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Friday, December 31, 2004
The One With The Year 2004 

Inspired by Papi's post and also Yanz suggestion, I decided to write on this very boring day.. It is 3pm.. 9 more hours to New Year.. and of course, this year there will be no official countdown fiesta whatsoever in respect of tsunami victims..

What did i do in the year 2004.. What is my greatest moment?

Hmmm.. great moment would be spending the whole year (as hubby and wife) with my beloved Shariza.. in sickness and in health.. in poor and in wealth.. She's the one it is, the one it was, and the one it always be..

Lesson learned; I cant live without you, sayang....

Blog is another great thing.. (although this blog isnt regularly updated these few months.. :P) I officially started this blog in Mac 2004.. My interest in blogging actually started after reading news on the death of Mr Johan Ismail.. There were so many things that this man do with his blog.. It wasnt just a normal-bla-bla-bla online journal.. He definitely changed my perception in blogging.. I then followed Jeff Ooi's before we decided to open our own joint-account..

In blogging world, we 'met' people with same interest, one of them Pokku (who later I found is actually an uncle of our friend (small world eh?)), papi&mami, (may be one day Faeq can meet Yiyi.. :P), Melor who somehow my batchmate gf.. and also by bloghopping, we were able to re-establish our friendship with old friends, namely Modd n Yanz, Reen, fazira, uchin etc.. Although this blog isn't Jeff Ooi's or any other famous blogger, still some regulars willing to spend their precious minutes to read our blabberings.. thanks you guys..

Lesson learned; it is a very small small world indeed..

New property? New job? New interest?

Those are great.. but nothing compared to have a new member in the family.. Zen Faeq bin Zen Akmal.. born 2nd December.. our crown jewel, sweetheart, pumpkin, our everything.. it is great to wake up every morning and see somebody's sleeping beside me but it is even greater to find a cute little baby soundly asleep in between both of us..

Lesson learned; hmmm.. we are still learning..

What else can I say.. 2004 is come to its end while 2005 curtain is ready to be open for another promising brightful-wonderful-joyful year ahead.. for the 3 of us specificly and for the 6 billion of us globally.. insyaallah..


Wednesday, December 29, 2004
The One With Boggle 

** this blog has been flooded with Little Faeq's story for the pass few weeks.. *wink* lemme change the topic for a while **

I'm sure most of you familiar with Scrabble or Monopoly but have u ever played Boggle ??

When Shariza was pregnant, we hardly went out for movies, bowling etc as we normally did before.. We had our indoor entertainment instead.. Bought few games which can stimulate our brain as well as baby thinking habits (:P), namely Upwords (played just a couple of time and got bored with it), Mastermind (aaa I love this game eversince I was a kid) and of course Boggle..

Boggle® Game by Parker Brothers

Boggle is the 3-minute fast paced word search game that everyone in the family plays at once. It spells fast family fun for all ages! Shake up the 16 letter cubes, remove the dome, and GO! Try to find as many words of three or more letters as you can in 3 minutes. Form words by joining letters up, down, side-to-side and even diagonally. The longer and more unusual the words the higher your score. Families will learn this game in seconds, but enjoy playing for hours. For 2 or more players.
There is one interesting fact about this game Boggle, which I found out few months back, but too busy to share with you..

There are 16 letter cubes, times 6 faces for every cube = 96 letters altogether ('Qu' counts as one).. However letter B and J only appear once and printed on the same cube, which mean no matter how you shake the rack up, you wont get the word 'JOB' or 'BABE' or 'BOOBS'.. same goes with letter K and F.. again, no matter how well u shake, there is zero possibility of you getting the word 'FiretrUCK'.. brilliant eh?

Sunday, December 26, 2004
The One With the Labor Experience 

It's been awhile right?!!! And I think I sort of 'lost touch' in my last post. Seems to be no 'flow' of words etc. Oh well...trying to make the best out of the limited time. *wink

So, have I mentioned that I am kind of terrified of hosp, doctors and wat-not?!!! Not terrified TERRIFIED, just a little uneasy. Who wouldnt be if one were to be pricked by a GIGANTIC sharp pointy syringe or having to eat horrible huge pills etc. Oh well, it's a wonder why being a doctor was never in my to-be list. Plus, I HATE BLOOD!

Well anyway, I didnt go thru much of the labor contraction pains. From the count of 0 to 10, I probably went thru till the 2nd level only, which was bareable. And because there was no opening yet, and my waterbag's color was greenish (baby has already passed motion), and baby was a little too big for me, I went thru caesar.

I started to shiver when I was wheeled to the OT. Fear? Cold? All in ONE! What went thru my mind then?!!! Definitely EVERYTHING!

Anyway, after they have prepared me for the ordeal, someone who wore the operation mask asked me whether I was okay or not. Hahahhaaa...for a few minutes, I couldnt recognised my beloved husband, not until he ended the ques with a 'Sayang'. (I dont think some above-average good looking male nurse or doc would sesaje call some pregnant lady who is on the verge of labor 'Sayang!') *wink

My husband held my hand then, and after like 2 minutes or so, the Doc came in. And in a split second, I heard a baby cry. Thought it was the next OT's baby. Didnt even cross my mind tht it was Faeq's. Reality hits me when the nurse came and let us see our baby.

