatkan kenyataan Rafidah itu sebagai keras, beliau bagaimanapun berkata, ia tidak menghalangnya untuk meneruskan hasrat bertanding merebut jawatan itu yang ketika ini disandang oleh Shamsiah Rashidah Ibrahim.

Haliza berkata, setakat ini beliau telah menerima 49 pencalonan daripada 120 cawangan di Batu Pahat yang menunjukkan adanya isyarat bahawa Wanita UMNO Batu Pahat inginkan perubahan.

Read more??

Well, we already advised Mama on this.. let her challenge for Ketua Wanita while Haliza compete for Naib Ketua.. she could easily win it.. hold it for 1-2 terms before hand over Haliza the top spot and retire from politics.. however, she resisted.. Mama will challenge for Naib Ketua and Haliza will challenge the 'wrong-form-filler' of last GE for Ketua Wanita.. best case scenario, both of them win.. bad case scenario both of them lose.. 'worstest' case scenario, Mama wins, and Haliza lose to Shamsiah.. hopes not.. :P

Good luck to both of them..

The One With The Last Four 

Last night game between Denmark and Czech Republic to decide the last team to clinch the final spot into semis.. Denmark won Euro Cup in their miraculous performance in 1992 while Czech won it while they still with Slovac as Czechoslovakia in 1976...

If I would say which the best team to win Euro 2004 based on current performance, I would say Czech Republic.. they are very much settle, 2 great finisher upfront, creative midfielders, good at the defence, and a tall standing keeper at the back.. they showed it well with a 3-0 victory against the Danes.. (I only watched the 2nd half though, so mind me.. ) I learned that Denmark held the ball possession in first half.. however, 4 minutes after the 2nd half kickoff, Czech sent Nedved in attack and won a corner. Poborsky swung the ball and 6ft 8in Koller powerfully headed it in... [Strike One!] 15 minutes later, Poborsky again passed a through ball from the right edge of penalty box, Baroš cleverly chipped it pass Sørensen.. [Strike Two!].. Czech fans just easing down from the goal celebration before Nedved sent another through ball towards Baroš and the latter smacked an unstoppable drive into the back of the net.. [Strike Three and the Danes are out!] Final result ;

Czech Republic 3 - (Koller 49', Baroš 63', 65')
Denmark 0
(MoM : Baroš)

Semi-finals matches :

Portugal vs Netherlands
Greece vs Czech Republic

Sunday, June 27, 2004
The One With The Greek Tragedy 

France 0
Greece 1
: (Charisteas 65')
( MoM : Charisteas)

What a poor poor performance by the Cup holder.. We (my sis, (Mrs+baby) and I) woke up in the middle of the night only to watch France defeated by the Greeks.. they really missed Vieira in the middle.. Dacourt and Trezeguet were far below the par.. created some chances but none really threaten Nikopolidis.. Greece however, in their same old tactical mode against Portugal and Spain, nearly got their first goal when Katsouranis connected with inswinging free-kick from Karagounis, cleared by Barthez before whole ball crossed the line.. France got few chances after second half started but Henry surely need more practice with his header.. with an hour gone, Lizarazu missed time his challenge, Zarogakis broke free down the right, unchalleged by Silvestre, crossed the ball into the middle, unmarked Charisteas with a powerful header sent the French speechless.. Coach Santini made three desperate changes, bringing in Saha, Wiltord and Rothen to replace Trezeguet, Dacourt and Pires but it was a little too late.. Greece made a history, marched into Semi Finals and sent Zidane n Co back home..

Other result;

Netherlands 0 : (penalty - van Nistelrooy, Heitinga, Reiziger, Makaay, Robben ; missed - Cocu)
Sweden 0 : (penalty - Kallstrom, Larsson, Ljungberg, Wilhelmsson ; missed - Ibrahimovic, Mellberg)

Netherlands won on penalty 5-4
(MoM : van Nistelrooy)

Friday, June 25, 2004
The One With the Hantaran WishList 

Read in the news that some malay artist is going to get married soon...hantaran 10K with 17 trays, exchanged with 19 trays. As we know, Malays are known to give trays of presents, presented during/before the matrimony ceremony in which the boys' side would give less than the girls' side, normally odd numbers. Gifts vary from traditional to modern things; the traditional 'sireh' and bunga rampai, shoes, shirts etc.

Ours was 7 to 9 trays; which even caused us huge headaches trying to figure out what to put on these trays. Nonetheless, putting aside the expenses and the traditional methods bla bla bla..

--> here are our wishlist and still wishing:-

His list:
1. PDA
2. Phone (handphone)
3. Playstation
4. laPtoP
5. home theatre system with Projector
6. Personal Massaging sofa
7. music Player (DVD, VCD)
8. PlayBoy Magazine (???)
9. swimming Pool with Jacuzzi
10. Pool table
11. Performance car aka EVO

Her list:
1. Condo
2. Cash
3. Credit Card
4. Computer
5. Car
6. Camera
7. Country Club Membership (???) vaCation or travelling
8. Clock (watch)
9. Costume Jewellery

What do you think, dear?

The One With the Abruptio Placenta 

Last week, Wednesday to be precise, I had some bleeding. It could be considered as a slight one though, however it was still BLOOD. All the doc could say was it was a threatened miscarriage kinda thing. Only a few days back did I come to know that it is actually what you call abruptio placenta.

Some info on abruptio placenta...

Abruptio Placenta
Abruptio placenta is described as the premature separation of the placenta from the wall of the uterus.

Symptoms - Symptoms may include moderate to heavy bleeding (depending on the degree of separation) usually in or near the last trimester of pregnancy (the bleeding may be concealed resulting in a pooling of blood behind the placenta). The mother will usually experience lower abdominal or back pain, increased fetal movement, and rhythmic contractions similar to labor. The mother may also develop Anemia if the bleeding is heavy.

Cause - The cause of abruptio placenta is not well understood. It is believed that a leakage of blood occurs between the placenta and the uterine wall.

