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Thursday, January 26, 2006
The One With The Merger 

It is interesting to hear that Adidas & Reebok are merging to go all out against Nike.. hmmm.. wonder if they will keep their names or merge together as 'Abok'..

The One With Dr House in da House (part 2) 

Check this out..

Quoted :

Haha.. simply deserved that..


The One With The Painball (sic) 

Yup yup.. I mean it.. I had an office outing (again) (.. u tak jeles kan yang?).. This time @ Sunway Extreme Park.. Had quarterly updates + buffet lunch during first half.. and some shooting and killing(nah) in the other half of the day + BBQ dinner..

Rules of the game : it is 8 vs 8, in a 'killing' field (with barricades) which is separated by two lines.. one team cannot cross other teams border.. Mission, gun down two bottles at opponent half.. once success, bring your team flags (3 of them) which placed along the border of both halves back to the base.. if along the way you got shot, drop your flag (if you carried one) and go back and touch your base to 'resurrect'.. game is over when any of the team successfully carried all three flags back to the base.

Heck.. We were divided to 12 teams.. after 2 knockout stages, my team are among the finalist.. and of course, for the pride, dignity and kiasu.. I never wanna be the one who just hiding behind the barricades.. I want to be the 'Rambo' who saves the day.. and won the game.. I did become the rambo but unfortunately we lost the game by only one flag.. bodies battered and bruised.. two marks on my body and 'benjoled' head.. no prize.. i dun care.. since I still have my dignity.. hehe..

The damage.. for almost two weeks..
taken after few days.. worse than this previously.. :D

Wednesday, January 25, 2006
The One With I want - Sexy Elegant Stylish Elegant Simply A Craft 

Quite simply the sexiest mobile phone ever!

Still need another review?!!!

The One With the Craze 

This is my husband's CRAZE...

And I have a feeling that my lil boy will be just the same.

I have nothing against PS2 (Zen gets away sneakily playing them whenever I sleep early). PS2 is definitely a lot better than some other things or 'thang'.

But if something like this happens to me, I have no worries.

Yet, not many are as romantic or are as in love or even a good dancer as the Datuk.

Effort people...effort! *Laughing

The One With the White Peacock 

Chinese's Belief: Traditionally, when someone sees a white peacock, their fortune will get better!

A very happy New Year to everyone!

Many many prosperous years ahead in this Year of Dog!

Happy holidays too!

Yeay! One week off!

Tuesday, January 17, 2006
The One With TVs and Cameras 

Sheesh! Just thought of getting a small TV for my bedroom. I guess not!

Why? Because of this.

Aaaa...i wondered if they did a research on cameras for the same case study?

What say you?!!! (For Desperate housewives fans, remember the scene when Lynette and Tom, the Scavos were friends with another twins parents? The twins brought along a videotape of their parents when they went to Lynette's for the day and watched them together with the twins.)

The One With Plan B and Detours 

Late last year, I was questioning myself abt my Plan B. What if I suddenly get laid off? What if something goes wrong and I cant work anymore? What ifs. I need Plan B.

It reminded me when I was about the get married a few years back, I was thinking about what if this is not the one? What if he suddenly pull out? What ifs. I need Plan B.

In our daily life, every time we reach a bent, we have to make a decision. Would it be to the right or to the left? And always, when we are already on our track, something occurred and suddenly it made us go through a detour. And almost everytime, we try to make that detour our Plan B. Well, it's better to think of a Plan B than suddenly coming across it with no notice. Of course, some things are too unexpected for you to have a Plan B.

Nonetheless, when you are on the detour, or in your Plan B, always always make the best out of it. Never astray from the main destination. Keep to your heart. And still move forward, towards your goal.

Monday, January 16, 2006
The One With Depriving Members 

I tried this by doing this.

I wanted to check my EPF; whether the amount is accumulating etc. But to no avail. Had to sms like more thaan 5 times, spending more than RM1, for nothing.

The choices or how to should be stated in the website straight away. Not from the replying successful sms.

And stupid me for getting the telco richer!

The One With No Other 

This is very true indeed. No one should expect the same from two people.

Like the saying...mana sama si kucing belang..?!!!

Of course we would like to get the same results. But different people have different approach, different principles. As long as they give you what you want, it shouldnt matter.

But I guess the thing is...is he (the current one) giving what you want? and did he (the previous one) gave what you want?

Be careful in being judgemental. No one can run away from it. So dont feel guilty about it. Just be careful. And be weary. That's all I'm saying.

Friday, January 06, 2006
The One With Aunty Ada's 20 

Let's do some testimonial here.

Happy 20th!

Aunty Ada, or known to many as Little Sue in Along, is 20 today. She's the bubbly gurl, lil princess of my parents. She definitely has her father around her fingers. Very panicky. Forever always penat and mengantuk...saje malas nk buat kerja la tuh. But she loves cooking (damn good one too). She is of course, the only one who is wangi, or smell nice in the house. Aside from my father who bathes with perfume. She, is as my cousin has said earlier, very the innocent one (got the same comment from this cousin too...tak boleh pakai punya comment!). Aaaa...maybe not so. But then she's the baby la. The baby of the family. Until jeng jeng jeng...my buntat Faeq! Now he's my father's sweetheart. My father is now counting the days when he can bring faeq along with him to the golf course. Too bad, sis!

