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Thursday, September 30, 2004
The One With The Visits : Hungry Ghost Anthology 

In conjunction of Hungry Ghost Festival, four directors Low Ngai Yuen, James Lee, Ho Yuhang and Ng Tian compiled their own ghost story in one movie.. Last night, we managed to catch the last show of The Visits : Hungry Ghost Anthology..

What can I say? Money is not everything.. with a small budget and simple short storylines, these four directors managed to create a huge impact to the movie.. Each nicely-continues-between-others story, "1413", "Waiting for them", "Nodding Scoop" and "Anybody home?" comes with different plots and different techniques, .. "Anybody homes?" by Yuhang for instance, was the most creative one.. Just by "using some shots from certain angles of CCTV cameras and spy cameras", and without much dialogue by two main characters Jackie Lim and Adlin Aman Ramli.. However the ending was a little bit fuzzy..

The scariest would be Yuen's "1413" (Read in Mandarin : One dead, one alive) but I like Lee's "Waiting for them" the most since it was nicely done, overall.. Oh.. BTW, some TGV's technical errors spoiled the night as we had to watch the ending first before the actual movie begins..

The Visits is not just a typical scary ghost movie.. It is something different.. (I can't say it is unique.. I remember Aziz M. Osman made a mysterious thriller triology for a "Cerekarama" slot when I was still in primary.. ) Definitely worth to catch..

PS: I received an email from a friend.. Not even "The Visits" can beat this scary news..

Wednesday, September 29, 2004
The One With Zen's 25th Birthday 

Birthday CakeLast Sunday was my beloved hubby's 25th birthday.

We went to One Utama's TGIF for lunch. We had a complimentary cake and one HUGE sundae!!!

Of course, my hubby had to stand up on the chair, and gave a speech. He also had to blow the candle with the cake being 24inches away from him. Nonetheless, it was fun!

Birthday Cake

Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to Zen Akmal
Happy birthday to you...

Love you baby, may Allah bless you!

More pics in our fotopages.

Monday, September 27, 2004
The One Where OU Is Complete 

This gonna be a short one..

When OU2 was still under construction.. i was like -> "Let there be a bowling alley.. Let there be a bowling alley".. As the nearest alley so far would be the Old Crappy Alley of Bangsar Shopping Center and Megamahal Alley of Megamall..

Now OU2 has been completed.. Shd rename it as One "Damn Big Mega Shopping Mall' Utama.. With many additional shops, Giant, Parkson etc.. only without my top wishlist : Bowling Alley.. demmm.. Plus they still got those SUXXed 7 screens TGV Movie Theatres!!

Yesterday we drove to OU for lunch.. I saw a big banner saying.. ermmm.. Guess what!

COMING SOON at One Utama
1. BOWLING ALLEY!! - Yeah baby.. that's the way.. ahaks ahaks.. i like it..
2. 13 screens GSC - TGV no more..
3. Mount Climbing Stadium - Not a big fan, but still can try..
Haha.. finally a dream come true.. Although i was thinking to build an 'Ed's Stuckeybowl'-alike myself.. maybe some other place and some other time then..

Thursday, September 23, 2004
The One With the Home Loan 

So okay, my father has always wanted us to invest. So...we bought a serviced apartment...recently, around 2 months back. It was something tht didnt acquire the 10% upfront, just the booking fees. So, we decided that we could try to jump into this. The problem for now is the loan.

The developer gave us a list of the banks it's connected to (in which the stamp duty would be free). Nonetheless, following the advise of a colleague, we went in search of the best interest rate for home loans for various banks. But the advise also is to head on to the foreign banks first. Why foreign banks? They offer a pretty impressive package; which includes daily rest, fortnightly scheme, flexipayment and wat-not. Next is insurance hse. AIA and Aetna are offering homeloans too. We didnt opt for these, as we were told it's more of a fixed interest kinda thing.

Okay, so what you need to check for the homeloans would be
1. interest rate (fixed/BLR)
2. daily/monthly rest
3. other benefits

Interest rate
Fixed interest rate is set on the day you signed your agreement with the bank. And it starts right away. There's no extra interest charges. And it doesnt fluctuates. It's FIXED! Automatically you will have to pay the exact amount (as specified by the bank) the very next month and for the next 30 to x years. Most islamic homeloans are fixed interest rate scheme. One advantage would be you would be able to budget x amount of money every month for the rest of tenure period (years/term of loan).
BLR interest rate depends on the BLR fixed by the Bank Negara (subjected to the country's development, economic budget etc). It varies over the years. It fluctuates. You start paying the homeloan once the property is completed. So between that, you would probably just need to pay for the progressive interest rate in which could also vary from as low as RM 50 per month.

Daily/Monthly rest
A daily rest is when the interest rate is counted on the day you pay your homeloan. Where else the monthly rest would not care about the date of when you paid your homeloan. It takes the month as a whole. Of course, daily rest is better because you are subjected to interest payment that is calculated on the exact day. So, lesser interest.

Other benefits
One that I like most would be the part where it is flexipayment. In which, although you only start paying your homeloans once it's completed, you can still start to pay your homeloan after you have signed the contract/agreement with the bank. The amount? It is up to you. The amount will automatically subtracted from the principle amount of the homeloan. It goes the same when you pay extra on your monthly payments. Which means that, by the end of the period, you would probably subtracted an amount of your principle. Less interest!