Diagnosis - Observation of the aforementioned symptoms requires immediate evaluation by a physician. The evaluation may include a physical examination, blood tests, or an ultrasound studies of the abdomen..

Treatment - This can be a life threatening condition for both the mother and fetus if bleeding is severe and proper medical attention is delayed. With prompt and proper medical care, both mother and fetus can survive and recover completely. Hospitalization is almost always necessary and an obstetrician may recommend immediate delivery (possibly by cesarean section). If bleeding is excessive, intravenous fluids or blood transfusions will be necessary and the mother and fetus will be monitored closely for signs of shock and fetal distress.

Aspirin should be avoided as it may increase the bleeding.

So, I guess since mine was in the early trimester, it was threatening the pregnancy. But since the blood was fresh and slight, plus I was quick enough to notice it and when straight to the Doc, alhamdullillah it is okay now. Doc said there are 10-15% pregnancy which involve bleeding in any time of the whole pregnancy. But all should be taken seriously. Which means that any spotting, bleeding, staining, fresh or not, if it is BLOOD, then it is time to make a call to the Doc. And then, follow the instructions extensively. It could be CRIB or RIB. Completely-Rest-In-Bed or Rest-In-Bed. I had to RIB. Which I could still walk and what-not, BUT no climbing stairs, no carrying heavy stuff or any if possible, no driving, no shopping, and definitely no 'intimate relationship' with hubby. And even though it was just RIB, the whole week was so boring, can't wait to start working (surprisingly!). You can't do much! But of course, I had moral support from my family and my ever-loving husband was always beside me doing his 'thing'. Hey, it said no 'intimate relationship', it didn't say something else. Right dear?!!!

Well anyway, thinking of my our unborn child and how much I am we are loving it already, I would anything for our baby.

There's a possiblity it might happen again, if it does, I'll do the same exercise and whether it is CRIB or RIB, I will do it again. Even if I have to take unpaid leave, anything for my dearies.

I love you, my baby.
And I love you too, Papa baby.

The One With Portugal vs England 

I woke up at 2.30 am to watch first quarterfinals match between Portugal and England. Both team fielded almost their best 11 (except for suspended Pauleta was replaced by Nuno Gomes).

England started the game well after a mistake from Costinha, misjudged England's long ball, letting Owen to easily put the ball pass Ricardo. 1-0 at 3rd minute. Portugal straight switched to attacking mode in search for an equalizer. However Owen was the one who nearly to make it 2-0, but he send the ball wide. England then lost their inspiring young forward Rooney mid first half due to an ankle injury, replaced by ineffective Vassell.

Portugal made their first substitution in second half, brought in Simäo to replace Costinha. Then England's manager sensing their winning by making a denfensive sub, Scholes was replaced by his Man U team mate Phil Neville, Gerrard for Hargreaves. Scolari then made a shocking tactic by bringing in unsettled Spurs forward Helder Postiga to replace Captain Figo. He proved his strange decision worth when Simäo crossed to ball from left side and Postiga rose high heading the ball into the net leaving James stranded. 1-1. Just when the game near to end, England awarded a free kick, taken by Beckham. Campbell headed it straight to the bar, and followed with another header into the back of the net. However, ref Urs Meier ruled it off due to infringement. Game was brought into a Silver Goal extratime.

(I straight went to bed, too sleepy to stay.. but from the momment Portugese grabbed their equalizer, I've expected that England will bow out in penalty shoot out yet again.)

My prediction was right. In second half of the silver goal extra time, Rui Costa scored but Lampard equalized minutes later. Game was dragged into penalty shoot out. Beckham kicked it high (as usual), luckily Rui Costa missed it too. Up till the seventh kicker, Ricardo saved Vasell spotkick before took the penalty himself to bring Portugal into the Semis.. Final result :

Portugal 2 : (Postiga 83', Rui Costa 110') - (penalty - Deco, Simao, Ronaldo, Maniche, Postiga, Ricardo ; missed - Rui Costa)
England 2 : (Owen 3', Lampard 115') - (penalty - Owen, Lampard, Terry, Hargreaves, Cole ; missed - Beckham, Vassell)

Portugal won on penalty 6-5
(MoM : Carvalho)

Thursday, June 24, 2004
The One With The Final Eight 

Last night Euro 2004 Group D matches determined the last spot into Quarter Finals. With Czech Republic already top of the group, it was a race between Holland and Germany to secure the runners up spot.. Any result wouldn't help Holland to advance into Quarters if Germany won. Czech manager decided to rest most of their key players.. results as below :

Germany 1 : Ballack (21')
Czech Republic 2 : Heinz (30'), Barros (77')
(MoM : Heinz)

Holland 3 : van Nistelrooy (pen 27', 35'), Makaay (78')
Latvia 0
(MoM : van Nistelrooy)

Quarter-finals matches :

Portugal vs England
France vs Greece
Sweden vs Holland
Czech Republic vs Denmark

Wednesday, June 23, 2004
The One With The Weekday Morning Chill Out 

I took a half day leave today..

We went for a quick check-up with our gynea.. everything's fine.. alhamdulillah.. doc took a blood sample and also gave couple advices.. then we had breakfast at DSH's café, sent my sister to her class.. Sha has been tired lying down on her week of bed rest, badly needed a walk.. hehe.. so we went to OU.. first stop.. Arena.. (not the foodcourt.. the swimwear outlet).. none could fit.. :P.. found some at Modern Mom, but it was cheaper and nicer at Mothercare.. We quickly bought tapau lunch and rushed back home to have sunny pool dip.. heh.. refreshing..

Too bad I still have to go to work..

The One Where Azurri Crash Out 

My stomach still doesn't feel that OK.. missed last night games.. but I checked the results on Eurosports News first thing first in the morning.. hehe.. Italy managed to beat Bulgaria with a late goal by Cassano.. however, they still have to pack-off due to a draw between two Nordic teams, Sweden and Denmark.. another casualty to a favourite team after Spain.. hehe.. I was hoping for that, and it comes true.. (unless Totti is playing, then I'll hope for them to go through..) sad but true to Azurri fans.. may Germany 2006 will give better results.. next target.. send the Germans back home..

