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Sunday, May 29, 2005
The One With Working Sunday 

I received a phone call last nite from an office colleague.. two urgent issues were raised and I have to solve it before Monday.. my team lead isnt around and I'm supposed to be his back-up.. ah crap..

here I am now.. sitting in front of my laptop while having Starbucks' Frappacino i-dunno-what.. Connection is quite slow and keep on disconnected after a while.. double crap.. ah.. am in tense mode..

my-own-home-wireless-broadband.. I need you..

ps: i miss my babies also.. :(

Friday, May 27, 2005
The One With the DDV 

DDV? DVVT? :))

It's Dirty Darth Vader.

I assumed everyone knows about Star Wars. And the Revenge of the Sith. (We are watching it tonite, hopefully, our first movie for more than 6 months).

Anyway, have you heard of the dirty Darth Vader?

When I first read the news, I remembered Ed; the bowling alley lawyer. I think it was shown on TV last year. Ed was always playing 'dare' with his best buddy; Mike Burton, for merely a few bucks. The 'dare' varies. They were hilarious. I cant remember the 'dare' (perhaps someone can 'remind' me).

Thursday, May 26, 2005
The One With the AI4 

Carrie Underwood, the country blonde singer from Checotah, Oklahoma won the American Idol title for this season.

Bo Bice, the rocker, and our favorite...is still one of the best!

This season is slightly different from the last seasons, as there are a variety of music genre singers; Country's Carrie Underwood, Rock's Bo Bice, etc.

Wednesday, May 25, 2005
The One With Coral Heights (part deux) 

Referring to Sha's post on Coral Heights.. I read further via Harian Metro and it reported as follows.. Tried to call my bro but to no avail..

As far as I could remember the sewage pond is very near to my bro's house.. and based on the fact that body decomposition in sewer is 20 times faster than normal (according to Grissom, Down the Drain : CSI:LV Season 5 episode 2).. it is possible that the skeletal remains belong to the 10-days-missing person mentioned.. (urghh.. i think i watch too much TV..)

Despite many similar cases reported daily, ie runaway teenagers later found brutally murdered, raped etc.. I just couldnt understand how can it still happens days in days out.. obviously something need to be done.. something major.. How? any ideas?

The One With the Monopoly 

I am sure everyone (in Malaysia that is) is familiar with Touch n Go. Seems like it is THE card.

After reading this article, I thought then maybe there would be some other than Touch n Go. Or so I thought.

Nonetheless, the thing is..Touch n Go is monopolying the industry. I mean, technologically, the readers installed at the toll booth can read any contactless MIFARE card Type A. And...the ticketing system installed in the headquarters can be generically design..to accept any cards. Yet, Rangkaian Segar has it all tied.

When will the industry be more like the mobile telecommunication industry? Everyone is fighting to get more consumers. Giving better packages for US, the consumers.

A little competition is healthy. Dont you agree?

The One With Coral Heights 

We spent our day last Saturday here, Zen's brother just moved in from Bahau.

We didnt see anything. You have to pass by the Sikamat village to access the Coral Heights housing area. There are still a lot of development around the area. Lorries in and out. Et cetera.

Definitely didnt see anything. Didnt even notice a pond near the area. Nonetheless, Zen's brother's house is near the sewage tank/pond. Would that be it?

Will definitely get Zen to call up his bro to get the gorry details of the skeletal...perhaps his brother might be the one doing the csi work.

Tuesday, May 24, 2005
The One With Little Luxury 

To me, the little luxury...is...being able to buy my 'stuff' @ BodyShop Sale. Milk Bath. Body Lotion. Bath Wash. Sugaring Stuffs. Foot Spray. Eye MakeUp Remover. (Once in awhile; mostly during the sale period).

To me, the little luxury...is...being able to buy my 'stuff' for my 'home'. Matching comforter, cushions...curtains. Decorating my 'home', just the way i want it.

And the biggest luxury...after a whole day of work...just when I came into the porch...my kid jumping up and down...frantically calling me!!! Mummy..mummy...
(* of coz, faeq cant do tht yet, but saw this 'scene' in seremban last weekend...my bro-in-law and his daughters)

And the one thing that I would always want...and try to have as often as possible..spend quality time with my lil tigger.

Friday, May 20, 2005
The One With Mrs Zen 

Our blog is tracked by statcounter. Once in a while, I'll check our page hit, where they came from, and possibly how they ever stumbled to our blog.. sometimes visitors came thru friends' blog link, sometimes via bookmark and most of the times via search engines eg : google / yahoo etc (while searching for porns) isk isk isk..
I'm still ok with that..

However check out this snapshot.. (I've censored some part.. )

What the ??

Spot anything? People from over the world, stumbled to our blog while googling for 'mrs zen'.. hey!! who is this mysterious mrs zen?

I only know one Mrs Zen.. and that Mrs Zen is definitely mine.. so, back-off peeps..

The One With the Friendster Day 

Yesterday...I had quality time with my colleague and ex-skoolmate; Ede (same class in SSP).