So okay, one good advise now is that if you can go for normal delivery, definitely go for tht. Why?!!! One good reason is that it is always better to go thru the 'right' passage. Another, once you are 'opened', you basically changed the originality (God's magnificent creation), in which your organs have been disturbed by man. Financial cost is another. And risk.
Pain?!!! If you are going for normal delivery, you can opt for epidural (spinal anaesthetic) for pain killer, an option for caesarean too (fully awake in the op). If it's normal delivery, this should be a no-no choice for you. If it's caesarean, it would be nice to be able to hear your baby's first cry. If you go for GA, you would be totally knocked out the whole day and miss all the hoo-haa excitement. Caesarean ordeal is nothing much actually. Close to 0% pain. Nonetheless, the after effects of epidural is overwhelming. Backaches. Leg numbness etc. Most said tht it would stay forever.

Oh well..everyone's experience is different. This is one thing you have to try to know it. And one thing you can be proud of, coz guys definitely cant beat us at this section.

Friday, December 24, 2004
The One With Pregnancy Behaviour vs Baby Behaviour 

May be some of you already experience at least one complete cycle of pregnancy.. Or maybe some of you haven't but have read it somewhere.. Does mother's prenatal behaviour will later affect her baby's behaviour or is it the baby behaviour that affecting mom's prenatal behaviour??

During Sha's prenatal period, amazingly she didn't go through any morning nor evening sickness.. She was also not craving for any weird things aka Mengidam (phewww.. lucky me)..

However some behaviour that I noticed were, she was very concious with sounds, light and heat (not smell however, esp my smell :D), she was very Monica-clean.. she swam a lot.. and one thing she craved a lot was ME.. (ps: dont try to think anything kinky, she needs me by herself as much time as possible..)

Now little Faeq has been born.. he somehow does behave exactly like Sha.. very extraordinary alert, loves to have his morning bath, really hates his own poo-poo, and seems likely to be a Daddy's boy; waits his daddy every evening just to sleep on my laps etc ..

It makes me wonder... who copied who?

Saturday, December 18, 2004
The One With The Wonderful Zens 

Well...it's been awhile! Experience?!!! Have to be honest, I am a scardy cat when it comes to hosp n docs. Am just glad everything went well. Will post another entry on just experience later.

Ever since 2 Dec, my life has changed. Our lives actually. I was basically weak the first few days,but had to build up the strength for our baby. Well anyway, my wonderful husband has been very very helpful throughout the whole ordeal, right from the start until now. He was beside me the whole time, and he wakes up for the night shift. Although he has to work during the daytime, he shares the load at nite. Both of us sleep in the baby room. My parents disagree on this, but now baby Faeq is daddy's boy. Now that Faeq is learning to 'lawan mata', he seems to be waiting for Daddy in the evenings. And at nite too. Baru dia nak tido. Nak tido dgn Daddy je. When I was in the hosp, Zen was the one who holds him more and put him to sleep. While I am the cow (source of milk), ehhhehee...

Well anyway, just wanna tell the whole wide world that I have the Wonderful Zens, love them very much and wanna thank them for making my day everyday every second.

Love you sayang!!!

Monday, December 13, 2004
The One With Guess Who? 

In Person with Zen Faeq

Name : Zen Faeq bin Zen Akmal
DoB : 2 December 2004
ToB : 8.15am
PoB : Damansara Specialist Hospital
Weight : 3.5kg
Length : 53 cm
Fav Food : Breast Milk
Fav Drink : Breast Milk
Fav Quote : "Uwekkkkkk... uwekkk.."


ps: I'm moving Faeq's photos to his own album.

Wednesday, December 08, 2004
The One With The Sleepless Night 

I arrived home a bit late last night. Around 8 o'clock. Faeq already finished having his dinner and soundly asleep. We spent some time watching TV until i dozed off..

Suddenly around 12, Faeq awoke and cried for his mummy.. i put him beside Sha and continued to sleep. woke up at 6 and saw Sha was still with the baby.. he was sleeping just for about half an hour and wanted his mummy nip**e as his pacifier.. ermm.. so basically Sha didnt sleep at all last night.. taking care of him..

Mum said he might be not very comfortable coz his tali 'pusat' is coming off.. later this morning, i helped mum washing him.. opps.. his 'tali pusat' came off.. after 6 days.. no wonder he felt itchy.. so, sleep tight tonite little guy.. hopefully..

Friday, December 03, 2004
The One With Mr, Mrs and Zen Jr 

Date : 02 December 2004
Time : 0430
Shariza woke me up, her waterbag burst. Arrived at DSH around 0545. Only 2 bedded room available. Did CTG whatsoever.

Time : 0700
Dato' Dr Siva, our gynea arrived and accessed Sha.. baby hasnt engage very well and might in stress.. decided to go for ceasar

Time : 0800
I went into OT. Shariza was under spinal anasthetic (half body awake)..

Time : 0815
A healthy baby BOY was born..

Pre natal check up : RM150 per visit
Hospital charges : A few Grands
Baby stuff : Another few grands
Watching ur baby looks into ur eyes for the first time : Simply Priceless..

Still more to come..

ps: Say hi to Zen Faeq bin Zen Akmal registered this morning..