Bulgaria 1 : Petrov (pen, 45')
Italy 2 : Perotta (48'), Cassano (90+4')
(MoM : Cassano)

Sweden 2 : Larsson (47'), Jonson (89')
Denmark 2 : Tomasson (28', 66')
(MoM : Tomasson)

The One With The Truth 

Quoting an email received from a friend aka Napet :

Saying the Right Thing

Man wakes up at home with a huge hangover. He forces himself to open his eyes, and the first thing he sees is a couple of aspirins and a glass of water on the side table.

He sits down and sees his clothing in front of him, all clean and pressed. He looks around the room and sees that it is in perfect order, spotless, clean. So is the rest of the house. He takes the aspirins and notices a note on the table:

"Honey, breakfast is on the stove, I left early to go shopping. Love you."

So he goes to the kitchen and sure enough there is a hot breakfast and the morning newspaper. His son is also at the table, eating. He asks, "Son, what happened last night?"

His son says, "Well, you came home after 3 A.M., drunk and delirious. Broke some furniture, puked in the hallway, and gave yourself a black eye when you stumbled into the door."

Confused, He asks, "So, why is everything in order and so clean, and breakfast is on the table waiting for me?"

His son replies, "Oh that! Mom dragged you to the bedroom, and when she tried to take your pants off, you said, "Lady, leave me alone, I'm married!"

A self-induced hangover - $100.00
Broken furniture - $200.00
Breakfast - $10.00
Saying the right thing - Priceless

Tuesday, June 22, 2004
The One With The Fabulous Five 

Well, I went home yesterday evening and we chitchated about Mix.fm perfect couple questions.. one of it was.. "If he allowed to date one of her friends, who will it be??" hmmm.. if we were asked by Richard n Shaz, then we dont think we can give any answer.. so, blablabla.. we changed the question based on one of Friends episode in season 3 The One With Frank Jr. - "Pick five celebrities that we can sleep spend a day with, and the other one can't get mad."

So, my list in random order (still in draft ) :
  • Angelina Jolie
  • Anna Kournikova
  • Beyonce Knowles
  • Nicole Kidman
  • Alexis Bledel
Her list (you may edit yours, dear..) :
  • Brad Pitt
  • John Cusack
  • Adam Sandler
  • Sean Connery
  • Angelina Jolie (???)

ps: I've added Still Standing as my favourite TV shows along with Friends, C.S.I.: Crime Scene Investigation, Charmed, Futurama, Sex and the City, the Practice, Rugrats, Gilmore Girls, Law & Order:SVU, X-Play..

The One Where Mr Got Sick 

Well, I wasn't able to watch last night final matches of Euro 2004 Group B.. It's all because of something I drank during late stay-up a nite before.. I got diarrhea, (not as bad as Mrs the other day though :P).. my body was hot still I went to office to settle my job.. Arrived at home, I took panadol activefast around 7pm.. at 830pm I was still standing watching Still Standing.. Around 945pm.. my eyes were too heavy.. I wanted to watch Boston Public but didnt have anymore energy to hold my eyes.. Soundly asleep until I woke up at 530am asking my still awake sister the score results.. Here goes..

England 4 Croatia 2

Croatia led with opening goal from Nicko Kovac on 6th minutes.. Scholes broke his 3 years international goal-scoring duck with an equalizer 5 minutes before half time.. Rooney, got another late half time.. The youngster smashed his second consecutive Euro 2004 double on 68th minutes, Tudor pulled a goal back with a headed goal before Lampard nailed Croatia's coffin on 79th minutes... Score ended 4-2 to England..

France 3 Switzeland 1

Zidane headed Pires corner kick to give France a lead.. Vonlanthen equalized for Swiss 6 minutes later and became the youngest goal scorer for Euro breaking the record held by Rooney couple of days back.. Then Henry's double ensured France to finish top of Group B.. 3-1 to France

France will meet Greece in Quarter and England will face host nation Portugal..

Monday, June 21, 2004
The One With The Frustation (part 2) 

Later that night I woke up at 2.30 am to watch a 'Winner takes all' Euro 2004 game between Portugal vs Spain.. I was hoping for a tough match.. esp both teams have great wingers : Figo + Ronaldo vs Vincente + Joaquin.. But it was really one sided match.. Portugal obviously using their advantage as a host nation, clinching a 1-0 victory courtesy of goal from sub striker Nuno Gomes. Figo+Ronaldo were superb..

Greece will accompany Portugal to quarter final despite 1-2 lost against Russia.

The One With The Frustration 

Rancangan Along kembali lagi
RANCANGAN kegemaran kanak-kanak, Along, kembali menemui penonton mulai esok di TV2 pada pukul 10.30 pagi dengan nama Along Bijak.

Along Bijak yang diterbitkan oleh KRU Motion Pictures itu masih meneruskan konsep asal program yang dicetuskan oleh Permodalan Nasional Berhad (PNB), iaitu mendidik sambil berhibur.

Read more??

This news was published on 19 June.. We waited from 9.30 am yesterday to watch this show but it was not aired.. Not because we like it.. but because my sis in law acts in it... as Little Sue.. hehhe.. may be it will be on air next week.. so, everybody make sure to turn on to TV2 on Sunday at 10.30 am... hehe.. Let the world watch her.. :P

Friday, June 18, 2004
The One Where France Nearly Defeated (again??) 

I managed to stay up early morning to watch Euro 2004 match between France vs Croatia. Based from history, Croatia never manage to steal a single point from France in every competetive tournament. In World Cup 1998, the Croats led France by one goal before defender Thuram scored twice to bring France into the Final. (I remembered the headlines in sport section of the Sun on the next day - 'Two-Rams..' ) Last night, France fielded a different line-up compared to their winning team against England. Desailly was brought back into the team after recovered from injury, Lizarazu was not playing, Gallas played as a full-back switching position with Thuram. Pires was replaced by Wiltord and injured Makelele was replaced by Dacourt.

