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Tuesday, September 14, 2004
The One With The Spending Urge 

Start spending now, Govt told

Implement immediately projects outlined in the Budget. That is the call to government ministries, departments and agencies from the Prime Minister, who said they should not wait till the end of the year to go "Christmas shopping" to spend the funds allocated to them in the 2005 Budget. By Hardev Kaur...

Read more??

I dunno why I bothered when reading above article.. It is actually a good call but my memory kept recall back an experience of a friend of mine, once a lawyer of a District Municipal in Selangor.. He did his previous bar practical (what do you call 'practical training for lawyer'?? ) in a private firm.. He was so damn shocked when joining government sector especially in the matter of spending money or shd i rephrase it as wasting money..

You see, for a government ministry, department or agency, every year there will be a specific budget allocate to them.. and at the end of the year, they must cleverly spend the budget very well.. every single penny of it! For instance, in stationary handling.. his staff would casually used new piece of blank paper for any occasion without thinking of recycling it.. from printing a draft note, faxing, etc.. Wrongly printed paper would end up crumbled / shredded inside the waste paper basket.. Whole rim of A4 paper might be used upon completing a 20-page final report..

The reason, they still got a lot of papers and it is within their budget.. To make it worse, if any of the department failed to spend their money accordingly based on the budget, they would have to prepare a report for upper management on why can't they spend it..

I'm not sure whether or not such practice happened in all government sectors but if you do work or ever worked with government, care to share some light, please..

Ironic when department of environmental urge Rakyat to recyle and many other departments happily wasting papers.. Wasn't there any auditor doing their homework?

I'm working in a private company.. the attitude is way much different.. everything is based on profit vs loss.. therefore, every single penny counts.. wherever / whenever you can cut the cost, you cut.. It will affect company's annual reports which later impact your annual bonus..

Many claim they are underpaid when working with government.. and government claimed they don't have sufficient money to pay these people.. like in the song "Bangau oh Bangau"..

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