Oh yes, dont forget about your MRTA (Mortgage Reducing Term Assurance). You could specify the percentage in which you want to be covered. 100% of the insured sum. Etc. If the property would be loaned under 2 names, both can have 100% premium of the insured sum. Some banks include this in their schemes. Some are optional, in which you can actually acquire it from other insurance companies personally.

And also, dont forget about your EPF withdrawal. You are entitled to withdraw from your Account II. If the property is named under 2 individuals, it would be considered a joint property thus, both parties can withdraw the balance in their Account II.
Amount Eligible For Withdrawal

Members can withdraw their savings as follows, whichever is lower :
Individual Purchase
The difference between the price of the house and the housing loan
with an additional 10% of the price of the house
The balance available in Account II.

Joint Withdrawal With Spouse, Family Members or Other Individuals
The difference between the price of the house and the housing loan
With an additional 10% of the price of the house
The balance available in Account II for all applicants
subject to the difference of amount stated above.

For joint purchase, the EPF will firstly process application from the first purchaser and if the amount is insufficient, only then the application from the second purchaser and so forth will be processed.

Note :
For members who have withdrawn their savings to purchase/build a house, they are eligible to withdraw their savings to reduce/redeem housing loan for the same house every three years from the date of the last withdrawal. For further information, please refer to Reduce/Redeem Housing Loan Withdrawal Scheme.

The 1st withdrawal will be given to you straight to your bank account. After that, the withdrawals will paid straight to the bank.

We went to 3 banks respectively.

YearsPublic Bank
(monthly rest)
(daily rest)
(daily rest)
2-1.00% + BLR-1.00% + BLR0.50% + BLR
30.28% + BLR0.35% + BLR0% + BLR
40.28% + BLR0.35% + BLR0% + BLR
50.25% + BLR0.35% + BLR0% + BLR
60.25% + BLR0.25% + BLR0% + BLR
70.25% + BLR0.25% + BLR0% + BLR
80.25% + BLR0.25% + BLR0% + BLR
90.25% + BLR0.25% + BLR0% + BLR
100.25% + BLR0.25% + BLR0% + BLR
110.25% + BLR0.25% + BLR0% + BLR
120.25% + BLR0.25% + BLR0% + BLR
130.25% + BLR0.25% + BLR0% + BLR
140.25% + BLR0.25% + BLR0% + BLR
150.25% + BLR0.25% + BLR0% + BLR
160.25% + BLR0% + BLR0% + BLR
170.25% + BLR0% + BLR0% + BLR
180.25% + BLR0% + BLR0% + BLR
190.25% + BLR0% + BLR0% + BLR
200.25% + BLR0% + BLR0% + BLR

Of course, we were attracted to Citibank FlexiHome Loan, especially with it's Loyalty Bonus "The longer you stay with us, the cheaper rate you are going to enjoy" which is it lowers the interest rate according to the maturity years. But we couldn't apply for Citibank because the developer is not listed under Citibank's developers. Next, we opted for HSBC. But we were only approved for 80% of the property amount due to some reasons ie I have 2 cars under my name etc. So, lastly we have to go to Public Bank, as we know of the Manager there. Oh well, we might change to Citibank later on I guess. I just loved the sight of the (-) minus symbol. Anything to lower down the monthly payments.

p/s: we were also advised that since this is an investment property, we should take the tenure period of 30 to 35 years. Anything affordable and bearable. Oh yes, maximum tenure period for foreign banks are 30 years. And the current BLR is at 6%.

*Writing based on the information given to me, and what I actually understand of them.

Here goes to our 1st property together!

The One With What Goes Around, Comes Around 

Huaghhh. such a sleepy morning.. we slept after 2am last night, watching 2 hours Amazing Race 5 Finale.. weren't a big fan of reality TV shows, just followed since the last 5 teams.. furthermore, when u're in your third trimester of pregnancy, ur there are tendency for you to become like a bat/owl.. sleepy during the day, and fully awaken during the night.. ehehhe...

In the end it was Chip & Kim, a married parent of 3 edged pass the other two teams, Colin & Christie and Brandon & Nicole, (both dating couples), first to arrive at the final Pit Stop at Trammell Crow Park, Dallas, stepped onto the mat and won the million dollar jackpot..

What interest me the most was.. Chip, 46, an IT company owner and Kim, 44, a recruiting company owner from California are somehow not dying that much for the money (since they have a lot, I supposed) compared with the other two finalists.. Chip enjoyed tipping throughout the competition, they gladly paid 120 when others paid 100.. Up to one point at Dubai, he ran short of 10 bucks to pay for the cab fare.. luckily the driver just 'cincai kira' it.. Chip & Kim, 2 decades older than the other two teams, also displayed themselves as an icon slash role model.. they never quarrel against each other, *(although it was only the husband who got to do all except one of the roadblock tasks).. hehe.. I guess their maturity was the key factor..