The defending champion dominated most of the first half. Hard enough to see Croatia to have the ball, mazy dribbles Zidane, exchanged passes to Henry, Vieira, and Wiltord.. It was all France.. Twenty minutes gone, Zidane won a free-kick, he whipped it cross, Silvestre missed it, but Croatian defender Tudor unluckily slightly deflected the ball into his own net to claim the first own goal of the tournament. Just before half time, Zidane showed another magic. Henry swung a corner kick, brilliantly (I cant describe with a correct word here... can somebody help me please.. watch it and describe it if u can) flick by Zidane, only Gallas to head it wide. (It surely be one of the best goal if it went into the back of the net)..

Second half began, Croatia seemed to have a different team. France conceded a penalty (Sylvestre Silvestre, Man U again??) just after 3 minutes and Rapaic stroke it hard to prevent Barthez from stopping it.. 1-1. Just for minutes later another messed up on the left of France defenders, Prso received the ball, flicked it from Sylvestre Silvestre, Desailly missed the clearance and Prso punished the school boy error by an unstoppable volley. Croats are up high with a probable sweet revenge.. 2-1 to Croatia.. France began to sweat.. however they were lucky when Tudor made a silly backpass, keeper Butina tried to clear, Trezequet challenged. the ball hit Trezeguet's hand, the Juventus striker easily collected it and sent it into the net.. Croat tried to protest, but the hand-ball was clearly unintentional.. 2-2.. with 30 minutes to play.. it could be a goal-fest game.. Butina made a couple of good saves to denied France a win.. then at the death, Croatia sent the ball long on a counter attack from the left, sub Molnar clever turned to fool the defender but kicked it wide from point blank.. Both teams settled with a 2-2 draw..

In another group B match, England relive their chance into quarter final with a win against Switzeland. Two goals from the youngest scorer of Euro, Rooney and one from Gerrard wrapped the game at 3-0. Yesterday in group A, Greece spoiled Spain chance to become the first team to qualify into quarter when Charisteas erased Morientes one goal lead. 1-1 the score. Earlier on, host Portugal won 2-0 against Russia. Goals from Maniche and Rui Costa.

Portugal 2 : (Maniche 7', Rui Costa 89')
Russia 0
(MoM : Maniche)

Spain 1 : (Morientes 28')
Greece 1 (Charisteas 66')
(MoM : Raúl)

Croatia 2 : (Rapaic 48' pen, Pršo 52' )
France 2 : (Tudor 22' o.g., Trezeguet 64')
(MoM : Pršo)

England 3 : (Rooney 23', 75', Gerrard 82')
Switzeland 0
(MoM : Rooney)

Wednesday, June 16, 2004
The One With The Round-up (part 1) 

So, now every team in Euro 2004 has played their first match. In Group C, Italy went into a goalless draw with Denmark . Some spectacular saves were made by both keepers to protect their goal, Sweden trashed Bulgaria 5-0, Larsson (back from his international retirement) scored twice, (the headed goal was simply superb) and has become the tournament leading goal scorer.

Last nite matches for Group D, Euro 96 runners-up Czech Republic survived scare when they scored twice in last 15 minutes to prevent another upset from little Latvia. Czech won 2-1. Man U striker, van Nistelrooy scored late equalizer for Holland to cancel Germany's freakish first half lead. A free-kick taken by Frings from an unthreatening area curling without connected to any players including keeper van der Saar ended into the far post of the goal. Both teams satisfied with a 1-1 draw.

You may have seen how every team is playing but still lots more to come..

The One With All The Worries 

I went to office slight early today, leaving my Mrs safe and sound at home.. until just about when i reached office, she called me, saying she spotted some bleeding.. I began to startled.. MiL rushed her to meet Dr Siva who did the check-up and confirmed it should be 99% OK.. just some placenta movement that made it bleed.. He also removed some blood clots.. Mrs will be on 3 days MC to have a good rest.. bed rest.. follow up appointment will be on next wednesday.. dr also advised her not to errr.. lift any heavy thingies..

Dont worry sayang, I'll be beside you always.. muahss.. I love you.. always..

p/s: Oh btw, Dr measured baby's length from head tuh bottom : 7.7cm.. it was 7cm last saturday.. baby's growing fast.. (mama baby add another 1kg in 3 days)..

Tuesday, June 15, 2004
The One Where The Wife Gone Mad 

Heh.. not my beloved wife of course... I heard Richard n Shaz talking over Mix.fm Breakfast Show.. then I checked over The Star Online.. Hehe.. funny when a husband had to seek for helps from public complaints department due to some small internal conflicts.. hehe.. Thank god I have one understanding, pretty, sexy wife... *wink*

Wife sees red over hubby's passion for the game

SEREMBAN: An ardent football fan who sneaked out of bed to watch a Euro 2004 live telecast received a "red card" when his 41-year-old wife battered him with the television remote control for staying up late yesterday.

When his wife also snatched the smart card of the pay television service to prevent him from watching future live telecasts, the 46-year-old salesman who only wanted to be identified as Yap from Seremban Two here, sought the help of the MCA Public Complaints bureau chief, Khoo Seng Hock.

Read more??

Monday, June 14, 2004
The One Where Zidane Scores.. Twice! 

Euro 2004 has started.. Major setback for the host nation Portugal, humbled 1-2 to lowly seeded Greece. first goal was scored by Georgios Karagounis after a silly gave-away ball by Chelsea's prime target Paulo Ferreira. Greece extended their lead with a penalty by Angelos Basinas. Sub Man U's Cristiano Ronaldo was the culprit. Ronaldo however managed to grab a late consolation goal but it was too little to late..