Yesterday...I met Ramona; whom I havent met for more than 10 years (kindy mate and SRK IJ Convent JB skoolmate).

Yesterday....I met Tina; whom I also hvent met for more than 10 years (SRK IJ Convent JB skoolmate and 'neighbour').

Kewl aint it?!!!

Tuesday, May 17, 2005
The One With the 3 Stooges 

Or shall I say 3 princess???


In my kindy days @ Jingle Bells in Sungai Petani, I was closed to 2 gals...fazira@sara and ramona...

I was always moving around, so I was only in Sg Petani for 2 and half years. I moved to Kuching when I was 7. And lost touch with both of my friend.

After Kuching was PJ. After PJ...was Johor Bahru.

On my first day in SRK IJ Convent Johor Bahru at the age of 11, I passed by a prefect. Couldnt remember if I read her name or not. All I could remember was...her face looked so familiar. Being me, I always forget people..and their names. Constantly shifting doesnt help one bit. I could never really keep up with my friends. It's like everyone moved on....and no contacting after that. Nonetheless, thank God, she approached me...and asked 'Shariza ye?' Shariza Hamzah...hahhahaaa...yes, Ramona, it is I. We were in the same school for 2 years. And again, I moved.

During my after-school years, I met Fazira in PPP. Or rather, I think we contacted earlier, by mail. But, we never really contacted la. Really. Even when we were studying at the same place. I never knew why so. Maybe it is me. Hahahaha...

Anyway, ever since friendster and blogging....somehow me and fazira clicked again...sort of...i think at one point i am not sure what to call her...fazira? sara?

Today, she msged me; had this crazy idea of doing some sort of jejak kasih...we were looking for ramona...for about 30mins...i was searching in the Net for Ramona...and i found her in kawanaku.com...but i couldnt get her details....i simply couldnt register there...

thanks to my hubby..who has an account in kawanaku.com...I talked to Ramona on the phone awhile ago for..merely 30mins...and we'll be seeing each other (hopefully with queserasera) this Thursday!

The One With Our Little Boy 

Our living room is now turning into a Wrestling ring.. erm.. No.. no.. no... dont get me wrong.. it is not for us, but for our little Faeq.. For those who paid us a visit, you shd understand what I mean and we are so sorry for the mess.. hehe.. Once u have a little boy who's learning to crawl, you'll know.. he yet to crawl but able to 'mengesot' like a snail, only much faster.. (last three weeks he was a caterpillar)

We also think Lil Faeq's first tooth might be coming any time soon.. since he basically bite anything he's able to reach..

So everyday after work, we will put Lil Faeq inside the 'ring' for him to have his fun.. along with his toys, teether, pacifier etc..

But somehow.. his enthusiasm is on something else.. he will try hard to reach out for =>TV/astro remotes, my PS2 and my notebook.. he sometimes changes the channel, distracted my Winning Eleven 8 matches against my sparring partner, Ayul (ya..ya.. i whined when i lost).. and the best, when he stares the notebook's screen and pounds the keyboards.. ahaha.. so adorably super duper cute.. (I'll try to snap some pix for proof..)

I'm not sure whether he really likes those devices or just wanna catch our (esp my) attention to the fullest.. if the former, he definitely a DADDY's boy.. if the latter, erm.. mummy's then.. :P

ps: I love you two soooo muchhhhhh..

Monday, May 16, 2005
The One With the Ops Jejak Kasih (part deux) 

Remember my last post late last year on my duty to trackback my batchmates aka Ops Jejak Kasih. We are currently down to 17 out of 160 members that are still missing. I'm currently stuck and the network is no longer expanding.. So dear readers, please run through this list, and if you happen to know anyone them, and know their whereabout, kindly PM me..

1) RIZAL MOIN (perak)
3) MOHD IRWAN ANUAR (kelantan)
4) A AZMIR ABD GHANI (melaka)
8) AZEZUL RAZAID (sarawak)
11) FAKHRUL DAHRI AHMAD (kelantan)
14) ZAKARIA AWANG (perak)

note : everyone of them shd be 26 years of age, born in 1979.

Saturday, May 14, 2005
The One With the Truth and the Slander 

It amazes me on how a statement made by someone important on an international network can be something that is NOT TRUE. Come on, how you just throw the darts out if you dont have the darts. It seems really ridiculous to do such thing. You wouldnt want to actually point it back to you right. Shame on you!

Maybe I am being biased here. But, that's how I look at it. People dont just say things if something doesnt trigger it.

Think about it!

Let's be the middle person. The truth is out there.

To anyone who knows the truth, come out come out...wherever you are!!!

The One With the Bi-lingua 

I have always had the passion of learning new languages. I was in a French class in Form 1 to 3, and again for 2 semesters during my uni years. I went into a Spanish class too. Later, I taught myself a little bit of Italian. French, Spanish, Italian...basically they're more about the same. But you can get pretty rusty if you dont use them often. Which I am. Most probably, I'll get Faeq to join me someday, so we can all be well-versed in multi-languages.