As for Colin & Christie, I guessed many would dislike this couple.. Although being extremely competetive, won 1st place in 6 out of the 12 races, they (esp : the guy) were hot-headed, arrogant, mean and penny-pinching.. they nearly got jailed in Tanzania coz he refused to pay 100 dollars to their cab driver.. He insisted to pay only half of the amount. Reason : the driver drove the car without a spare type resulted them to lose their lead.. Moreover, despite deeply in love, they often argue and blame each other.. (so did Brandon & Nicole..)

Colin & Chiristie, narrowly escaped the elimination in the Philipines after being YIELDed before by Chip & Kim, did catch-up and lead in Canada, almost hours in front of their rivals.. however, major break for Chip & Kim, being the last to arrive at the airport and informed flight straight from Calgary to Dallas which booked by previous two couples were delayed for two hours.. Secretly, they booked other flight, via Denver.. Sneaky! .. (they did bump with other two couples with a devilish face.. haha..)

Well.. I wasn't sure whether their kindness or cruelty made them win.. One thing for sure they reminded me to Klaus Meine & Rudolf Schenker of the Scorpions, who put these words in their song, "What you give, you get back".. In short, it was an amazing end to the amazing team of the amazing show..

Chip remarked, "Running THE AMAZING RACE taught me that no matter what, you can't quit." Kim added, "It was our dream and our destiny and we made it." About her partner, Kim said, "I love him even more. I didn't think I could love him as much as I love him now." As a final thought, Chip added, "She cried tears of joy. That's my happiest time when she does that. It makes us even stronger to know that nothing is impossible."
ps : Additional facts, Chip finished college at the age of 38; Amazing Race 4 winners were Chip & Reichen, also a married couple.. only they are gay..

Tuesday, September 21, 2004
The One With How Low can You Go 

I am sure most of you are aware of the Siti Nurhaliza case right? The emails and wat-not circulated to everyone in Malaysia..well almost.

What's in the email? She had 'something' with Ramli MS. She eats some raw egg in the toilet. She refused to see her fans. She was rude to the management. She demands high pay. And wat-not.

Oh well...she filed for a complaint and the police is currently investigating it.

Next, it was told that Sharifah Aini was the one who started this bogus email. Sharifah Aini??? She who has been in the industry for God-knows how many years?!!!! Can you actually believe that?

So now, Kak Pah went to the police station to lodge a complaint against all the people who accused her.

Oh well..I dont what is true, and which is..

One thing for sure is that, almost all famous figures will have these slanderings. And of course, part of it should be true, because if there's really nothing people can say about you, there should be nothing aka no proof. And even if they are envious, then maybe something you did made them feel so. If not, it probably comes with the job. But again, if you have nothing to hide, you shouldnt really care much of it anyway. And if you do take it personally, then..ah-ha...something's up.

Other than that, how low can you go?!!! Would you create such thing to destroy another? And vice versa???

Oh well..it seems to publicise quite a bit of people. Free promo/market! *wink

The One With The Colours 

I've been following DaisyBoo's blog, and found out that she's engaged; complete with the ring and the bended knee.

Aaahhh...that's so sweet!!!

Congratulations to Daisy & Tris.

And she wrote on her blog about deciding on the colour scheme and wat-not.

I remembered mine. I had my engagement in peach/burnt orange. I was in peach, but my relatives were in burnt orange. My nikah/house ceremony was in apple green, but I was in white. And the hotel ceremony, it was in fuchsia and I was in english rose pink. Hahahahaaa...colours.

I love my nikah/house decorations more though. It was of a garden kinda wedding. My mom had all these colourful flowers on the pelamin, of pink, orange. Although, I dont really like flowers as flowers, but on that day, it was so beautifully arranged, it looked as if it was really in the garder, with blooming flowers. Love it!

But the fuchsia was lovely too. Very bright and striking. The colour for the night. And a very unusual colour. It was somewhat pinkish and purplish.

Well anyway, checkout our fotopages to view some of the pix that we managed to upload.

p/s: I forgot to mention that around this time last year (our wedding that is), there were like 10 weddings in tmn tun...and as we drove past these weddings...the theme colour was mostly GREEN! Hahahahaaa...Last August, it seemed as though BLUE was the theme colour.

The One With the 'London' Bridge 

Something for everyone...


In years to come, our children may be singing nursery rhyme in the tadikas...

Kepong Bridge is falling down,
Falling down, falling down.
Kepong Bridge is falling down,
My fair Samy.

Take a gag and shut us up,
Shut us up, shut us up.
Take a gag and shut us up,
My fair Samy.

How will we build it up,
Build it up, build it up?
How will we build it up again,
My fair Samy?

Build it up with tax and toll,
Tax and toll, tax and toll.
Build it up with tax and toll,
My fair Samy.

Roads and bridges bend and break,
Bend and break, bend and break.
Roads and bridges bend and break,
My fair Samy.

Blame it on an Act of God,
Act of God, Act of God.
Blame it on an Act of God,
My fair Samy.

Rocks and blames will wash away,
Wash away, wash away.
Rocks and blames will wash away,
My fair Samy.

Parody sing along to "London Bridge Is Falling Down"

Monday, September 20, 2004
The One With the HITZ.FM Radio ICON 

Received this from a friend:

Please VOTE FOR ME! HITZ.FM Radio ICON. I am in the final top 10 for the Penang Leg; you could listen for me today at hitz.fm every hour.. please help.. i am DJ23.