Think that was a dramatic match.. Of course not.. Last nite 2nd match group B match between defending Champ France vs England.. Playing without their strongest central defender, England took the lead from a headed goal by Lampard (Lampard can head now.. Scholes no more.. ), connecting to free kick from Captain Beckham. France, still traumatised from their World Cup flop, struggled to create chances although their midfields (Vierra, Makalele, Pires and of course Zidane) definately controlled the center field.. But England defenders looked too tough to break..

In the second-half, young Rooney managed to get the ball through on a counter-attack only to find Sylvestre Silvestre blocked his way in the penalty box (again a Man U player to concede). Beckham, who spooned an awful his last penalty kick in qualifiying round against Turkey, stepped up to take the spot kick. This time it was on target, but keeper Barthez guessed it well. Still 1-0 to England..

England manager, Sven Goran Eriksson looked confident to grab all the points, brought in Vassell, Hargreaves and Heskey to replace Owen, Scholes and Rooney. (I seriously dont think it was his best decision) Heskey then gave away an unnecessary free kick in the injury time just couple yards from the box. Zidane, smashed in the equalizer with James stood still on the goal line. 1-1. England players and supporters stunned and wondered : What's the worst could ever happen? It wasnt the end but just the begining of the twists and turns...

Just seconds after they kicked the ball off again, Gerrard (whom also another Blues target) made a horrendous back-pass without noticing Henry. The later then easily collected the ball and ran towards the goal. James had no choice to tackle inside the box, earned him a yellow card and a penalty to the opposition side. Zidane then again displayed his masterclass and taught his Madrid teammate 'how to convert a penalty'. Game ended at 2-1 to France. Zidane was later voted as the MoM.

A painful defeat to England, but France really deserved it.. at the end of the day, the three lions well-beaten by the rooster..

Other matches played this weekends, Spain defeated Russia by a single goal by Valeron, Switzeland vs Croatia ended at goalless stalemate.

The One With The Latest Gadget 

Heh.. guess what.. we got ourselves a digital camera.. Canon Powershot A80 to be exact.. as usual, monthly installments.. but for me it is a good bargain.. we really need one for Bali trip and esp for Baby.. yeys.. next one.. video cam..

Canon Powershot interesting features : High-Resolution 4 Megapixel CCD, Variable Angle LCD Panel and Intelligent Orientation Sensor. For more info, u may google here..

Flash me, and I'll flash u...

The One With The Road Trip 

A hot and sunny day it was, in our way to Kuala Kubu Bharu. For me, it was my first time driving to the 'ceruk' place, for Shariza, it was her first time to stay awake. ekekeke.. Felt like a very long journey using the old road from Rawang->KKB.. which actually took only 45 minutes in our way back.. heh.. psychological emotions I guess.. interesting scene = 'kambings belajar drive kereta..'

Also, it was a nice and sweet engagement ceremony for Ida n Kepp.. congratulations to both of you.. Their wedding is scheduled around mid December.. heh.. too bad.. we're fully booked in December.. kan Baby kan?? *wink*

Saturday, June 12, 2004
The One With The Claps 

Went to meet our gynea this morning.. had to wait for more than half an hour since 3 couples came earlier than us. Then we went in and did the ultrasound scan. We saw the hands, legs, backbone, heart, everything.. No, we dont know whether it is gonna be a he or a she.. baby turned its back to us.. and then, all the sudden, baby clapped its hands. :P.. serious.. believe it.. Next appointment on 17/07..

Then went back and rest before begin our journey to Kuala Kubu Bharu...

Friday, June 11, 2004
The One With the Countdown to Euro 2004 

In about 30 hours from now, first kick-off of Euro 2004 will take place at Estadio do Dragao with world best referee Pierluigi Collina to blow the first whistle. Opening match will be between host nation Portugal against Greece. Game between Spain vs Russia will be followed couple hours after that.

I'm sure many footie fans couldn't forget when Wiltord scored in the dying minutes to erase Italy's lead in Euro 2000 Final which later won by France after Trezeguet volleyed the famous golden goal in extra-time. It was the best final match ever for me in many many tournaments. I hope this year will produce some spectacular results and discover some new talents. For those without the wallchart, you may download it here (right click : Save As)..

The One With NoMoreNopoly 

Read today's edition of the Star Techcentral section :

SMS: Celcos manoeuvre fiercely in booming market

PETALING JAYA: The surge in SMS (short message service) use is giving cellphone companies much elbow room and incentive to cut SMS rates, according to analysts.

Maxis fired the first salvo when it announced in late April a new service plan that charged its prepaid Hotlink service subscribers only 7 sen per message to send messages to other Maxis subscribers.

DiGi followed closely behind, matching Maxis’ new rate just two weeks later. Last week, Celcom pushed the envelope further when it said subscribers of several service plans would have to pay only 5 sen per message.

The ultimate prize in this game of one-upmanship?

More than 11 million cellphone subscribers who last year sent over six billion SMS messages, or about 550 messages per subscriber, according to the latest statistics compiled by the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC). And the market is growing, both in terms of the number of subscribers and SMS use.

Read more??

See.. I told you.. this is the impact of healthy competition.. This is what consumers want.. 'Choices'.. We do not want one 'Bigshot' keeps terrorising the market, being filthy rich, sucking up our money.. and keeps raising service charges until his name stated on top list in Fortune .. Well, we have our rights as consumers.. When you hike your price, we expect you to increase your damn service level also..

Well done to Malaysian Telco Service Providers!! Keep it up..

The One With the Pro-Bono 

National service for private doctors

KUALA LUMPUR: Some 8,000 private doctors and specialists nationwide will have to perform a stipulated number of hours of compulsory service in government hospitals every year.

Health Minister Datuk Dr Chua Soi Lek said their services were necessary to help lessen the heavy workload of doctors and specialists now working in government hospitals and for them to gain more experience.

Read more ...