Arabic and Chinese classes from next month

It would be nice if we could actually talk more languages. Oh la la!!!

Tres bien.

Thursday, May 12, 2005
The One With Mommy's Home 

I was sick yesterday, had a certified MC and some precious time with my baby. (My mom could take my baby, but eventually she will leave him to the maid, so I decided to just have him with me at home).

Anyway, although we didnt do much, still I could feel him appreciating the moments at home.

This morning, when we were both all dressed up for work, I could see the sadness look in my baby's eyes. (It tears my heart apart, but...)

I read this article this morning...and my husband just asked me a good question, "biler la mummy nak retire nih? (when will I retire?)"

A part of me, wanna-be the Rafidah Aziz, or the Margaret Thatcher...yet, a part of me just wanna be Faeq's mummy!!!

Can you resist this?

Tuesday, May 10, 2005
The One With the Customer Service Attitude 

First read this..

Mr Pelanggan Kecewa made his point by saying he is not satisfied with the service.. although he might be using many incorrect terms which is excusable for a common end-user.. plus he also stressed out a point that he is very disappointed with the customer service hotline which ended him up with RM30 poorer and still to no avail after a few weeks..

Then read this..

I was hoping that somebody could help this fella by solving his problem.. instead of condemning his poor computer volcab.. What Mr Pelanggan Kecewa wanted to conclude is, (a very well-known conclusion though).. Local company's customer service sucks.. BIG TIME.. especially those who monopolize the product..

It also happened to me when my cable TV gave me a problem.. I called the service hotline for like a zillion times.. a girl picked-up and said "All our customer's service officers are busy. Please send email to bla-bla-bla or fax bla-bla-bla.."

First, although it is a broadband age and there is a word 'Multitasking'.. still, not every household has the facility to send email or fax..

Second, if they do send email / fax.. what is the response time ? In my case, it took them about a week to reply :
" We strive to respond all emails as soon as possible. However at present, due to high volume of incoming emails, there will be a delay in attending to your request"
and another week to reply :
"Please be informed that we have attempted to contact you via your mobile numbers 012-*** **** and 017-*** **** but our attempts have been unsuccessful. As such, kindly furnish us with your latest contact numbers in order for us to update our records and assist you accordingly.

Alternatively, we would appreciate if you could call our Astro Customer Service Centre at 03-9543 4188 immediately, which is operational from 8.00 am to 12.00 midnight daily for us to troubleshoot and determine the technical problem you are encountering."
My cable service return back to normal by itself after a week.. So I didn't bother to return them a call.. As if they'll give me a VIP access-through if I ever do that..

Third ; Since they already realized the overwhelming volume of complaints made via phone/email/fax, then, determine the root cause, improve the product.. if there is no problem then there will be no complaint.. Many giant monopolizing companies tend to take things for granted because they dont have any competition..

Ah.. enuff babbling for today.. we are living in a capitalist world..

The One With My Baby the Model 

My Baby is a Model???

And my husband and I are not doing this for our own fulfillment, either; it's simply a fun hobby Sydney seems to enjoy that gives her a little cash for the future.

Anyone knows anybody looking for a child-model?

Monday, May 09, 2005
The One With the Shortage and the RM600 

I read earlier about the shortage of maids in the Star.

One thing I noticed was this phrase:
agents in Indonesia wanted the salary to be increased to RM600

600?!!!!! Is that...ermm...OKAY at all?!!!

Hahhaaa..not by me!

However, today on the news...an option...non-Indon maids...kewl! Would it be because...they wanted to increase the pay or rather because..."Hey! You are not the only one in the industry!"

Tuesday, May 03, 2005
The One With the Fresh Air 

Hiiiii......oh wow!!! It's been so lonnnggg...

For starters, I am at my new office, and hve just received my own machine. Have been without a machine for the whole month; but basically was doin my work on 'floating' machines...going to meetings and wat-not...so it's not so bad

ooOoOoooh!! there's so much to tell...

April is the month, everyone...

Ah yes...I have gotten older by number, but younger by mind, heart & soul.. As my dearest said "Sayang, you are 18 for life!!!" Woo-hoo....EIGHTEEN...for LIFE...

Just when I was blowing my birthday candles, I thought and said myself that I couldnt feel more content than I have been. Oh yes, I hve stuffs for headaches and heartaches...but, that's life aint it? With my baby and hubby beside me...life couldn't be more perfect...and not forgetting my family and friends too...

And with the new job...

Oh I am drained and wished for more time and more energy everyday...
But I am loving every minute of it.

New friends...new conversations...new routine..new schedule...
With my forever active son...
And the love of my life...

I remembered last year...it was in April that we got to know that we are pregnant then...We were starting a family. This year, we decided to start something too...

What is it?

Wait for it soon...

Hahhaaa...another baby?!!! Definitely our 'baby'!

One thing I'ld just like to say to everyone: Thank you for your love & support!!!

As Madeline's prayer:
We love our bread
We love our butter
But most of all...
We love each other...

Thank You, my dear God, for the air that we breathe today!