How to Vote?
Key in VOTE DJ23

Send your SMS votes to 32111. Need to VOTE as much as POSSIBLE and don't become BOTTOM 2 everyday will be 'eliminated'.
Results are shown here.


-DJ23 -

The One With the Springs and Wonders 

After reading another blogger's post; I thought I'ld check out the site he provided.

Can you actually believe that these 2-8 cm fishes in the spring waters (in Turkey) aid in the healing of skin ailments like shallow wounds, pustule, eczema and psoriasis and 15-30 cm snakes help to heal erysipelas (St. Anthony's Fire)??? These fishes will nibble at you; your pimples and wat-not and voila! it's healed. Of course, you have to be in this spring waters for 6 to 8 hours, for 21 days straight. But magically, it is the nature that does the healing.

Check it out!

The One With the Cord Blood Preservation 

During our last appointment with the gynae, we came across some personnels of CryoCord, which does this Cord Blood Preservation. Unfortunately, I kinda of dropped the leaflets and forgot all about it after that. As I was browsing the Net, I came across an article by iVillage; Cord Blood Preservation. And thought that it is quite interesting.

Umbilical cord blood, traditionally discarded at birth, contains special cells called stem cells, which can now be used in the treatment of over 45 life-threatening diseases.

CryoCord is Malaysia's premier cord blood bank. Looking at the benefits of preserving the cord blood is really something; but then the startup price to store is RM2.5K (once) and RM250 annually. To retrieve the cord blood from storage (later on) would be around RM500. For further information check out their website.

Friday, September 17, 2004
The One With the Remote Control 

Are you a TV addict? Do you love to watch TV?

In our previous blog: The One with Couch Potatoes, we admitted that we could not live without TV.

I was reminiscing my teenager days, when I get to hold the remote and practically change to the channels that I like. Well, whenever I get to go home that is. I was an addict definitely. Once I am glued, then I am glued. Since small actually. My mother used to hate it when I was watching the TV. It's like I am totally lost. Out of the world. Definitely a couch potato.

Then after moving back to my parents, after graduation, I get to control the remote once my father is off to bed. My mother? I think she gets to hold it during daytime, when both my father and I were away at work. But it was easier to compromise with my father, his interest is mostly on GOLF, which he would watch only the LIVE shows. So, if there's something I really want to watch, I could. If not, we'ld just compromise by me massaging him. It's easier to get away with that.

So, now that I am married. It totally changed. The remote control is definitely not with me. Not that I dont get to watch my shows, but I feel that I am getting to be like my mom. The difference is that I am working and she's not.

I just couldnt imagine when the baby comes later. Will we be watching cartoons 24/7?

The One With The Campus Politics 

I did say that I graduated from a local public university, didnt I? For almost 8 years, the so-called “pro-opposition” candidates had firmly maintained their seats in student representative council elections.. This year however, it won by the "pro-governments" slash "aspirations" candidates.. Mostly unchalleged..

Heck.. I'm not at any side of the team, even back then when I was a student.. but what's with the front-page hype here and there??

"Penguasaan besar calon proaspirasi kerajaan di seluruh institusi pengajian tinggi awam (IPTA) pada pilihan raya kampus 2004/2005 semalam membuktikan kematangan golongan pelajar dalam memilih pemimpin yang mampu menjamin kesejahteraan dan kebajikan mereka. "

Haha.. What a Bulls**t.. capital B..

Unchalleged?? That's sooo weird..

FYI, rule of the thumb to become a student representative candidate, you need to have approval by VC, somebody who's working with government.. and likely to be a "pro-government"..

For students out there, learn ur lesson from those pros.. "If you can't beat them, block them.."

Thursday, September 16, 2004
The One With the Comedy Concert 

I have heard of concerts. But never comedy concerts. Nonetheless, it seems that we are having one in Genting. Check it out!

com e dy n.

  • A dramatic work that is light and often humorous or satirical in tone and that usually contains a happy resolution of the thematic conflict.

  • The genre made up of such works.

  • A literary or cinematic work of a comic nature or that uses the themes or methods of comedy.

  • Popular entertainment composed of jokes, satire, or humorous performance.

  • The art of composing or performing comedy.

  • A humorous element of life or literature: the human comedy of political campaigns.

  • A humorous occurrence.

con cert n.

  • Music. A performance given by one or more singers or instrumentalists or both.

Humorous Music! Hillarious!!!

Tuesday, September 14, 2004
The One With The Spending Urge 

Start spending now, Govt told

Implement immediately projects outlined in the Budget. That is the call to government ministries, departments and agencies from the Prime Minister, who said they should not wait till the end of the year to go "Christmas shopping" to spend the funds allocated to them in the 2005 Budget. By Hardev Kaur...

Read more??

I dunno why I bothered when reading above article.. It is actually a good call but my memory kept recall back an experience of a friend of mine, once a lawyer of a District Municipal in Selangor.. He did his previous bar practical (what do you call 'practical training for lawyer'?? ) in a private firm.. He was so damn shocked when joining government sector especially in the matter of spending money or shd i rephrase it as wasting money..