Pretty good idea...
But I think it should be more of a pro-bono kind of thing. We always hear American lawyers doin it; something like free consultation and services to in-need people. Some lawyers would have it like 10 pro-bono cases per year etc. I think doctors should do the same too. To give free consultation services to the people. And later, perhaps private hospitals should lessen the equipment fees by 50% or so, accordingly. Like a doctor must do 10 pro-bono cases and their respective clinics/hospitals should support these doctors. Maybe for a 200 doctors * 10 pro-bono cases would be too much for the hospital. Nonetheless, what these private hospitals are receiving from the other customers would be able to cover up the other expenses.

Well, just an idea.

*pro-bono -> Done without compensation for the public good

Wednesday, June 09, 2004
The One With Who Wants to be a 'Thousandaire' 

My company is holding a story writing competition in promoting customer satisfaction campaign. Terms and conditions quoted as below:

ContentA true encounter with the situation that you think worth to share with others on how you saved the situation and turned a customer feeling happier or a true story that you know had happened to someone else.
KeypointStory must reflect our intention to focus on how people reacted satisfactorily to a certain action of service.
Start/End DateFrom 9 / 6 / 2004 until 8 / 6 / 2005
SubmissionPlease submit the story together with the details of :
  • who was involved
  • date and time
  • any other relevant info for verification
Best story A monthly reward will be given to the best story submitted and qualify for a grand prize for the best story of the year.
Written Reward
  • Monthly reward : Top prize = RM 300
  • 2nd to 5th = RM 100 each.
  • Annual reward: Grand prize = RM 1,000
Terms and conditions
  • Submission by e-mail only.
  • Committee decision is final.
  • Limited to one submission per person per month.
  • For all employees & manager exclude the Committee members.
  • The story should be around 500 words (min one page A4, 1.5 spacing, Times New Roman, Font size 12).

The One With The 'Sickos' (part 2) 

Oh.. Remember when I cried out loud to stop all these madness happening in our country?? I know it is getting worse and worse when I read Utusan Online saying "Nenek 74 tahun dicekik, dirogol".. My oh my... What a sick b*st*rd!! Rob, rape, run.. (and then blame on Venus)..

The One with the Malaysia's Law & Order 

I am sure most of us are aware of Noritta's case. This is one case that challenges Malaysia's law & order.

Especially the forensic investigation. The crime scene was not processed thoroughly. The victim and the scene could have told us the true story, if it was investigated by Mr Grissom and company. Yet, we lack the expertise. There's not a single Grissom in Malaysia, not even a Level 5 CSI (Crime Scene Investigator). I can bet you that if Grissom was to investigate this, the unknown male suspect could have been even before the trial starts.

Talking about trial. How is it so that Malaysia's law says that a man is guilty until he is proven innocent? What if the evidence is just not enough to convict the man? You definitely cannot convict Haniff (Noritta's suspected killer on trial now) just because he has some connection with Noritta. What connection? Sex? Phone calls? Regular customer? Boyfriend? The US law says that a man is innocent until he is proven guilty. Well maybe, we can have our own way and regulation. Nonetheless, the main thing is that a man should be behind bars because he is said to make a crime, in which the evidence tells you so. If not, it is definitely wrong to put an innocent man behind bars.

Again, with this trial, I am sure the public is unaware of a lot of things; especially when it involves the word S-E-X. As Malaysians, this subject is so private and intimate. And the methods are rather traditional-like. Not saying that we are not aware of the unconventional ways in making love or having sex, rather it is a subject that no one says out loud. Or rather the youngsters might know more of it, but to hear it in court, it is rather intriguing.

Thus, it would be difficult for some to actually compute or even be a jury in this case. And for some reason, I am sure this will affect this trial. You cannot be too judgemental here. You have to picture all the possiblities that could have happenned, especially if you have enough evidence. Well, it is a challenge for Malaysia. We will just have to wait and see then.

The truth is out there!

The One When Venus Crossing the Sun 

It is interesting to learn that thousands Malaysians flooded to National Planetarium to see Venus crossing the Sun, a rare phenomenon called Transit of Venus, which occur in pairs, eight years apart. Each pair is separated by long gaps of, alternately, 121 years and 105 years. Yesterday's transit was only the seventh since Galileo's invention of the telescope in 1609, and the first since 1882. It will recur again in the early morning of 2012, but not after that until 2117.. Worth enough to queue under the hot sun to see a large orange ball through giant telescopes.

Muhammad Fairoz Asillam, the science officer in charge of the event, said: "Even with our large 14-inch telescope, Venus could only be seen as a black dot moving across the sun as the sun itself is so large and bright that it makes Venus look small and insignificant. The sun is seen as a huge glowing orange ball.''

image taken by TV Smith, a Malaysian blogger

It is also interesting to learn previous Venus-sun transit have been linked to the destruction of Mayan and Inca culture by the Spanish and Portuguese expansion in 1518 and 1526. Astrologers also believe those born under Zodiac signs Aries, Scorpio, Leo and Virgo were afflicted by Venus.

Astrologer Madam Zorra said Venus was retrograding and showing 'her negative face that is cold and cruel.' "My advice to those who are afflicted by Venus is that they should control any erratic emotion," she said.
p/s: Madam Zorra, are you sure u meant erratic, and not erotic? hehe.. *wink*

Monday, June 07, 2004
The One With AstroNoMore? 

I'm damn sure you guys have watch TV-adverts such as XXX plans, SMS & Talk Plan or Two Greats Prepaid Plans in one simcard etcetra etcetra etcetra what so ever..

Hmmm.. that's Malaysian Telco service providers current situation.. where consumers have their power to choose which services they like the best.. therefore, telco services keep competing each other to lower their charges, in order to attract more users..

In the other hand, it has been nearly 6 months since we subscribe to Astro, a Malaysian one and only satelite based pay TV. It can't be denied that having the Astro is a must for us, especially since our Condo management couldn't provide a centralized UHF antenna for our convenience. Therefore, without Astro we could only watch just 2 (blur still..) channels. We're paying for their cheapest package.. However starting from last month we have to pay extra RM5 per month for Astro services..

Unlike telco services, Astro price hike is just like petrol-price case.. simply irreplaceble.. a damn consequence of monopoly..