But still....Adek, you seriously get away with lots of things! Hope you get what you dream of. And think first before you do anything, then with tht, follow your heart. It wouldnt be complete if you dont follow your heart.

Love ya!

Thursday, January 05, 2006
The One with Kiss Arse 

This is a very controversial thing. But I have to say this still...

On the very first day of work in 2006, it suddenly dawned to me that I am being too Malay. I work in a too Malay environment.

Last Friday, Zen and I went to Zen's team/office mates dinner. Pot luck actually. And I enjoyed myself there. Just listening to them talking. Bla bla bla... I always thought myself as being someone in their group. Talk goofy. Talk abt fashionable clothes. What to wear. Who's who. Most of all, just goof around. In English. There were Chinese, Malay, Thai, American there. It was fun. I hope I get to go again. And this time around, I would get more courage to join their conversations.

When I went to school in an elite boarding, i went out of it. For various reasons. Then I went to a co-ed public school, a very famous elite one in Klang Valley. And I had fun there. I had my groups of friends. Chinese, Indian...and even Malay.

I have always like the idea of being multiracial, being Malaysians. Being a non-traditional Melayu.

When I went for training, I was in a company where the majority are Malays. Although my department was totally not very the Melayu, I still felt the too Malay air around. It was difficult to see myself there. Then next company was very Westernised. My ex-boss was fabulous. I have to thank her a lot. She totally installed some great values and skills in me. Yet, I couldn't grow too much there. So I applied for another, which I am currently in. In which, there's 50-50 Chinese Malay ratio. I thought..hey this is a good one. Everyone's young and energetic. I can probably grow more here. I can probably have more acquintances here. Probably have some friends. Probably have people of the same wavelength. Probably be able to even use some knowledge and skillset even more.

Nonetheless, sad to say, not many verse in English. Not many have the non-Malay mentality.

And this worsen it all.

If I have known the art of kiss arse, I think I could do even better than where I am now. But I am merely creating an opportunity for myself, proactive-ly grooming myself, proactive-ly climbing up the ladder. And I am very fortunate that I have a boss who has the same wavelength as I am. But heck, me an arse kisser??? I think you dont know me too well, friend!

Stop those stupid Malay thinking. Try to be a better Malay is what I want to be, for I am proud to say I am a Malay and I am a Malaysian. (just need to buck up my English and my confidence more)

Wednesday, January 04, 2006
The One with Hello 2006 

Hello 2006! Best wishes to everyone...

We went to The Curve Ikano 10 minutes to countdown (parked our car by the roadside). The fireworks were absolutely beautiful! Nonetheless, lil Faeq was a little bit afraid with the loud sound!

What happened in 2005: I was on maternity leave till Jan | I changed job in Apr | Will was born in June | Went for treasure hunt in Sept | Jasmin was born in Oct | 1st raya for lil Faeq in Nov | Faeq's 1st Birthday in Dec | Gave my parents a Phnom Penh 3 day trip in Dec

And countless misunderstandings and our 'patching up' together moments. And countless enlightenment sessions all year round. And countless laughters and tears. And countless knowledge and experience gained.

I would say that 2005 have matured us in some way. And we definitely grew to be better people, better players in our own career circle, better parents (we're the greatest - thts according to Faeq...ahhaahah shall ask him again when he is in his rebellious period).

What's in 2006:

According to Lillian Too:

In 2006, the Earth lady Sheep (tht's me) will be at her best and the words femme fatale continue to describe her. She is at a time of her life when she is at her glowing best, because this year the elements are adding to her allure. If married, this lady will bring much good fortune to her husband (thts Zen) and if she is single this is a year when she will meet someone very eligible indeed. Sheep women supported by earth element have the luck to be married to a rich and successful man. 2006 is a successful year for the Earth Sheep women in every dimension.

The Earth Male Sheep (thts Zen) may not be as subtle, as hardworking or even as eloquent as your Sheep sibling males, but at your age, to be enjoying completion luck this year means that the future sure looks extremely bright for you. Your success comes from a deep-seated confidence, your easy air of invincibility. You (thts Zen) also think big and you have a pretty vivid imagination, not to mention a brilliant ability to get along with just about everyone.

Aaaa..so it says...

Yet what lies ahead is unknown. And we could only hope and pray that luck will come to us. And we would definitely work smart to get that luck. And what we have is each other on our road map to success.


Most importantly, we grew. We will still grow. Yet we are not getting older, but wiser. Age is just a number. And we are Definitely not old! (I seriously have to lose some weight and look out for those bags and wrinkles under my eyes!!!)

To everyone....all the very best wishes. Many prosperous time ahead. May you be blessed by Him. Many many happy returns. Have a fabulous year ahead!