You see, for a government ministry, department or agency, every year there will be a specific budget allocate to them.. and at the end of the year, they must cleverly spend the budget very well.. every single penny of it! For instance, in stationary handling.. his staff would casually used new piece of blank paper for any occasion without thinking of recycling it.. from printing a draft note, faxing, etc.. Wrongly printed paper would end up crumbled / shredded inside the waste paper basket.. Whole rim of A4 paper might be used upon completing a 20-page final report..

The reason, they still got a lot of papers and it is within their budget.. To make it worse, if any of the department failed to spend their money accordingly based on the budget, they would have to prepare a report for upper management on why can't they spend it..

I'm not sure whether or not such practice happened in all government sectors but if you do work or ever worked with government, care to share some light, please..

Ironic when department of environmental urge Rakyat to recyle and many other departments happily wasting papers.. Wasn't there any auditor doing their homework?

I'm working in a private company.. the attitude is way much different.. everything is based on profit vs loss.. therefore, every single penny counts.. wherever / whenever you can cut the cost, you cut.. It will affect company's annual reports which later impact your annual bonus..

Many claim they are underpaid when working with government.. and government claimed they don't have sufficient money to pay these people.. like in the song "Bangau oh Bangau"..

Friday, September 10, 2004
The One With Bibik 

My parents were away last week, thus we had to babysit their house and maid. Well...I think it was more of the maid actually.

In my previous posting: Outsourcing, a discussion about maids started. So I thought I should bring this up.

My parents' maid, an Indonesian, of late 20s, worked for the family for more than 3 years. She started off with my late grandmother, and then later my mother took her in. Since my mother has been selling foodstuff aka frozen food, kueh lopis (cooked) and for the petrol station (nasi lemak, mihun grg, mee grg, s/wich), it was the maid who got trained and is probably doing most the work nowadays. After all, my parents' do not have any small kids and my mother loves to clean the house herself. So, the maid's task wasnt much. My parents' hardly eats much too. So anyway, while my parents' were away, we had some problems with her. She brought her friends home. She talks back at everything you asked her to do. And when she does something, she expects you to hurry, ie eat the dinner she cooked fast etc. Which was a lot for me to handle. My mom's business was okay, but not too good (according to her). And I just couldnt control her. Maybe thts her nature, or maybe I am not the boss. But I definitely couldnt handle her well.

I've also got a cousin who has 2 kids, one aged 10, the other aged 3. He has been changing his maids for around 5x in 3 yrs. Two ran away. We are not sure if it is because his wife is too strict, or probably the hyperactive toddler was too much to handle.

I am sure many has problems with the maids. As for me, I dont think I want a stranger to be in MY house. And as Melor and Modar mentioned in the comments, I dont want my kid to be closer to some stranger and speak their native language. I dont want my baby to even smell of them. And so on. But I think the main thing is that I know it would be difficult to handle these Bibiks. They may come handy sometimes, but they can also be very 'make my blood go upstairs'. I've known people who get so stressed out when it comes to these maids, and that it was so much better without them. And tht's the irony bit. You pay them and have them in your home to help you out. But it is them who made it even tougher for you.

So, are you having a Bibik?

Good luck to all.

Thursday, September 09, 2004
The One With Serendipity 

Ever watch movie Serendipity (2001) starring John Cusack and Kate Beckinsale? I bet many of you did watch it.. coz it is one of the best romantic comedy movie ever.. this is not a movie review though.. however if u havent watch it.. here are some clues..

About the word; taken from Dictionary.com
ser en dip i ty n.

  • The faculty of making fortunate discoveries by accident.

  • The fact or occurrence of such discoveries.

  • An instance of making such a discovery.
[From the characters in the Persian fairy tale The Three Princes of Serendip, who made such discoveries, from Persian Sarandp, Sri Lanka, from Arabic sarandb.]
About the movie; taken from Rottentomatoes.com
New York City, just before Christmas. The last pair of black cashmere gloves in Bloomingdale's is on its way to the counter. As the gloves arrive, Sara (Kate Beckinsale) and Jonathan (John Cusack) claim them simultaneously. And so it begins--Sara and Jonathan go to a little coffee shop, named Serendipity, to decide who gets the gloves. They skate in Central Park. They look at the stars--the Cassiopeia constellation has the same pattern as the freckles on Sara’s forearm. She writes her phone number in a book, saying she'll sell it to a random bookstore tomorrow. Jonathan writes his number on a five-dollar bill and she gives it to a street vendor. If destiny means them to be together, the book will find him, and the five-dollar bill will find her.
Enuff with the clues.. now back to reality.. well.. I got one friend.. lets call him Mr. T.. Hmmm.. he's still single and available.. bad experience with girls made him kinda not aggresively look for one.. for him.. the best yet to come.. One fine day, he met a girl at his client office and all the sudden, at first sight he felt she could be THE one.. However, for some reasons, it took him six months to write one liner email to ask her out.. The best thing is, on that day, his zodiac reads "Do something different and you will find yourself involved with someone or something new, that will give you much happiness":

Mr T keeps his finger crossed waiting for her reply.. however.. he couldnt access the internet for the whole day since his company havent paid the internet bill.. hmmm.. what a bad sign ha.. Should I call this a serendipity or should I rephrase it as just pity.. heheh..

