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Friday, December 31, 2004
The One With The Year 2004 

Inspired by Papi's post and also Yanz suggestion, I decided to write on this very boring day.. It is 3pm.. 9 more hours to New Year.. and of course, this year there will be no official countdown fiesta whatsoever in respect of tsunami victims..

What did i do in the year 2004.. What is my greatest moment?

Hmmm.. great moment would be spending the whole year (as hubby and wife) with my beloved Shariza.. in sickness and in health.. in poor and in wealth.. She's the one it is, the one it was, and the one it always be..

Lesson learned; I cant live without you, sayang....

Blog is another great thing.. (although this blog isnt regularly updated these few months.. :P) I officially started this blog in Mac 2004.. My interest in blogging actually started after reading news on the death of Mr Johan Ismail.. There were so many things that this man do with his blog.. It wasnt just a normal-bla-bla-bla online journal.. He definitely changed my perception in blogging.. I then followed Jeff Ooi's before we decided to open our own joint-account..

In blogging world, we 'met' people with same interest, one of them Pokku (who later I found is actually an uncle of our friend (small world eh?)), papi&mami, (may be one day Faeq can meet Yiyi.. :P), Melor who somehow my batchmate gf.. and also by bloghopping, we were able to re-establish our friendship with old friends, namely Modd n Yanz, Reen, fazira, uchin etc.. Although this blog isn't Jeff Ooi's or any other famous blogger, still some regulars willing to spend their precious minutes to read our blabberings.. thanks you guys..

Lesson learned; it is a very small small world indeed..

New property? New job? New interest?

Those are great.. but nothing compared to have a new member in the family.. Zen Faeq bin Zen Akmal.. born 2nd December.. our crown jewel, sweetheart, pumpkin, our everything.. it is great to wake up every morning and see somebody's sleeping beside me but it is even greater to find a cute little baby soundly asleep in between both of us..

Lesson learned; hmmm.. we are still learning..

What else can I say.. 2004 is come to its end while 2005 curtain is ready to be open for another promising brightful-wonderful-joyful year ahead.. for the 3 of us specificly and for the 6 billion of us globally.. insyaallah..


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