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Friday, August 27, 2004
The One With The New Settlement? 

Trivia : Where do Arabs go for shopping?

I guess eversince 9/11, Arabs don't get their chance to visit the States, Aussies or UK.. So, where do they head to? Suria KLCC..

A friend of mine who's working in KLCC asked me a week before that regarding this matter.. i just couldn't care less.. I thought it was just a normal view.. We haven't been to KLCC a lot lately since OU and Midvalley are just around the corner.. With some particular reasons, (going to Mothercare biggest outlet to be precise) we went there last Wednesday.. I was damn surprised.. There were a Lot of Arabs.. a Lot with capital L.. From those with purdah, hijab and even some with hanging bellies.. Some you only could see their eyes, some you could see their pierced belly-button.. you couldn't pretend not to notice.. they were everywere.. seriously everywhere..

I wonder.. Where do they stay? Are they creating their new settlement over here? Like those africans in Bukit Bintang & Chow Kit area? Do they come here legally?

Well, in a way.. Suria KLCC has achieved its objective to attract tourists from all over the countries visit our so-called great country.. which also contributes to nation income and gives a big boost towards economy growth..

Looking from another way however.. I think KLCC is no longer relevant to be an attraction for Malaysian ourselves.. For both of us especially.. we went there, straight to Mothercare.. looked for some nice stuff for our little one.. had an 'expensive' dinner at its half renovated foodcourt.. (The last time we had Nasi Dagang with Ayam percik for around RM 5.50.. that time, they charged us RM7.. RM3.50 for Nasik Dagang kosong with telur.. Ridiculous..).. and stopped a couple of minutes at ISETAN and went back.. we managed to spend approximately 1 hour and 13 minutes only.. (how we know for exact? every now and then we were conscious on the parking rate.. :P)

For no certain reason.. we definitely not going there.. How about you?

ps: Harian Metro published stats here

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