As for you guys.. have you ever come across to this co-incidence that bring you happiness.. Do you believe in such things? Should we sit down and hope for the thing to well work-out by itself.. let time send your soulmate to your doorbell? Like Dharma & Greg who got married on the day they met.. Or you prefer to make things as the way you want it to be.. Like Ed Stevens with his shining armour, video clip and writings on the sky..

Share some thoughts..

ps : I know somebody who heard a name over the radio.. then she met a guy.. the guy mentioned his name.. she remembered THAT name.. straight away, they became close.. and now happily married ever after..

The One With the Diving and Swimming 

Reading about the Tioman on the paper, really pisses me off. Read it all at here, here, here, here and here .

Being a diver myself, although I havent been diving for quite awhile, I would love to go to Tioman. Havent been to Tioman actually. Malaysia has coral reefs tht are diving haven. We definitely can make money here. So why do we have to demolish the beautiful place? Do they think that by having more tech would bring more ppl here? Divers are so known to actually live backpacking. If you were to go to totally diving haven, you would probably just find a hut or so. Very simple. Very basic. And thts the best things. Divers dont go to 5-star hotel to dive. If we are already known to be one of the best place in the world for diving, why..culture tht...make it more diving haven. Develop tht. We definitely can place the marine elsewhere. Where the reefs are not there. Eg Port Dickson. Et cetera.

Oh well, I hope there's still time for zen to start his diving classes, so that we could all enjoy the beauty under the sea. (Maybe then we could pursue the dream of being underwater photographers. Coming soon would be our photoblogs then...angan2!)

Baby, Mummy's going to throw you into the pool when the time comes.

The optimal age to start babies swimming is between six months and 12 months old. At this stage the majority of infants are ripe in the water. They are comfortable, the water feels natural. These very young babies still seem to have a memory of the fluid environment in the womb. - Diver Dolphin

Wednesday, September 08, 2004
The One Where I May Ban U 2 (part 2) 

I received a phone call from a courier service this morning to confim my availabilty at office.. They're sending a parcel to me.. Hmmm.. I wasn't expecting any.. So just now, a man arrived at my office lobby with a parcel from Maybank.. It was a credit card.. opps no, no.. TWO credit cards..

Flashback : When I started working, I was interested to have a credit card of Maybank since it provides many advantages etc, etc.. I compiled all required documents and sent in my application to the bank.. I did apply twice.. And twice it got rejected.. I discussed with a friend of mine.. he said it's not easy to get one since Maybank is quite strict on approving any application.. so be it.. I gave up and looked out for other CC..

Today, I received two cards from Maybank..Mastercard & AMEX.. WIthout any hassle to apply.. I called the card center to confirm.. they said I was selected to receive pre-approved Credit Cards.. hmmm.. I wonder.. So, is this an appreciation? My friends received their cards after secured housing or car loans with Maybank.. That made some sense.. For my case.. What did I do? What criteria they based on to select their so-called lucky customer?

As far as I concern.. The only thing I did was complaining about their bad customer service.. Is this a way to say we are sorry? Or is it a silent way of revenge? Let me use their waived-annual-fee cards for a year.. Then, automatically deduct all money from my savings account if I failed to pay the debts on time.. Hmm.. Interesting..

The One with the OutSourcing 


Maybank outsourced their IT Department to EDS some time early this year or was it end of last year. It's a new TREND now. Outsourcing. There are call centres being built in India. We have HSBC call centre here in Cyberjaya, managing overseas data management. I know of one region they are currently handling; UK/Europe, coz one of my friends is working there.

So what's with this outsourcing? Having the backend management elsewhere? Recruiting of lower wage people with the same abilities? Less costing in infrastructure? And the most ideal thing for me would be working from home.

This is what technology is about. To be able to connect to everyone all over the world. Connect to work. Connect to exchange views. And list goes on.

I think Malaysia hasnt really started the working-home trend. But it would be nice if it were to happen soon. Not that it is less career-geared. Which means that working home shouldnt be classified as something tht would or could destroy your ladder of success. Instead, it should look as an opportunity. Again, it should not also be regarded as the ways and means for you to work 24/7. Rather, it's creating the healthy opportunity for productivity. Individually. Career-wise. And family.

I am so into this, but...I dont know how to start. There're so many fields; tele-marketing, web, call centres etc. Hmm..any ideas anyone? Anyone wants to venture into this biz and needs a partner? I am looking for a proposition.

The One With the Paradox 

A colleague sent this; something to ponder.

Paradox of our times

Wider freeways, but narrower viewpoints;

We spend more, but have less;

We buy more, but enjoy it less;

We’ve bigger houses, but smaller families,

More conveniences, but less time;

We have more degrees, but less sense;

More knowledge, but less judgement;

More experts, but less solutions;

More medicines, but less wellness;

We have multiplied our possessions, but reduced our values

We talk too much, love too seldom, and hate too;

We have learnt how to make a living, but not a life;

We’ve added years to life, but not life to years;

We’ve been all the way to the moon, and back,

But have trouble crossing the street to meet the new neighbour

We have conquered outer space, but not inner space;

We’ve split the atom, but not our prejudice;

We’ve higher incomes, but lower morals;

These are the times of world peace, but domestic warfare;

More leisure but less fun;

More kinds of food, but less nutrition;

These are days of two incomes, but more divorces;

Of fancier houses, but broken homes;

It is a time when there is much in the show window.

