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Thursday, January 27, 2005
The One Where He Can Turn 

I just received a call from Sha.. Excitedly she told me.. "I put Faeq 'meniarap' lying on his belly (as usual).. all the sudden I heard him crying and when I checked, he is 'terlentang' (lying on his back).. "

And he did it when I wasn't around.. :(

Monday, January 24, 2005
The One With the No Free Service 

Well I would like to thank my fren cikun for giving me an idea to write on this very bz day..

Cikun asked my opinion on which Credit Card is the best since he would like to apply one.. Being a holder of many CC.. (yup many.. :P.. and big debt too.. ) I would like to share some experience on two out ofmany of my cards..

When I first started working, i did apply for this one Clear card since it is easy to get approval.. on the bad side, I would have to pay RM90 for its annual fee.. a year later one bank came up with its free for life credit card specially for graduates.. I applied for that one also... (a laymen advice from Jongoz also suggested to use this card.. )

Well.. For the clear card (CC).. I understood that i will have to pay such an amount yearly just for the fee.. furthermore.. there are only 3 branches nationalwide.. which force me to drive to the busy hectic fulll of cars city center every end of the month to pay the debt.. (BTW a Giro transfer between bank (RM 2 per transaction) seems to be a realistic solution for this.. ) Its customer service however always satisfy me..

For the free for life card (FFLC).. clearly I dont have to pay any annual fee.. and there's one branch just around the corner of my house.. i would save a lot! Plus I rate the customer service of that bank 9.9.. yup I repeat 9.9.. out of 10 100..

What make me saying that? Hmmm.. I got my FFLC statement addressed to my (previous) office.. when I was about to resign.. (which some 3 months ++ ago).. I called the bank to change the mailing address.. unfortunately.. they have this so called policy not to change customer the maling address via phone.. so I had to go to the bank itself.. hmm.. I did bring my lazy @$$ on one of my limited vacation leave just to change my mailing address..

(faeq was looking for his father..)

Up until now, my FFLC monthly statement still being addressed to my previous office.. heck! I guess that is the price i have to pay for my 'Free for life' card.. Mr Ron Kaufman, if you read this, please give ur 'UP Your Service' talk to these people..

So, Mr Cikun.. hope this will answer ur question.. it is up to you to choose which is better.. 'Smack ur chest, ask ur zest'...

Sunday, January 16, 2005
The One With Hari Raya Haji 

I read the news in Utusan today on Arab Saudi ubah tarikh hari wukuf;

Ermm.. it is a bit weird.. well.. i understand what the muftis said.. about the anak bulan and such but.. isnt hari raya haji is supposed to be celebrated a day after Hari Wukuf? it is to celebrate those who performing the hajj, right?

It is understandable for hari raya puasa that we cannot see the anak bulan what so ever, but for hari raya haji is a little bit different.. shouldnt we supposed to follow Arab Saudi's government?

I got a friend from Perlis.. he said, for so many years, their family will celebrate Hari Raya Haji a day after Hari Wukuf.. even if Malaysian Government announce Hari Raya Haji fall another day earlier or another day later.. ( which happened few times in these ten years.. ).. So I supposed it will happen again this year..

Sementara itu di KUALA LUMPUR, beberapa tokoh agama berpendapat, tarikh Aidiladha pada 21 Januari seperti yang diumumkan oleh Penyimpan Mohor Besar Raja-Raja sebelum ini tidak perlu diubah, walaupun kerajaan Arab Saudi mengumumkan perubahan tarikh hari wukuf.

Penasihat Agama Kepada Perdana Menteri, Tan Sri Abdul Hamid Othman berkata, walaupun Arab Saudi akan menyambut Aidiladha sehari lebih awal iaitu pada 20 Januari, Malaysia tidak perlu melakukan pindaan terhadap tarikh Aidiladha yang telah ditetapkan.
Sometimes I have a doubt.. were they really look out for anak bulan or three days holiday is more convenient??

ps: what ever it is, the Mr, Mrs and Zen Jr will travel south back to my hometown.. first long distance journey for lil' Faeq..

Thursday, January 13, 2005
The One With The Blackout 

As many of you would already know, Klang Valley, down south streching till JB hit by a major blackouts..

I was in the office when lamps suddenly turned off, and turned on back few seconds later.. wasnt sense any problem since my laptop was powered by UPS, and the battery life can stay up till 4 hours.. Minutes later, Sha called me to informed no electricity at TTDI, followed by few SMSes from my friends telling the same problem.. I wasnt able to check mum at Johore but Along at Bahau also experiencing the problem..

Hmmm.. as far as I remember, this is the second time in 8 years.. the last time was in 1996.. i was in Form 5.. that day we planned to go to KL to support 4 of our batchmates in the final round of National Science Quiz.. Shakir, a friend of mine, managed to secure a school bus in the 11th hour with help from our class teacher (if i'm not mistaken).. we arrived at KL some time around Maghrib when we noticed something different.. we were in total darkness..

Had to wait at National mosque and do nothing for a few hours.. the quiz which scheduled to start at 830pm at Dewan Muktamar Pusat Islam, was postponed until 1030 pm.. we were pretty tired and sleepy already.. so did the contestant.. one question that i remembered the most was; what metal solution that given to a patient before undergo organ x-ray.. (every one of us as the audience know the answer was supposed to be Barium) but the contestant answered PLUMBUM.. * giler apa nak minum plumbum *

We lost.. (although was not the last among the final 4 schools).. but the funny plumbum joke went on for a few weeks.. heheh..