Within a month after Astro announced their price hike, there comes MiTV, announced they will launch a new pay TV based on IP streaming incrypted into Ultra High Frequencies, no additional satelite dish needed.. It'll provide at least 50 channels with (hopefully) cheaper price.. Good news eh? for us, maybe not as good as it sounds since :

Anyway, I'm still looking forward on this healthy competition.. Don't let those capitalists rule our future.. Let us rule their future..

The One with the Precious Tots under Pressure Pots 

Madam Yvonne Lee, who wrote to the Star in her article "Precious Tots under Pressure Pots" have my vote and 100% support.

Again, being a mother-to-be, I am weary of the Malaysian education system that is so exam-oriented and so kiasu. Too competitive for a young child. Too pressured. Tensed and stressed. I am sure even the parents and teachers are feeling the same way too.

I am no longer sure what is good or bad for my our unborn child. What is a good education? What is a good school? Etc...

There's still a few years ahead before my our child goes to a kindie. And I hope things will be better then. Nonetheless, if there's a better option, I would probably give it a thought too.

Looking for the best!

The One with the Russian-Speaking Child 

Earlier last week, there was so much stories about studying medicine. I found this article in The Star last Sunday.

Medicine in the Ukraine

MALAYSIANS seem to be an adventurous lot when it comes to studying medicine these days. Rather than choosing traditional destinations like the United Kingdom and Australia, more are finding their way to Eastern European countries like Russia and the Ukraine.

To date, the Crimea State Medical University (CSMU) in Simferopol has trained more than 26,000 doctors in the Ukraine, including 2,000 for countries around the world.


I think this is fun. To be able to master another language other than English or Bahasa Melayu, and at the same time, master medicine or some other professional skills and subjects. I think I dont mind having a Russian-speaking baby. I also think the student exchange program is good and should be encouraged more.

Friday, June 04, 2004
The One with Peace 

Having to go to work late these days (meeting and workshop), I had the opportunity to watch Oprah for a couple of minutes. This week, of the 2 shows I watched, they were about Peace and War in Iraq. One of the host was from Patriots for Peace.

It intrigued me on how much the US citizens hated the War in Iraq, nonetheless it seems that the US government still has not brought back their troops home. And yet, this is where citizens can do so much demostration, free talk etc. But then it has proven that the control still lies in the hands of the President or Prime Minister, regardless of what the citizens might have said. It will probably be implemented only after so many debate sessions and probably till there's nothing left in Iraq except for these troops. Or maybe none at all.

The thing is, the effort of an individual that seems to emerge in between thousands of people. The huge impact of the Net. The coverage. And of course, Oprah too.

You can easily these individuals walking down streets posting posters, talking to people, distributing leaflets. Such effort. Such optimism. A rare view of our Malaysians.

Our Malaysians for Peace seems to be very quiet lately. Perhaps we should start being vocal too, even for world issues. It does not mean that since it is not happening to us, or it does not involves us, we should just shut an eye for it.

We should work for Peace on Earth. Or Live-long Earth. Green Earth. Go beyond the country. Have a voice. Take small steps. You might never believe it, but you might be heard someday.

So dear Earthlings, let's be patriots of the Earth.

Peace on Earth! Peace to you!

Thursday, June 03, 2004
The One With The Second Shot 

As per reported in New Straits Times today :

Second shot at medicine
Anis Ibrahim and Azura Abas

KUALA LUMPUR, June 03: The dream to become doctors lives on for 128 top students. The Cabinet today approved several measures to help them study medicine in either public universities or private colleges.

It decided to offer a loan to all students who obtained a Cumulative Grade Point Average of 4.0 ..

Read more??

Out of this 779 offered into medical schools, I bet there will be some 1-3% giving up on their first day of class, when looking on the still corps on the operating tables, starting to realize becoming a doctor doesn't really suit them.. *(Can we have any stat on this?)

What is actually the main reason one wants to become a doctor? Wanna save lives? Wanna contribute to the society, religion, race and country? heh.. or is it because of hmmm like Meja said? ...

Wednesday, June 02, 2004
The One with The Letter to the Boss 

Dear Boss,

Of the 2 years working at this small company, I think I have enjoyed myself quite a bit. I've learned a bunch of things. And experienced more.

Having an optimistic workaholic direct boss, I learnt to view things differently, especially when it comes to learning the programming and analysing skills.

However...now it seems like a hundred years here.

The major problem would be because you give in so much to the contractors. Your local staff? Hmmm..

When you asked me to make drinks, I made them and served them well. When you asked me for help for typing, I typed them as fast as I could. When you asked me to configure your machine, I tried to configure it the best I could. When there's a problem, I tried my best to work things out.

So when the new year comes, I think all your employees look forward for something. A smallbonus? A small increment? Or even a simple family day (all paid for that is)? We are not looking for something huge, but just some appreciation. Unfortunately, being a rich man yourself, it does not seem to matter to you.

So when you say, "We are very satisfied with your performance here with the company. But sorry there's no increment for you."
I say, "Oh ya ya. No problems with that!"
My mind says "I've got to get a new boss!"

So when you say, "Well, we have decided to give an increment. But we forgot to put it in in this month's budget. So can we push it forward to next month?"
I say, "Oh ya ya. No problems with that!"
My mind says "I've got to get a new boss!"

So when you say, "The cheques are banked in today", after the 1st of the month. The max was the 7th of the month.
I say, "Oh thank you."
My mind says "I've got to get a new boss!"

So tell me boss, how should I deal with this? For now, I think I keep on blogging til I feel my work is not done. And keep on looking for a new job. Or some other options.

The One with the Double Joy 

Guess who is getting twins??

Julia Roberts!!!

She is expected to have her babies early next year.

Alas, she is finally having a family. After so many problems with men and herself, she scores big with Danny Moder.

Way to go Julia! I guess it is worth while stealing one's husband!


- love works in funny ways.

The One with the Miss Universe 2004 

Guess who won Miss Universe 2004? It's Miss Australia.