But nothing in the stock-room;

We are always getting ready to live, but never living

The One with ONE/1 

*Finally I got my machine back from the boss.

Somehow, these few days I have been in Cloud Nine. I guess most of you would have known why. Simply because it is our FIRST anniversary. Being married to my ONE and only love of my life. Pregnant with my FIRST child. Here and now, life cant be as beautiful as this.

My dearest hubby, I never knew love like this before. Without you, I know that I would be barely breathing. I cant live if living is without you. At this time of my life, it's almost paradise. You're the inspiration. The best thing that ever happened to me.

Look at us now, we have the reason to believe. The reason to live. For each other. By each other. We are souly-bond secret lovers of life. Two hearts, one love. Two Hearts.

If only I would say how much I feel, more than words could describe it. This glory of love. Our love. Strong enough for us to be together, to infinity and beyond. Strong enough to build a life together.

Now that I've found you, I'll never let you go. I do cherish you. And I give my heart to you. I'll stand by you. I'll stand by our love. Our love is a miracle. Growing in me. Growing on us.

I'll always love you, my endless love.

Truly Madly Deeply, happy anniversary sayang!

Monday, September 06, 2004
The One With The 1st Anniversary 

Hi Sayang,
Do you mind if I show my public display of affection over here? Hehe..

At exactly a year back, I was busy 'cuak'ing myself.. who won't when you found yourself without a Baju Melayu with the wedding ceremony's gonna be in just another 2 hours.. haha.. it was mistakenly worn by my uncle.. luckily we realised that.. hehe..

On my way to work, Mix.fm aired one very familiar song.. a song u dedicated to me during our early courtship days.. ehehe..

Head Over Feet - Alanis Morissette

I had no choice but to hear you
You stated your case time and again
I thought about it

You treat me like I'm a princess
I'm not used to liking that
You ask how my day was

You've already won me over in spite of me
And don't be alarmed if I fall head over feet
Don't be surprised if I love you for all that you are
I couldn't help it
It's all your fault

Your love is thick and it swallowed me whole
You're so much braver than I gave you credit for
That's not lip service

You've already won me over in spite of me
And don't be alarmed if I fall head over feet
Don't be surprised if I love you for all that you are
I couldn't help it
It's all your fault

You are the bearer of unconditional things
You held your breath and the door for me
Thanks for your patience

You're the best listener that I've ever met
You're my best friend
Best friend with benefits
What took me so long

I've never felt this healthy before
I've never wanted something rational
I am aware now
I am aware now

You've already won me over in spite of me
And don't be alarmed if I fall head over feet
Don't be surprised if I love you for all that you are
I couldn't help it
It's all your fault

What a perfect day.. I dont feel I really wanna work today.. Wanna be beside you.. Oh btw.. dont forget anniversary dinner @ PJ Hilton tonite.. *wink*

Happy anniversary dear..

Friday, September 03, 2004
The One With The Princess of Mount Ophir 

* Mount Ophir is now better known as Mount Ledang *

Many stumbled to this blog in their way to seek out for review on Malaysian latest big-hype most expensive ever movie Puteri Gunung Ledang.. thousands apologies since we just managed to watch it last night while we tagged our blog "Puteri Gunung Ledang - Review to come" months back.. so, here it is review of mine, like it or not :

Puteri Gunung Ledang (2004) - PGL, a production of Enfiniti Productions started its journey in 2001 when the idea first came up. It is definitely a different adaptation compared to 'Puteri Gunong Ledang' produced by Cathay Keris in 1961.

The movie PGL sets in 15th century Melaka Sultanate and the grand Javanese kingdom of Majapahit. Gusti Putri Retno Dumillah (Tiara Jacquelina) of Majapahit, fallen in a forbidden love with Malacca's most influential warrior, Hang Tuah (M.Nasir). Promise made between each other to spend their lives together at Gunung Ledang, a sacred land, untouched and full with beauties..

"Kalao Kekanda tidak kembali, Adinda berjanji akan menyusuli Kekanda"

So it be.. Gusti Putri leaves her enchanted land of Majapahit without consent to his brother King Gusti Adipati Handaya Ningrat (Alex Komang), to Gunung Ledang awaits for her lover Hang Tuah to come. Soon after, powerful Kingdom of Demak attacks Majapahit. Gusti Adipati initiates a plan to marry his sister to the prince of Demak. As he knows Gusti Putri already arrived at Gunung Ledang, he changes his plan by trying to forge an alliance with the mighty Melaka Sultanate, asking Sultan Mahmud Shah of Melaka to marry his sister.

The Sultan of Malacca agrees and orders his loyal warrior Hang Tuah to lead the the royal proposal delegation to Gunung Ledang. Hang Tuah finds himself lost at a cross-path to choose between his lover or his leader.
Well.. it is not hard for me to say PGL simply the best Malaysian movie in this century.. (read : 2000-2004) - haven't watch many Malaysian movies though.. (looking forward for Uwei's Buai Laju-Laju)..Still it is one of the best all-time..