The One With the Bibik 

A maid is needed for my parents house, thus it needs to be registered under our name, for the very first time. Have some issues about it.

1. It is quite a wonder on why one household is allowed to have ONLY one maid. If someone can afford to have more, why not?!!! Perhaps the government is trying to curb the unnecessary workforce or the forever increasing number of immigrants. Not sure if this is working or not. I think many would have illegal ones.
2. With every application, there must be a reason which MUST be either to take care of children (under 15) OR sick parents/spouse/child OR old parents. If you have a 16 year old, you are not entitled, even if the child will come home to an empty house as both parents are at work. If you have 5 storeys house, in which you are particularly rich, if you have no child and no sick parents, you arre doomed to be a slave to your house coz there aint no help around, you are simply not entitled to. But what if...you have to take care of your grandchildren....???? And at the same time, your children need their own maid themselves???
3. There are many forms to be filled. One unnecessary thing is to have you forge your maid-to-be's signature. Yup, there is a form or agreement for the maid, "Saya tidak akan tuntut sebarang tuntutan terhadap kerajaan Malaysia..." What crap is this?!!! Teaching us how to be dishonest. This is one form tht any immigrant shd fill up whenever they come in to our country for the very first time. They should also fill up their employer's name and address too. All this information to be given at the immigration at the exits of our country. And we as employers, should just fill up one form that binds us to be humanitarian to our employees and another form tht acknowledges so-and-so is under our 'care' (make it an annual affair). If your maid runs away, you have to go thru this ordeal all over again. Or if you havent been taking any maid for the last few years. The imigration dept shd just have an 'employer' file and updates it from time to time.

Oh well...the imigration will now have a file for us and Si Anu.

Tuesday, January 11, 2005
The One With Oprah 

During my confinement days (which would end sometime soon, thank God for that!!!), I have been watching Oprah. (Watch it on StarWorld daily)

It amazes me on how much this lady touches someone's life. She has fans all around the world. She has a personal show, a personal website, a personal magazine, a personal foundation, and most important, she has PERSONALities. She laughs on the set, not just some fake laughs, but real laughs. She doesnt fake things, she doesnt hide her emotions, she shows it all making her show very personalised and truthful. Honest. The way she questions, the way she answers, the way she approaches someone, digging the hidden secrets, the hidden facts, slowly uncovering through layers of emotions, treating every individual differently, just as they are. Truly amazing! Truly compassionate!

I am not sure if you know of this, but a few months ago, she gave all her set viewers a Pontiac car. Cool eh?!!! People say that her viewers are personally selected and normally, they would get doorgifts. They are not just normal doorgifts, it could be a car, as I mentioned earlier.

Another thing I noticed is that she is rich, but are quite generous. Take a look at the jewellery she wore. Huge sparkling stones of different shapes and colors. Shoes?!!! There was once a set viewer asked her about her leather knee length heeled boots she wore on her previous show (the viewer loved it!). She gave tht boots to the viewer.

You should also check out Oprah's 50th birthday party organised by her friends. A wonderful party, I wished I could have a party like tht. It was hosted on an estate. The tents were up in the garden, the dancing floor on the swimming pool. it was marvelous and simply purr-fect! Specially for Oprah.

Oh well, if I were to receive an invitation to be on Oprah's show, I definitely would. Oprah gets my vote for the best talk show presenter of the century.

The One With the Grans' Magnet 

So okay, I am actually blogging now, at 1.35am while Zen is playing his PS2.

Why? Lil' Faeq was crying endlessly since 9something, and it's been like 1/2 hour ago he had finally settled down sleeping. Which of course, after my mother, his grandmother held him. Shiesh!!! Both Zen and I were lost of ideas on why he is crying or how to comfort him. He was clean. He was fed. He has burped. Lastly, my mother woke up from sleep (assuming also tht my father, who was awake, woke her to get her to see wat's the prob) and took Faeq and held him. He was quiet in seconds. And after less than 5mins, he dozed off. Hmph!!!

Faeq's next feeding time is at 2am. So Zen and I decided to just stay awake. Or rather we are just too awake to sleep.

So, yes, my little boy is his grannies magnet, spoiled brat, both grandfather and grandmother. My father just cant hear him cry and Faeq can already responds to my father. Funny thihng also is that my father refused to hold us (his daughters) when we were babies. Nonetheless, he will hold Faeq and rock him. My mother? Aaahh..grandmother's magnet. Faeq seems to be doing a lot to my mom. He peed on her. He passed motion on her. He grabbed and pulled her hair. He magically dozed off after making huge fuss etc. Get the drift?!!!

Yes yes...my Lil' Faeq is my parents' 'son'. Their jewel. As my mother said "Cucu lain dari anak". You discipline your child, but you will always or should always be the 'good' guy to your grandchild, in any circumstances, in addition to the tremendous pampering etc.

In one of the parenting books tht I am currently reading, it said that babies below 6 months cant be spoiled. Well..I am not so sure about tht. Even so, I can actually predict how my parents are with lil' Faeq...so if he is not spoilt now..he will later..DEFINITELY!

Sunday, January 02, 2005
The One With ONE(1) Month OLD 

Faeq is ONE Month OLD TODAY!!!


What does my our one-month old baby can do or like to do:
1. Turn his head while lying on his tummy
2. Smile (esp while sleeping)
3. Hold the bottle (while feeding)
4. Kick/punch real hard
5. Whistle to hot baby girls.. <- naahhh.. kidding..