Jennifer Hawkins, 20, a 5-11 foot blonde choreographer with blue eyes, was chosen from among 80 beauty queens. Besides her modeling and dancing pursuits, pageant officials said she also choreographs a dance team that tours Australia. Her interests include surfing, camping and watching ballet.

The runner-up is Miss USA, Shandi Finnessey (25 yrs old).

The other finalists:
Miss Puerto Rico, Alba Reyes (22 yrs old chemistry student)
Miss Paraguay, Yanina Gonzalez (24 yrs old marketing student)
Miss Trinidad & Tobago, Danielle Jones (26 yrs old communication specialist)

The One with In the Act of Love 

Read this article: "Pukul isteri dengan Tukul Besi" in Harian Metro today.

The story is about a 44-year-old wife who met her ex-boyfriend while buying food at a stall. She said Hi! to him, and got bashed with a hammer by her husband who saw the nice gesture from the car.

Goodness gracious! Is jealousy a part of showing your love? Your appreciation? To what extend should your jealousy be? Hell, why not just keep her in the house like the American lady featured in Oprah? The windows in her house were sealed, and her husband locked the door everytime he goes out of the house. She stayed there for 10 bloody years, she was also abused by her husband. All her husband said was that "I love her too much". She only ran away after seeing her children repeating the abusive actions towards each other.

It is very mysterious on how mind works, let alone to understand what is actually happening in these psychopath's mind.

The One with the Earth-Friendly Shopping 

Earth-friendly shopping


More than a quarter of humanity now lives a lifestyle once limited to rich nations. This unprecedented consumer appetite is putting pressure on the Earth’s resources and diminishing the quality of life for many.

What Europeans and Americans spent on pet food, US$17bil (RM64.6bil), could have eliminated world hunger and malnutrition which needed US$19bil (RM72.2bil). The world’s elite also blew US$14bil (RM53.2bil) on ocean cruises when providing clean drinking water for all required only US$10bil (RM38bil). And from the US$15bil (RM57bil) spent on perfumes, universal literacy could have been achieved three times over.


A very interesting article.

Definitely need to think more while shopping. Gotta buy green product; can be recycled, has recycled content, energy-efficient, emission-reducing, reusable, biodegradable, organic.

Just as long as they're cheap right?!!!

Tuesday, June 01, 2004
The One with the Kiwis  

Kiwi Malays miss Malaysia


CHRISTCHURCH: Despite staying about 7,000km from their homeland, Malaysia is still home sweet home for 50 Malay families settled in the South Island.

They have formed an association – the Malay Club of South Island New Zealand Inc – to promote cultural, religious and social ties amongst themselves.

The year-old club is helmed by businessman Ishak Muhyudin, 49, who hails from Kampung Air Papan in Mersing.

“Though we have become permanent residents in New Zealand, many of us miss our beloved country,” he told a group of Malaysian newsmen at his West Morlane residence in the suburbs here recently.


One of my childhood dreams was to actually live somewhere other than Malaysia. I love travelling. I love seeing new people, new places etc. It was a dream and still is.

That's why when I was offered JPA's American Degree Program, I took without second thought, rejecting UTP. All because of the dream. Nonetheless, luck was not on my side then, and I was pushed to MMU. In a way, it was meant to be. No regrets about that. But still the dream lives on.

And so, after working for awhile, my father insisted me to go do my Masters. Which, in my mind, there could be only one condition, it has to be done in overseas, or if not 1+1 or what not. I was not in a hurry anyway.

But once, my mother told me that someone (working with the Wisma Putra) is going to New Zealand, and that it would be an opportunity for me, I saw something there.

It has been a few weeks already since I have done my research on New Zealand, studying there, working there and living there. I gathered up all the facts; Auckland has more job oppotunities with a higher cost of living. It costs around NZ$25-35K to do MBA there. The houses are rented on weekly basis, to live comfortably in Auckland is around NZ$200-250, others around NZ$150-200 per week. Professional job (eg IT consultant) should be at least NZ$50K p.a. You need IELTS to study/work there (IELTS is around RM400). And so much more...

So what's next? Being away from the family would probably a concern too. But it is not that we are going to live there forever (if we do go that is). It would only be a couple of years, depending on the situation. But I definitely want to come back here (if we do go that is).

I think the issue here is money. I have checked with MARA. They only give Postgraduate loan to Engineering and Medical students. I have also checked on the bank's loan. It is not worth it, but it can still be an option.

Whatever it is...
It can still be a dream, I have no problems with that. I am content with my life now, especially with my loving husband and my unborn child.

But I believe that whatever you want to do, there's always a risk to it. It depends on whether you want to take it or just let it be and forget about it.

Just for everyone's information:
New Zealand Embassy
New Zealand Immigration
Studying in New Zealand
Working In New Zealand
MBA in New Zealand
MBA in Auckland University
Massey University, Palmerston North
New Zealand House Rents
List of New Zealand Houses etc for Rental
IDP Malaysia (for IELTS)

You can also go see counsellors at:
New Zealand Trade Development and Board
Level 21 Menara IMC
8 Jalan Sultan Ismail
50250 Kuala Lumpur
Available on Mon/Wed/Fri 9am to 1pm only

The One With The Last Spot 

English Nationwide Division 1 playoff was played last Saturday with Crystal Palace ended high with 1-0 victory against West Ham to claim the last spot to Premiership next season. So, below are wrap-up for English Premiership season 2003/2004.

Premiership Champion : Arsenal (1)
Champion League spots  : Chelsea (2), Manchester United (3), Liverpool (4)
UEFA Cup spots : Newcastle United (5), Millwall (FA Cup runner-up), Middlesborough (League Cup winner)
Relegated : Leceister (18), Leeds (19), Wolverhampton (20)
Golden Boots : Thierry Henry (30 goals)

Promoted  : Norwich (1), West Brom (2), Crystal Palace (play-off winner)

Season 2004/2005 will starts around August. For the time being, footie fans are focusing on Euro 2004 and players transfer.