However at some point the storyline was too slow and heavy.. dreadfully dragging.. 2 hours and 45 minutes would be too long for some.. (especially a young lady with a baby kicking inside her stomach :P) idea of combining 'artsy' and 'action' isn't work very well... from my personal point of view, an action movie may go up to 3 hours while 'artsy' movie should stop an hour less.. Movie sets were brilliant.. made us thinking where in the world of Malacca got white clean beach.. Customes were also nicely designed to give a real feel of 15th century Malacca & Majapahit..

Too many good scenes in the movie to share coz its cinematography is stunning.. except.. IMHO, fighting scene between Hang Tuah and Gusti Adipati.. simply the worst.. a major turn-off.. Other than that, 2 thumbs up from me! Casts, despite their older age, M. Nasir and Tiara Jaqueline managed to spark the chemistry between each other.. I would also say Datuk Rahim Razali shall win Best Supporting Actor in FFM18.. Sofea Jane as Tun Teja still can give a little ERK1.. for me.. Mamat Khalid did a brilliant job..

I vote PGL for 2004 best epic movie.. nuff said.. * I hold this until I watch Alexander*

Read on the legend of Fairy Princess of Mount Ophir

1ERK(n) = situation where you find yourself speechless, stunned, shocked with amazement.

The One With The Toll Gate Girl 

Have you ever watched the Toll Gate Girl? A Malay Cerekarama shown on TV, on Hari Raya I think. Rashid Salleh (a rich and frequent user of this A toll) fell in love with Amy Mastura (the Toll Gate girl).

I have been quite a frequent user of Sg Besi toll, Kerinchi Link and D'sara Sprint Toll. And believe it or not, I have met quite a bit of characters.

There was this one pakcik who always wear sunglasses. He would always wave at me, and there would be times when he would just come over to the car to say Hi. Scary!!!! Even scarier, when he stopped my car one day, just because he had not seen me for awhile. In this case, there are times when I thought I should just ignore him, but then, it would have meant that I was sombong and that might intrigue him even more. So, I tried not being too friendly and at the same time, answer him briskly.

Then there was this one time, we were at Kerinchi Link and my hubby asked for the toll receipt. But the girl just replied, "Kalo tanak kasi bley tak?!!!" I was like...duh!!! did she not see me sitting beside my hubby?!!! Sempat lagi menggatal tuh! But it was a laughing joke. She was probably trying to cheer herself up.

Then only recently, one of the toll girls asked me when was i due and etc. So, they're not bad actually. Well, they're just like us..doing their job. But some would greet with a smirk, some with a smile. Some you would like to smile to them, just to make their day. And some just was not worth while doing so.

Nonetheless, I am sure, there are many who dreams of being the Toll Gate girl who get hitched by a rich guy driving a BMW.

Thursday, September 02, 2004
The One With The Real Merdeka 

I just received a note from my colleague..

Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, has been freed. Justice at last...

Today happens to be exactly six years after his undue sacking from the second top post in Government on 2 September, 1998.

*Still speechless*

Well, I didn't see it coming at all.. At all.. I believed many would think the same too..

Once upon a time, Lord Justice Tun Salleh Abbas was very known to the world as the wisest man among many others.. and again.. It was a long time ago..

For the past few years I've been really disappointed with Malaysian's Law and Order.. Those judges, AGs and IGPs had really scratched too many black marks over the Malaysian Book of Law.. Big clear marks that couldn't simply being erased by just releasing Anwar.. It will remain there for like FOREVER.. World justice has had a good laugh at us.. especially in Anwar's case, he was clearly given a "Guilty unless proven Innocent" whereas it should be vice versa.. It took years until those two out of three judges turned his conviction around.. Again. I didnt see it coming..

For all I remember, to name one true believer of Anwar would be Raja Petra Kamaruddin better known as Pete.. head of Free Anwar Campaign.. I read many of his postings.. Touched and respect.. He never give up that justice will still be prevailed and Anwar shall be released.. and September 2nd, exactly 6 years after being dismissed from cabinet, 2,174 days behind the high walls.. Palace of Justice announced, Dato' Seri Anwar Ibrahim is a free man..

Our school's great teacher cum historian who passed away early this year once reminded... "Justice may be delayed, but never denied.".. Al-fatihah to Cikgu Muzaffar Tate..

The One With the Blogs 

During the holidays (I was on leave yesterday), I read in one of the articles abt blogs and the true meaning of blogging. It said that it is supposedly a everyday journal kinda thing. And wat-not.

I think blogging is just another medium of free speech. Basically we can write whatever we want, in any field. Be it personal or not. Who really cares? No blogs should ever be the same becoz the writers would be different, even if they have the same topic at hand. Still...it's free speech. Why should anyone categorise blogging to be an everyday journal or wat-not. And why would anyone matter if the names in the blogs are changed, or even unchanged. We definitely have the right to say what we want, whom we hate, or love. People shouldnt criticise what blogging means or who the blogger is, rather they shd criticise, or leave a comment of the blog's post.

Of course, we may not love one of those blogs. But hey, that's the blogger's rights. He/she wants to talk about crap, let him be. As a reader, whether you know the blogger or not, shdnt really matter. Blogging is just another medium of FREE speech, where you pen off something for anyone/no one (except yourself) to read.

I might just be babbling here. Dont you agree?!!! *wink